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Found 38 results

  1. Anyone using Stream Deck in v5.4? If so, how? I know there's good software out there to emulate flight sim buttons on Stream Deck, but the software only works in Xplane and MSFS.
  2. I just moved over from FSX to P3Dv5 and portet some of my fsx strobe effects overBut I cannot seem to get them to reflect on the ground at allI know it must work because I have some nav lights that are reflecting just perfectlyBut what parameters do I need to tweak to get them to reflect?
  3. A short tutorial video on the DC6 in P3d from cold an dark up to before engine start up, with sounds this time.
  4. Hi Everyone, So I bit the bullet and downloaded, installed and test-flew v4 for a few minutes today. I've also been fiddling with X-plane 11 as of late. I would suggest holding off on moving past v3 until the addons come out, as the performance increase I noticed doesn't offset all of the stuff the default sim lacks. The default scenery is pretty much the same- same airports, same crappy night lighting, horrible colored ground textures...Also, we just learned today that PTA is not going to be updated for v4 either. So, unless developers intervene or someone out there knows how to manipulate shaders we're pretty much stuck with default lighting. Without ORBX, AS16, ENVTEX, most of my addon sceneries, my PMDG aircraft, UTLive and GSX, there's just no point. Default X-plane 11 is much nicer, and that's not saying much. At least all they need to do is improve sounds in aircraft, come up with a good traffic injector and beef up their weather engine. So, I guess both 64bit platforms are not developed enough to provide the same level of immersion I have in v3 at the moment. So, unless you are happy with default, I'd hold off until all of the updates and addons roll out in order to enjoy the sim. From what I gather in some of the forums, it can be weeks or longer before some key elements are tested, updated and available. I'm not saying it's not worth buying, but why bother if the addon world isn't able to catch up? I really think LM screwed up a great opportunity to dazzle the market by not allowing more beta copies to get in the hands of developers ahead of release. Of course, X-plane also came out without some basic essentials as well. Welcome to the banner year of flight simulation... So, back to v3 I go, happily flying in my perfectly-tweaked, yet constrained by VAS system for a little while longer. John
  5. Does anyone know if this scenery is compatible with p3dv3? If so, is it an easy install or does it require a lot of manipulation or manual entry? same thing with the Kmci that is out there but I'm not sure who made that one.
  6. Hello guys, I guess this question has been asked many times before but I can't find it in the forums anymore. My question is whether there is an option to upgrade any PMDG product from FSX to P3D(v4) or is the only way to buy it full price? Thank you in advance :)
  7. Hey pilots! I currently own P3D v4 with a lot of add-ons and thinking of setting up X-Plane 11 as well and use both, I searched online about the different add-ons for X-Plane 11 and I saw that a lot of people are divided for some of the add-ons. (looking for P3D v4 equivalent add-ons for X-Plane 11) Below are all the add-ons I currently own on P3D v4 and I’d appreciate it if you can copy & paste the list and mention the P3D v4 equivalent add-on for X-Plane 11. (Payware is not an issue, what matters to me is the quality and realism ) Scenery: - Orbx FTX Global Base Pack - Orbx FTX Global Vector - Orbx FTX OpenLC - Orbx sceneries by country (England, Germany North, Etc..) - FS Global Ultimate Textures: - ENVTEX Weather: - ASP4 - ASCA - PercipitFX Airports: I know who develops the best airports for P3D v4 but I have no idea who are the major devs for X-Plane 11 airports Aircrafts: - FSLabs A320x – JARDesigns A320 (Also waiting for FF A320) Utilities: - Chase Plane - PTA - GSX - PFPX - Fsaerodata (to update P3D v4 Nav database) Many thanks in advance guys!
  8. A Diamond is Born.....at least for me, my new Alabeo Diamond Twin Star (1St Twin purchase) Most of you can afford to buy a P3d PMDG aircraft but some of us retired "non-pensioned" flightsimmers go for the bargins! Thanks for looking, please feel free to comment...Darryl
  9. Recently I somehow had kclt from fsdreamteam installed along with imaginesim kclt. It was causing a conflict so I deleted fsdreamteam. Now when I load v4.1, I get a message saying “cannot find .dat files. Addon manager will not run”. One time the sim loaded when starting at kclt and the second time I got a ctd when loading a different airport. What do I need to do here? Should I restore back to a time prior to me deleting fsdreamteam? I didnt think this would be an issue. Thanks
  10. Just curious if there is any rumors regarding ortho/photorealistic like scenery in the future plans for P3d. I haven't heard of anything so I am guessing there is nothing in the works but I thought I would check to see. I'd be interested in the USA primarily. I know Megascenery earth, but to me that doesn't look good at lower altitudes.
  11. Many ChasePlane functions working very well, But TrackIR is not. I tried with alpha 2.5 and alpha 2.79 without success. Ezca works with V3.4 so it appears to me my cabling etc. is ok. I'm using fscuip v5 and LINDA. Can I give any more information about my computer etc. Thanks for the excellent program. Rozel
  12. Can anyone tell me if the fsdreamream o'hare design has the current runway layout or is it still the old layout?
  13. Hello, Since installing P3Dv4 I am having an issue where the simulator stops and a box pops up that says "Loading Terrain Data" this takes about 30 seconds or so. Then it will go back to flying. I have reduced the texture settings and draw distances, deleted the Shader Cache. CPU, GPU and Memory all looks okay. Disk IO seems okay but that can be a rabbit hole as well. Not sure what else to do but never saw this in V3. Let me know if there is other information that would be helpful or if there is a log location that may point to what is going on. Appreciate any suggestions. Thanks!! Specs i7 4.0 16gb RAM GTX1080ti
  14. Hello, I need some of your expertise on why my p3d crashes every time I run the Aerosoft A320, everything else runs and works fine, I have PMDG 747 v3 runs great, all other addons work fine except for the A320, I've been emailing back and forth Aerosoft customer support but is not helping, they suspect that something is wrong on operating system side not the sim in particular ( ntdll.dll ) files, but as I said every other addon aircraft runs fine. Do you have any idea what might be wrong? I have not been able to fly the A320 not even once yet. Regards
  15. Hello all... I am able to upload a flight plan into the NGX via Simbrief without issue. However, I am having trouble with uploading the wind uplink from Simbrief. I am using P3Dv4. Can anyone point me in the right direction and explain how and when it should be useful? Thank you. Brad Zimmer
  16. I am having some sound issues. I have a 34 inch dell display with speakers and Logitech speakers with a subwoofer. Both speakers have sound but it seems like they all play sound at different times. What I mean is that there have been times when I get sound (flying 7337ngx) coming from both my monitor and my speakers. Other flights, it only comes out of the monitor, other times it comes out of the speakers only. Ideally I'd like everything to come out of the surround speakers and the monitor. However, when I pick the sound in the fmc to go to one speaker (surround Logitech) I lose the types of sound coming from the dell monitor. Any thoughts? I ask this because I don't have any AI traffic sound at all and I think that they are "programmed" to come out of the monitor. Should I have one as default device and the other as a different setting (I can't select both as default). Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction because I feel like I am missing out a bit.
  17. Hi all, Quick question, I just bought the DC-6 few hours ago and so far I love it! Just a quick question regarding the GPS, is there a way the PMDG 430 can be used for flying SID/STARS ? I know this was a limitiation with the default GPS from fsx, but with some aircraft the P3D gps does fine. I'm using FSaerodata with Navigraph to enter all the Sid's star's and navdata into P3D. This is stated on their website, offcourse talking about the default 430 not the PMDG; How can be simulated SIDs and STAR procedures on the GPS units? fsAerodata implements aprox. 65,000 SIDs and STARs procedures that can be simulated using a new feature available on Prepar3D GPS units. Feature is available with the 'PROC' (Procedures) button. To enable this feature on any aircraft GPS, the user has to edit the aircraft panel configuration file, replacing the gps type from default version 'fs9gps.cab' to 'p3dgps.cab'. Can this be done on the DC6. That would be amazing, Thanks all. Michael
  18. Hi,, I have notice about the VAS very soon when i have installed the FSUIPC when it started giving me warnings every 10 secs,,, i am using P3D V.3 with: intel core i7 7700K win 10 64bit spited 4TB HDD 32 GB ram Formula maximums viii mother board x2 1080Ti msi SLI Enabled gaming x corsair H115I cooler ADDONS: Rex texture direct with soft clouds ORBX GSX Simbuddy FSUIPC RAAS PMDG 777 & 737 the message i am getting: HIGH VAS USAGE DETECTED: 3758MB (NUMBER CHANGING) - P3D/FSX LIMIT IS 4000MB (FOR 64BIT USERS) YOUR FLIGHT SIM MAY QUIT IF YOU HIT 4000MB) i have tried decreasing my scenerys and disabled all ground and sea traffic. Pls help,,,
  19. System: i2700k stock clock 16gb RAM Nvidia 970gtx Raid0 / Striped SSD drive for simulator Yesterday, after multiple attempts by MS to push my Win10 install from Anniversary to Creators, they finally succeeded, being the crafty software engineers they are. Being quite security conscious these days these same engineers quickly patched my machine for the HW bug Spectre/Meltdown (or visa-versa). This patch, especially on older HW like mine predicts noticeable impacts especially around things like file I/O and other predictive heavy ops. Immediately after Win10 informed me I had been patched I ran my setup of P3d V4 on my HW described above. First perception is frame rate reductions, but that does not seem consistently reproducible. What is reproducible to me at least is the sense that something just kicked the ‘guts’ out of my sim. I always believed that P3d v4 biggest 64bit gain was low-end torque for lack of a batter word. IOW frames drop to high teens, but movement is still perceived as fluid. Now for me, not so much. So again, is it me, or...?
  20. Hi Just wanted to inform that talented developer Marcus Nyberg (Orbx Arlanda, Bilbao etc) has just completed the brand new (in real life) Scandinavian Mountains Airport. Available via Orbx Central. 3cm per pixel imagery! Well worth a look! 🙂
  21. Hello, so i tried installing the Qualitywings 757 in FSX-SE, and since it was updated about 2 years ago it came with the an old version of the addon manager. It installed that addon manager on my computer and when i tried running the sim. i pressed never run addon manager thinking i would still have the most up to date one. when i spawned in, the addon manager menu has disappered and now i tried everything i can but it still wont come back. is there a way to try to run the coatl that is responsible for addon manager?
  22. For those users thinking of upgrading to P3D v4.2 I can confirm that LINDA 3.0.5 works fine with it provided you revert FSUIPC5 back to v5.122. The latest FSLABS A320X v231 (requires P3Dv4.2) also works as before with the latest LINDA beta module.
  23. Anyone heard anything recently as to when KPBI for P3d is being released? Anxiously awaiting it, as it's my home airport. Couldn't find anything recent in their forums. Thanks.
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