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  1. Quick Question about a new hard drive

    Well, its too late for that now. I added the 1TB SSD to the computer as a P3D dedicated drive. Doing the downloads now. Most of my planes are back, but I am on hour 15 of the ORBX reinstall and I am not even 1/4 done...glad I can just let it roll while I do other things.
  2. Quick Question about a new hard drive

    Got it, thank you my man.
  3. Quick Question about a new hard drive

    Fixed the title. Yep to what?
  4. Good afternoon, I just ordered and recieved a new SSD. I am uninstalling everything off the current drive to put on the new one. Do I need to unregister the product to just put it on a new drive, or is that only when getting a new computer? Thanks in advance.
  5. Northwest Orient

    Awesome! Thanks a million for the assistance!!
  6. Good morning, Does anyone know what Font was used for Northwest Orient? I am trying to recreate it, but the word 'Northwest' will be the most difficult. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  7. Opinion-Paint Shop Vs Photoshop

    Thank you for your input. I will look into it.
  8. Good evening, As my title says, I am looking for a preference. I am getting into painting and I have a guy who will assist me, however, I am curious to know what would be a more user friendly platform. Paintshop or Photoshop? If you dont mind give a brief reason why if you have the time. Thank you.
  9. Daily Links Not Working

    Yes. I’ve gotten a few emails about it. We are looking into the problem. Can you confirm that it works directly from the library and just the e-mail links are not working?
  10. PERV VNAV Unavailable

    Copy that. I thought I had everything put in, but I will try your method for my next flight and see what transpires. I am almost positive its operator error on my part.
  11. Good morning, I dont know if I missed a step here, but I am getting a constant PERV VNAV Unavailable message on my MCDU. It appears to be flying correctly and i tore through the manuals while enroute to see what was what and I was unable to see what I missed. Based on this message, is there an obvious step I missed? Thank you. **Side note if there is a RTFM comment out there, could you at least be so kind to tell me which PDF file to look at? Thank you**
  12. Good morning, I must say I am very pleased with the performance of the plane. I do have one issue though, the VC panel (entire screen) seems to flicker at unknown intervals. Its more of a flash then a flicker if I am being honest. Am I the only one who sees this?
  13. Anyone else having massive stutters in 4.2?

    I would like to do that, where do I find the old files? I usually discard them after I download them.

    There must be a .bgl that is interfering...thats beyond weird.
  15. Library slow today?

    Indeed I do believe its slow on this end. I am unsure of the cause, but it took alot longer this morning for me to process the uploads. Please be patient, I am sure it will get sorted out soon enough.