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  1. I always find it irritating when I'm at CRZ, let's say FL320 and Vatsim/ProjectFly or any other flight tracking shows 32322FT or 31998FT. I know these programs gets there data from the TRUE ASL altitude in the sim. Is there anyway to lock it? So when my aircraft altimeter shows 32000 this is also shown in flight tracking As per real world, I've "heard" the mode C altitude encoder is "fixed" at all time, so it seems real aircrafts displays fluctuations in it's altitude like the sim but gets lock by an encoder to show fix altitude for EG on FR24 32000FT 33000FT 34000FT ETC
  2. Ah thx John! Will give it a go. Never would of guess i would get a reply from the famous repainter himself. Always using your paints. Good work!
  3. Hi All, When using PMDG's 744 in combo with Tomato Shade it always results in a weird Tail texture. Any ideas? Cleared shaders, used R&D A/C profiles & livecockpits A/C profiles but no joy. The thing is, I don't have this issue with the -8. https://snag.gy/8QREfA.jpg Bregards
  4. Will try that p3d edit and preload sounds and see what happens.
  5. Hi Guys, Has anyone experienced a 1sec pause after T/O when main gear leaves the runway, particularly B744? This is the 2nd time I've experienced it. I'm still on p3d 4.3 and have the latest 9195. Regards, Dario
  6. ....and another crash urghhhh. I seriously need a secondary pc again. Running p3d and toggling desktop apps together for flt planning is a mighty pain. Curse my blasted cat for knocking over and breaking my other pc used for flt planning...sigh! 😡
  7. Yep..alt-tabbing seems to be a triggerer, well at least in my case and yours 😞
  8. Well, I can't do it right now as I'm currently in flight to Jo'burg again (2.5hrs in as of now so fingers crossed). Funny thing is, this crash is so random it's scary man. Trying to calculate perf speed speeds, running pfpx in background gets me agitated as I fear it will just crash. However, no crash as of now. Some days you experience it..some times it never happens. Here are specs i7 4820k 3.7ghz oc to 4.6ghz Evga 970 SC (2gb) - yes i know 2gb is not enough but...i wonder if this is related too Monitor - Asus PB287Q 4k 144hz
  9. I'd like to add my two cents. Being plagued by this error since 4.2/4.3 anything i try was deemed futile, either in cockpit prep or CRZ like yesterday. Since l'm only restricted to only 1 PC (since my cat knocked over my secondary pc which I used for FLT planning) i have to run everything in the background such as PFPX, TOPCAT, vPILOT etc. Once I go to either one of these programs...boom pop goes DXGI ERROR. Yesterday's scenario was an awkward one - Was inflight for about 8hrs heading Jo'burg on Vatsim when Vastim SUP was checking in on my FLT status...as soon as I responded by text...DXGI HUNG. Bottom line is, at least in my case, moving between Fullscreen to Window to do something on desktop creates the error while sim is running. In my years of simming I've never remotely came across a troublesome error like this, ever!
  10. Amerijet uses CI70 for its 767s fleet
  11. Is this navigraph too...if it is i don't have a paid sub as yet.
  12. Probably thinking I have a paid sub, which i don't.
  13. Hi all, As the title state, I can't find anything on this airport. Can anyone help out? or PM me? Regards
  14. Was plagued by this error for the first time yesterday using -8F doing polar ops from LUX-LAX. It so happened to crash 6.2hrs into the flt. Did some digging on forums, seems others pinned it to Coult...idk. However, others noted after using pushing back to either restart coult or completely KILL it. I didnt choose the latter as it would mean me flying into a non existent KLAX as i have Fsdt Klax which needs coult to work properly. What i did was restart Coult after gsx pushback, restarted it again before takeoff(just to be sure), the disabled it in p3d menu along with coult updater. Gsx issued an update to disable above 250-10k ft but still got the error yesterday so i manually disabled it myself. Seems im finally able to make the westbound crossing..fingers cross no crash thus far. I just have to remember to reenable gsx before descent as im currently enroute. Just hopes this doesn't screw with me when reenabling.
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