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  1. I installed version 1.52 using FTX Central 3 and now FTX England is completely broken. There are trees in the sea around the Isle of Wight, and random tiles, some with water, appear whilst fling over land. I've raised offiial requests with Orbx who told me to seek help from their forum. My post there has yielded no reponse. I would dearly like to uninstall the upgrade and reinstall the original version of FTS England, prior to SP5, which worked beautifully. Here is some text from an e-mail conversation with FSS, from whom I bought the product; I had hoped to be able to download my original purchase: "NOV 11, 2016 | 04:03PM EST Andres - The FlightSim Store replied: Hi Brian Unfortunately we do not have that option of updating files at FSS due to the privacy laws that ORBX have enforced. You will need to contact ORBX im afraid It has been taken out of our reach Andres Bottino _____________________________________ T h e F l i g h t S i m S t o r e web : email : phone : +61 2 4296 1641 fax : +61 2 8572 8203 NOV 10, 2016 | 04:10AM EST Original message Brian wrote: Hello, I recently transferred my licence for this product to Orbx in order to upgrade it. Unfortunately, the upgrade has completely destroyed my FTX England installation, surrounding the Isle of Wight with trees in the ocean. Orbx have given me no product support whatsoever, and today circulated an e-mail advising that backups may be downloaded direct from FSS. I'd be very grateful if you would advise me how to proceed - I want the pre-update edition. Many thanks, Brian Sharpe" This despite the fact that Orbx said that this would be possible. So now I'm stuck with an expensive package which is totally unuseable. Any ideas?
  2. Hey guys, I put this question in another post but not sure how often folks dig back into them, so I'm starting a new one since I searched the forum and didn't see any direct matches to my question. :wink: What about a jump from a 660 to a 970/980? I'm running with a 4790k and 8gb of 1600 memory. Running both P3d 2.5 and FSX:SE. Want to pull the trigger, but drowning in all the number would logically "assume" that a 6xx was weaker than a 7xx, which would be weaker than a 9xx. But reading up on the technology...apparently the middle number is VERY significant, as it "seems" that a 780 could be more powerful than a 960/70? My thinks the unsuspecting "typical" consumer would be quickly duped into normal, linear thinking, and that may be the defacto marketing strategy, but its pretty annoying for users who just want to know that a 9 series is better than ANY 7 or 6 series, but sadly we don't seem to live in that world. (I guess you can apply that logic to the automobile world as well, where a 2015 Camry is not at valuable as a 2014 Lexus LS460i, hehe) Opinions on if I need to jump to the Maxwell chip (I guess that means a 9 series?) if I'm going to push ahead with P3d? Budget is a significant issue here guys, so while I'd love to have quad Titan X's in my rig, even the 980 is out of reach at the moment unless anyone can convince me I'd be better of with one NOW (not into 4k yet), vs years down the road when we're all on 4k, and a 4gb video card is the minimum, and a used Titan X is going for $200. :ph34r: I'm all for futureproofing, but within reason...especially when you see how peripherals double in performance and half in price every few years. :Applause: We happily paid $300 for a GT9800 several years ago...with a whopping 512mb of ram! LoL Read all about the 970 3.5gb ram issue, and not sure if I stay away from this card, or if its a good performer even though its neutered 500mb of its ram? Guess I'm saying I need compelling reasons to jump to a 980 or Titan, or else a 780/970 (or 960 unless I hear a "Don't go there", hehe) is where I'm leaning. Help me spend my money wisely guys! Thanks
  3. Hi. I have a Dell Studio XPS 8000 desktop system which is 7 years old. I am currently running FSX Gold on the computer with Windows 7 Home 64 bit. The system comes with an i7 860 2.80 GHz CPU and a GeForce GTS 240 video card. It originally had 4 GB DDR memory which I have just upgraded to 8 GB. I believe I have a 350 W PSU. I am not in a position financially to buy a completely new system, and so I am looking for ways to upgrade the system, if only moderately, in order to give the PC a few more years of life. I have researched online, and most sources suggest that Dell lock down their PCs so that they cannot be overclocked. Is this correct? I can certainly confirm that Intel's Turbo Boost Technology is not available in the BIOS. According to Wikipedia the i7 860 processor uses Socket 1156 motherboards, and the highest clock speed accepted on these boards is 3.07 GHz (i7 880). This seems a very small speed increase over what I already have and probably not worth the financial outlay (even assuming I could still get hold of one of these CPUs). Assuming that a CPU upgrade will be either impossible or pointless, I am therefore looking at my possible options with regard to the graphics card. As far as I am aware, I have a single PCIe slot. I would like to stick with nVidia if at all possible. Could anybody recommend a graphics card that would be suitable for my system and which would give me a performance benefit (FPS in particular, as well as general picture quality)? It needs to be moderately priced, and I am of course well aware that my system would not take most of the latest cards. Would I need to have a new PSU? The other important question of course is whether it would in fact be reasonable to expect any appreciable performance benefit if I upgrade my graphics card? Or is my CPU going to be the bottleneck regardless of what graphics card I go for? At the moment I am sticking with FSX. I am keeping an eye on P3D and may decide to give that a try as it is apparently better than FSX, especially with VAS management. There is also of course the likelihood of 64 bit simulators on the horizon, so I want to keep my options open. I would appreciate any advice you can give. Adrian
  4. GermanCaptain

    PMDG upgrade FSX -> P3D

    Hello guys, I guess this question has been asked many times before but I can't find it in the forums anymore. My question is whether there is an option to upgrade any PMDG product from FSX to P3D(v4) or is the only way to buy it full price? Thank you in advance :)
  5. I have two questions about panel builder. I use EFIS panel builder to show the Engine instruments for various turboprop aircraft in my home build simulator. Questions: 1. I want to upgrade to the newest version as it offers automatic panel switching, which I think is a great feature.... As I have a somewhat older version I need to remove the current install and install the new version and then register again. How to ensure that the current panels I configured are saved and available after the upgrade in exactly the same configuration? 2. As I'm in a simulator, preferably I don't want to start applications by clicking with the mouse. So I put the panel builder in my PC startup folder to start it automatically which works fine. But from there I still need to start the panel itself to be displayed on the screens in the cockpit. Is there a way to launch the panel upon startup or is this arranged by the new panel switching feature? Thanks for your support. Regards, Lisette
  6. Hey guys, new to this forum but not so FSX! I'm building my own PC (soon) but I still can't decide between an Intel 4440 paired with a GTX 750Ti, or an AMA 6300 paired with an AMD R7 265... Could you guys help me? I do a mix between gaming and video editing and my budget is £700 or less (including monitor, win 8). I'm upgrading from my ancient Dell Inspiron 530 on the LGA 775 with a Core 2 Duo E7200 and an ATI Radeon 5450. Both systems have 8GB 1600MHz RAM. I also apologise for the layout (using an iPhone to type this). Thank you!
  7. Hi All, I am looking at upgrading my PC, but using a few parts and upgrading the rest so I can transition to P3D v4 with no issues. Current Parts - Re-Use - Upgrade Parts - A few questions regarding this upgrade! Will the ANTEC 902 V3 Gaming case be okay with these parts? What motherboard can take 4266Mhz DDR4? I am struggling to find one, that also includes WiFi. Would anyone recommend any other GTX 1080Ti? Will the AX750 handle the GTX 1080Ti? Any thoughts, please let me know!
  8. Hello everyone, Currently I have an intel 4770K overclocked to 4.1 with a Nvidia GTX 750. When building this system, I was very concerned with budget, so I skimped on the GPU. I recently learned that this might cause a bottleneck in the system. My question is, how much better performance will I get with an upgraded gpu, and what is the most cost efficient price per performance gain card to get? (preferably another Nvidia card) Thanks in advance, 1251452
  9. Hello, I was just wondering if anyone could tell me whether an Active Sky X license would qualify for the discounted upgrade for P3Dv4? I see some things that say for previous active sky owners there is a discount but on other sites the list only includes about 3 or 4 versions but not X. Is it for all previous owners?
  10. CORE - UI - Upgrade - CareerTrackDefinitions Hi Folks. A minimalist hiatus from tweaking default Flight mission code. :p0129: It'd long irked me, Flight's lack of career-progression acknowledgment beyond 'Level' 20, (500,000 'XP'). Flight's developers would have eventually updated the CareerTrackDefinitions. README - Snippets from - Flight's 'Pilot Profile - Career' menu displays a Pilot's career details. e.g. Hours flown, Cargo carried, Crashes, 'XP', etc. Pilots earn 'XP' by flying Missions, Challenges, Jobs, Aerocaches, etc. A Pilot's career 'Level' is derived from their earned 'XP'. As released - Flight's 'Pilot Profile - Career' displays a maximum of 'Level' 20. The in-level progress meter is maxed-out at 500,000 'XP', and offers no career-progression beyond 'Level' 20. Aerocaches alone, earn over 1 million 'XP', so 500,000 'XP' can be attained fairly easily. As proven by many pilots in the weeks immediately following Flight's release, with several since having earned over 15 million XP, and at least one, 30 million XP. Despite which, their 'Profile' menu claims they are all still at 'Level' 20, with no further career progression, or target 'Level' to aim for next. CareerTrackDefinitions Add-On - A simple, single file, upgrade for 'XP Grinders', and any aspirants. As upgraded - Flight's 'Pilot Profile - Career' now displays a maximum of 'Level' 50. 'Level' 50 equates to having earned 50,000,000 'XP'. The in-level progress meter displays accordingly for those 30 additional levels. Hopefully sufficient for most of your flying careers. How it works - Uses Flight's inbuilt upgrade-supporting mechanism. Default Flight contains a file which translates earned 'XP' to 19 'Level's, Overriden by this replacement file, which contains those original 19 translations, plus a further 30 appended translations. These appended incremental 'XP' to 'Level' translations, attempt to similarly mimic Microsoft's original non-linear career progression. Installation - Install using 'Flight Tool Kit' - 'Addon Manager', (as per all Flight's addons). N.B. Installing this upgrade - - Does not affect your profile. - Does not give you extra 'XP'. - Does not alter as-released levels, (500,000 'XP' still equates to 'Level' 20). - Only appends further 'XP' to 'Level' translations, (appends 'Level's 21 through 50). - Only displays on Flight's 'Pilot Profile - Career' menu. - Does not display on Microsoft Flight's website, (replacement CareerTrackDefinitions would need to exist on Flight's webserver) Credits & Thanks To - Microsoft Game Studios - For Flight, its enhanced simulation, gameplay, and recognition of the learning experience. Steve Heijster (Stonelance) - For his 'Flight Tool Kit', and persistance in supporting the community. Download - AVSIM Library Info Page - CareerTrackDefinitions ** Upgrade ** My upgrade is intended as an interim fix, hopefully prompting someone to release Flight's official intended career progression. At which point I'll withdraw my interim fix. Meantime - Back to tweaking default Flight mission code. HTH ATB Paul
  11. I need to upgrade my SSD drive as my add-ons are quickly out growing the 120 GB I'm looking to go with 500 GB drive (or close to) but have a question about transferring data; I plan to transfer the contents of my existing SSD to a folder on my Desktop HD. Then I will install the new, larger SSD ensuring the replacement takes on the same drive name as the previous. Then I will transfer the folder back to the new drive. Will this work? I'm thinking FSX won't have any problems recognizing the data on the new drive as long as the drive name stays the same? Or, is there something or some step I'm missing that will complicate the change? Any advice would be appreciated.
  12. I have a 5 year old CYBERPOWERPC computer with the specs shown below. The only change I made was to upgrade the primary HD is a Samsung EVO 500gb, I want to upgrade to be able to run my PMDG, Carenado, Rex, ASN, and similar with all the bells and whistles on 3 screens at least 25FPS with decent slider settings. Thinking I want at least a new 970 card, and an overclocked I7 6770 chip. Advice on what to keep, what to replace appreciated, particularly with respect to the MB, CPU, Video card, Ram, cooling etc. If you think I should just buy new, that's fine -- I value your opinions!! Budget isn't really an issue -- I want a great rig, without wasting money. Old system: ID-INFO 260535 BLKPEARLZ 1 MODEL1 C SERIES 1 KB-152-101 BLACK XTREME GEAR MULTIMEDIA/ INTERNE MO-115-101 BLACK XTREME GEAR OPTICAL USB GAMING CU-197-108 OEM INTEL i7-950 3.06GHZ 8M LGA 1366 HD-504-106 80GB INTELl X25-M 2.5 INCH SATA MLC S 1 (NOW A 500 GB SAMSUNG SSD) HD-403-301 640GB SATA III 6GB/S 7200RPM 64MB CAC RM-317-405 A-DATA GAMING SERIES 2GB DDR3 1600 FA-WATER-104 ASETEK 550LC 120MM WATERCOOLER FA-104-116 CASE FAN 120 MM CS-130-158 BLACK COOLERMASTER HAF 912 MID NO POW CD-135-302 ASUS 8X BLU-RAY COMOBO DRIVE MB-340-121 GIGABYTE X58A-UD3R 3WAY CROSSFIRE & S MISC NO SLI/CROSSFIRE PS-117-115 COOLERMASTER SILENT PRO 850W POWER SU 1 MISC ONBOARD 7.1 SOUND 1 0.00 0.00 VC-207-102 NVIDIA GTX 570 1.2 GB GDDR5 PCI-E 1
  13. MS FLIGHT - ADDON - CORE - MISC - Upgrade - CareerTrackDefinitions - Version 2 For 'XP Grinders', and any aspirants. This addon upgrades FLIGHT's Core\Misc\CareerTrackDefinitions file, and when installed, supercedes all previously released versions. Flight's 'User Profile' displays a maximum of - - As Released - 'Level' 20, equating to 500,000 'XP'. - As Upgraded - 'Level' 100, equating to 128,000,000 'XP'. Hopefully more than sufficient, for most of your flying careers. These XP-Level definitions are based on the same numerical-progression as FLIGHT's original. Pre-Installation - Anyone who'd installed the previous CareerTrackDefinitions addon, should fully remove that CareerTrackDefinitions.addon. To remove - - START 'FTK Addon Manager' - SELECT the 'CORE - UI - Upgrade - CareerTrackDefinitions' - RIGHT-CLICK & DELETE the original 'CORE - UI - Upgrade - CareerTrackDefinitions' Installation - Due to changes implemented in FTK addon's loading-sequence, introduced in support of the 'FSX World' conversion addon, this CareerTrackDefinitions v2 now requires manual installation. Installation actions may require Administrator-level privelege. UnZip into a temporary location. The Zip contains 2 files - - Core_Misc_CareerTrackDefinitions.pak - README_INSTALL_Core_Misc_CareerTrackDefinitions.txt, (this file). Ensure FLIGHT is not running. Locate your folder containing "Flight.exe". Copy the 'Core_Misc_CareerTrackDefinitions.pak' file, into that folder. Using Notepad.exe, or another TEXT editor, (not WordPad, or Word), open 'FileLocator.config' from that folder. SELECT and COPY the XML MappingEntry line below. <MappingEntry LocationType="Zip" PhysicalLocation="Core_Misc_CareerTrackDefinitions.pak" VirtualPath="Core" /> Scroll to the end of 'FileLocator.config'. Find the closing tag </FileLocator>. PASTE the above COPIED line of XML into FLIGHT's default 'FileLocator.config' file, immediately prior to the closing tag </FileLocator>. Save your edited 'FileLocator.config'. Post Installation - Start FLIGHT.exe. Click PLAY. On FLIGHT's in-game menu, click 'PILOT PROFILE'. Your 'CAREER' profile page will be displayed, showing your 'XP' earned, matching 'Career Level', plus detailed performance data. If your currently active profile has earned more than 539,375 'XP', ('Career Level' 21), that profile should now display your appropriate upgraded 'Career Level'. Any problems - Post here in this thread. Author - Microsoft - Tweaked and extrapolated by Paul Donnelly, (BASys). Credits - Microsoft Games Studios HTH ATB Paul Donnelly (BASys)
  14. Hello, I have recently upgraded my system because of low performance issues. My new specs are: i7-3770k @ 4.0ghz, GTX 970 4gb and 8gb Ram, Windows 7 Ultimate My config I've been playing with to work out whats gone wrong and I'm still very unsure as my fps can be as low as 8-9 fps in the sky. It also has lag spikes. Before you ask I use 3 monitors 1920x1200 on surround of a resolution of 5760 x 1200 on the gtx 970 (Running the flight). And a smaller monitor on a gtx 610 @ 1280x1024 (This for maps)... I have just used NVidia inspector for locking frames and other various things around on internet in there recommendations. I will attach everything and would appreciate if people could help me fix my FSX and NVidia inspector if need be to get these stable frames. I must also mention that I stream the middle screen on 1920*1080 to twitch sometimes on fsx and obs. Many thanks Bradley FSX CFG (Same on both cfgs performance wise really) 1: FSX CFG 2: NVIDIA INSPECTOR profile:
  15. Hello fellow simmers , I have a recomendation to make for those willing to upgrade based on my own experience. If you own a I7 2XXX you may consider if its worth going for a skylake or babylake or a new gpu. Well, i had recently this dilemma i had an i7 2600 coupled with a Gtx 780 and after a lot of research i decided to upgrade my gpu intead of the cpu And i bought a gtx 1070. Well i think i made the right choice, big improvement on fps and smoothness, and the I72600 still cope very well and do not bottleneck the gtx1070. Why buying a cpu that according to tests beats the i7 sandybridge only by 10 % and with also the heating problems the 7700k exhibits (see the latest intel warning on overclocking). That way i have decent prformance and i can reserve the cpu upgrade in a future chip much better than the babylake. Ps: all these are valid only if you overclock your i72XX of cource mine working steadily in 4,4 GHz
  16. Hello, I currently am running a A6-3670K APU with a Radeon 4850 HD GPU. I know that both of these components are outdated. I have many addons such as FTX Global, ASN, Aerosoft Airbus, PMDG 737, REX, and various airports. I am getting about 10 fps sitting on the ground at FSDreamTeam DFW. I am looking to upgrade my processor to an I5 and my GPU to a current card. What is the best value I5 that would run FSX smoothly? I don't need 80 fps, just trying to get it up to about 25-30. Thanks!
  17. Hi community, I need some advice please on new hardware. Please note that I do not want to overclock, I just need to know if I have any other options outside of my planned ugrade. I have not kept up with hardware development. Currently I am running an Intel i5 3570k Ivy Bridge at 3.4Ghz, with 8Gb RAM, a Geforce 660ti Video card, a 128Gb SSD for the sim, and Windows 7 64-bit. At the moment, frame rates at 1920x1080 on my Samsung 27" monitor are nearly perfect, but I still get some lag with texture loading despite the fact that I have optimised my sim. As I see it, my only true option for an upgrade will be to buy a new motherboard, and an Intel i7 4790k Devils Canyon @ 4.00Ghz. Is this my only option? Or are there any slightly cheaper CPU on the way that will give me a slight frame rate boost? The 4790k is an expensive option for me. I appreciate any and all advice. Many thanks, AJ.
  18. Just had a baby so the funds are tight and I have about enough to upgrade my RAM from 16GB to 32GB or, I can purchase another GTX 1070 SC to run SLI on X-plane 11. Lots of information online about this topic but I'm feeling like the XP community can offer the best insight as my CPU is solely for XP simming. My specs; ASUS Z87-A 16GB RAM Intel i7-4790k NVIDIA GTX 1070 SC 500GB Samsung SSD I'm averaging about 20-30 FPS in most urban areas (KLAX, KATL, KMIA) and I'm not looking for large increase in FPS. Rather, I would like to see the FPS stabilize around 30FPS, if possible. Would two (2) GTX 1070's allow me to do that with my system? Or, should I just upgrade RAM? Any advice would be appreciated! PS - Don't want to upgrade MoBo at this time so that is not an option...