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  1. Exactly, it reads lot of very small files, absolute sequential read speed is irrelevant, you looking for 4k files read, aka you have to be focuset on I/O operations, not pure speeds. You are even limited with CPU performance, only loading can really 100% utilize your CPU. NVMe is mostly irrelevant for most users, they cant notice difference at loading speeds of OS, sim, game... NVMe4 is even worse, cost a lot of money same as MoBo and provide no perfromance boost fror most users. Wasted money. New ryzens are good, but for most powerful flight sim PC Intel is still better. You even have to buy cheaper Ryzen CPU as 3600 will perfrom same as 3900X, all rnew Zen2 CPUs will reach ahout 4.3GHz as maximum all core boost.
  2. I'm author of Phenom 100 integration for P3D and it is absolutely different task from integration into XPL version. For P3D you are enough with knowledge of editing text files, but for XPL, you need knowledge of 3D modeling and be familiar with Plane Maker... much more effort and especially knowledge. It works different way in XPL.
  3. Two major retailers in my country selling i7-7700k pretested for 5 and 5.1GHz OC by "PRO" overclocker, they give you guarantee that you can OC that CPU at this clocks, sure those picked ones have higher price tag, but better than buy it, then test it to OC and if it is not able to achieve higher clocks, you will return it and pick another one... Not good for you, not good for retailer (I live in EU where law allows you to return stuff and get 100% money back with no ask why during 14 day period after purchase)
  4. Limiter via NV control panel was absolutely amazing. I set it to 35FPS. It not just reduce stuttering, but surprisingly my first core used by P3D have less usage (70-80%) than with VSync on 30Hz display or 35 FPS limit set in P3D where that core was under 100% load.
  5. But in your case plane configurator offers GTN in combo boxes, but for me, it does not show up.
  6. But question is not how instal RealAir aircraft but config tool for that plane do not show GTN for use in virtual cockpit. In v3 I had few liveries without GTN and some with GTN, so I have panel.default and panel.gtn folders where I had keep configuration for GTN, so it works now in v4, but do not have same files for Legacy :( I solve it for Legacy v2: in aircraft CFG: replaced window01: [Window01] Background_color=0,0,0 size_mm=937,887 ident=14401 window_pos=0.660, 0.000 window_size=0.340, 0.580 zorder=99 gauge00=F1GTN!GTN750, 0,0,937,887,UNIT1.POP and later in file replace default gps - gauge19 gauge19=F1GTN!GTN750VC, 2,563,390,460,UNIT1 gauge20=F1GTN!GTN650VC, 399,562,391,177,UNIT2 and renumber rest gauges In config/radiolayout.xml there is section starting with (* Left Radios *) I replaced everything before } 10 (>L:rasAudio_X,number) 0 (>L:rasAudio_Y,number) 10 (>L:rasGtn750_1_X,number) 10.6 (>L:rasGtn750_1_Y,number) 10 (>L:rasGtn650_2_X,number) 65.7 (>L:rasGtn650_2_Y,number) 10 (>L:rasAp_X,number) 90.9 (>L:rasAp_Y,number) (* Right Radios *) 20 (>L:rasAdf_X,number) 0 (>L:rasAdf_Y,number) 20 (>L:rasNavCom2_X,number) 11.2 (>L:rasNavCom2_Y,number) 20 (>L:rasNavGps_X,number) 34.6 (>L:rasNavGps_Y,number) 1 (>G:Var1) It is not 100% percent... there is popup clickspots missing and do not include popup for unit2, anyway it is easy, just play while with cfg files if your control do not recognize installed gtn.
  7. You're welcome. Hope it helps.
  8. Yes more cores gives you more options, if you cant sacrifice any core, then just take care that anything do not run at first core (and thread for that core if applicable) used by P3D and it will be fine.
  9. 8xSGSSAA in NI MUST be paired with 8xMSAA in P3D not with SSAA. SGSSAA enhance multi sampling not super sampling. Just set 8xSGSSAA in NI, nothing else from AA settings and set 8xMSAA in P3D. Anyway, 8xSGSSAA will kill your performance in heavy clouds scenario. With my GTX1080 I was able to set 4xSGSSAA in heavy clouds as maximum. For better performance I recomend swith to 4k resolution, turn off SGSSAA and just use 2-4xMSAA. It will be less performance hit than SGSSAA.
  10. Nice to know Rob. Now I see your OC attempts. Do you test P3D at 4.8 or 5GHz?
  11. Those two regions are really heavy to performance. For those I set my special P3D profile where I have reduced autogen to make them flyable at SFO, LAX areas. You have some possibilities to tune it little in Region control panel in FTX Central, especially marinas was really high impact around SFO. I recomend turn it off.
  12. If developer wants, it make it. I do not care about that feature, especially when I have to pay extra.
  13. I guess that Boost 3 will boost two cores to higher boost clock, but only if that two cores are only cores in use. I bet that only two cores will mostly never used in P3D.
  14. From my owned add ons it is mostly GTN750 and ORBX Airports and last plane - PMDG NGX, but I do not fly it for 1-1,5 yrs so I can live without it.
  15. FSS add second batch of A2A very quickly, same as first batch of Carenado, but currently I do not see new instlaller for Cruz which was published by Alabeo at 6/23.. Stil old version. I did support ticket day ago, but no response yet.
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