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  1. Brian_A_Neuman

    [13JUN18] XPlane User Updates

    Very well said Kyle. I guess I was eluding to that, but you were more eloquent and explained it better then I could.
  2. Brian_A_Neuman

    [13JUN18] XPlane User Updates

    I think the growth is not as "Amazing" as you think. I also believe there is less "crossover" and more new users starting there. Dont kid yourself, I know that X-Plane is growing, and showing sales increase of 33% with only an 8% drop in FSX sales (which I am surprised its that low) without a base of P3D users is hard to show "Amazing" After all, if 2 people own X-Plane and 1 more buys it, thats 33%....just saying.
  3. Good afternoon library users, I have returned from Las Vegas and have processed all files from the weekend, thank you for your patience. A few notes I want to pass on. Generally speaking, I upload files once a day. If you don't see your file available within 48 hours of posting, please check your e-mail (including your junk mail folder) to see if I sent you an e-mail explaining why your file has not been processed. (This is usually due to missing information in your readme.txt file or the file missing all together). Change of e-mail and/or password reset. If you have requested through the automated password reset function and you have not received the e-mail with instructions on how to change your password, please check your junk mail folder to see if it is in there. If it is not in there, you may send an e-mail to or Please include your e-mail address and username so I can find you easily to expedite the process. Also if you are changing your e-mail address, this must be done via e-mail. Send an e-mail to and please include your username, old e-mail address and the e-mail address you wish to change it to. Let me know if you have any questions.
  4. See you all in a few days!
  5. Brian_A_Neuman

    FeelThere E-Jets V2 Paintkit?

    Did you reach out to WilcoPub? Also I would check the aircraft painters forum to see if they can help
  6. Brian_A_Neuman

    I'm going to miss you PMDG

    Good luck in your X-Plane endeavors. There are quality folks developing stuff for that platform. I agree that in and of itself it initially came across as a troll style post even though that may have not been your intent. I will also add that going from FSX to X-Plane is much more of a leap then P3D V4 to X-Plane. In the end, its going to come down to preference. If you want the PMDG (as well as several other developers such as Majestic etc, at least as far as I can see, you will need to use the LM product, otherwise, LR has some good points.
  7. Thanks Steve! This has been a tough learning curve, but I am figuring out more and more each day! Thanks for giving me that push to be as true to the original as possible 🙂
  8. Brian_A_Neuman

    Froogle's take on FSW and possible impact on P3D

    There is a lot of speculation in this thread. Just reminding y’all to not delve into the area of EULA debates.
  9. Brian_A_Neuman

    Delta Font

    Awesome thanks!
  10. Question, The Delta Widget Font, was that a Delta custom font? If I were going to paint it, would I need to recreate it? Thanks in advance.
  11. Brian_A_Neuman

    Library kaput?

    Its back up and running. Enjoy!
  12. Brian_A_Neuman

    Library kaput?

    The library is accessible at the moment, however, please be patient as it appears there is a file rebuild in progress. I am unable to process or download files at the moment.
  13. Brian_A_Neuman

    Froogle's take on FSW and possible impact on P3D

    I might be looking at the timeline a bit different here...but using this logic creates one MAJOR issue for Dovetail. Unless I am totally mistaken, Lockheed Martin had P3D with the Academic License LONG before FSW as even announced. And the Academic license had held a fairly constant price since its inception. Therefore, Dovetail marketed their product based on the Academic License price and not the other way around. It doesn't seem to be a competition issue or ant-trust, or monopoly issues. Dovetail attempted to introduce a relatively new product (probably closer to P3D then X-Plane), in a market that already has die hard followers of both P3D and X-Plane and it will be difficult to get people to move to an entirely new platform when so much is invested in their current platforms (Hence why FSX is still pretty darn popular). I don't know much about Froogle so I wont pretend to know what his motives are, however, anytime anyone says "X-Plane is the Future" or "P3D is the future" is very narrow minded. We need both to compete with each other, thats the ONLY way that we will get serious advancements in our hobby. Anyone who doesn't realize this is just too darn loyal to a brand or their own opinions rather then reality. All this being said, I never flew FSW, and it looks like I never will. It was a tough market to break into. This is not LM's fault or Laminar Researches fault. The product simply failed. Filing a lawsuit would be a tough one to win, as the onus would be on Dovetail to prove that Lockheed Martin was doing a malicious and anti-competitive business practice and that the practices were illegal. Good luck with that.
  14. Brian_A_Neuman

    Quick Question about a new hard drive

    Well, its too late for that now. I added the 1TB SSD to the computer as a P3D dedicated drive. Doing the downloads now. Most of my planes are back, but I am on hour 15 of the ORBX reinstall and I am not even 1/4 done...glad I can just let it roll while I do other things.