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  1. Installed Client and Content v4.5. Noticed shorter loading times and a fairly good increase in frame rates and overall performance.
  2. Fantastic pictures and update News. I actually share the same Birthdate wit the 747 first flight (although I predate her a little). Bill
  3. To get the New refuelling features to work you have to reinstall it using the Full Installer. I originally just used the Stand Alone Updater and it did not work, still had the small "Shell" re-fueler. After reinstalling the full programme works a treat and can use Ground Ops in the 777 or just using the FMC Fuel option.
  4. bmcl26

    Reverse Thrust

    I have the Saitex X52 Pro with Thrust Reverse assigned to the "Fire D" button on the Throttle this is programmed to press F2 for Thrust reverse, I also have the Joystick Trigger second position mapped to press F1 this works fine and is quite logical as brakes are set to the first position on the Joystick Trigger is assigned to brakes so when I pull it into the second position it cancels Reverse Thrust and disarms the Autobrake and I you can continue to brake using the first position. Works OK for all my Aircraft.
  5. Also like this feature and the fact that the installation created the necessary WX folder automatically with small text file installed there explaining how to use it. :rolleyes:
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