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  1. Good Afternoon, Due to the upcoming Thanksgiving U.S. Holiday followed by the December Holiday season worldwide, there may be days where files do not get processed. Please be patient as I do my best to stay on top of it, however, around Thanksgiving (US), Christmas, New Years and my birthday, the possibility exists that files will not be processed for 24-36 hours after upload. Thank you for your understanding and have a safe and good holiday season.
  2. While I havent tried it as I havent used FSX in years, I have not heard people truly complaining. But just keep in mind that FSX is significantly older that Win10 which could always create potential issues.
  3. If you ever get the chance to visit Sedona in person, I highly recommend it. Between the Red Rocks and Oak Creek Canyon which includes Slide Rock State Park, it is amazing (and an easy 4 hour drive from my house).
  4. You would have to do a search within the library. With the thousands of files in the library I can’t keep track of all of them.
  5. Well, I had few if any OOM's with 3.4. However, the difference will be what future addons bring to the table when the virtual memory limit is raised significantly. I have found that performance is smoother with V4. Obviously the slow progress of addons being brought over is a partial reason to stay. But I have seen how much better 64bit is, and am patiently waiting for the remaining addons to be brought or built for V4. This question is quite similar to whether or not go to P3D from FSX. I dont miss FSX one bit, but I understand why its holding on. Its a personal preference.
  6. The GTN Complete series needs to be fully updated. Download and re-install it and it should work fine. Its version 2.04 I believe.
  7. Good evening, I have had an issue with installing .ptp files for a bit. Some authors package several repaints inside an individual .ptp file (ex clean and dirty). My OC will not install any repaints that have multiple ones inside the .ptp file. Is this a known issue or just on my end? It works fine with only 1 repaint in the .ptp file. I hope this makes some sense.
  8. Dave, If this is the case, then I will take responsibility. I get bunches of files per day and I try to peruse them as much as possible to ensure the rules are properly met. If you let me know the ones that you have found, I will be sure to take the proper action to ensure that the rules are properly enforced.
  9. Hello, I apologize but I dont check this forum as much as I would like too. You will get a faster response if you email: I get that all the time.
  10. Its available in the library.
  11. The problem has been resolved.
  12. Good afternoon. Over the past few days, I have received several FSW uploads. There appears to be a problem with the system accepting the files and is subsequently deleting the content or otherwise corrupting the files. This has been brought to the attention of the people who can fix it. Please be patient while the issue is being addressed.
  13. It is now available for download in the library. Library Gods.....I like that. lol.
  14. Well with this update, I think this marks the end of P3D V3 and will fly solely on V4. At least I think that's the route I'm going.