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  1. Ok, I looked at the files and I was able to locate some of them through my admin account but not the standard login which is weird. This might take a little more looking into. Im going to paste the links here that I was able to find, if they work for you great, if not Im not sure whats going on. It is likely the others were removed from the library for various reasons not to mention they were uploaded 8-9 years ago.
  2. It’s a start. When I get home from work and am at my computer I’ll check them on my end and see if I can figure out the problem.
  3. Do you have the file names? I have not heard of any other users with this issue.
  4. Good afternoon, I’m proud to introduce a new Library Manager, James Driskell! James is a long time member of the community and will be working along side of me to ensure that Library is as up to date as possible and continues to be a premiere source of files for the simulator community. He will be getting trained and up to speed over the next week or so. Congratulations James!
  5. Brian_A_Neuman

    Pro Flight Simulator

    This is all too common these days and usually are scammers. Generally speaking we have: XPlane P3D Aerofly FS2 Everything else I would be suspicious of.
  6. Brian_A_Neuman


    Do you have appcrashview.exe or have you looked at your event viewer? Alot more info is needed such as computer specs to include processor and RAM, also is it the latest version of 4.3 and what addons and video drivers are you using? Is it a fresh vanilla install or have you done other things? Any information would be useful to help you troubleshoot your problem.
  7. Brian_A_Neuman

    ZIBO file problems

    Oh, just for future reference this is for the Avsim library support. I will move this to the appropriate location.
  8. Brian_A_Neuman

    ZIBO file problems

    Ive never heard of that problem. What is the actual file name in the library?
  9. Brian_A_Neuman

    4.3 Scenery Update

    I think I slowly got it. It’s been an interesting challenge as I rarely do the scenery updates until I do a full install. All the airports stayed right where they belong, just had to fix some global and vector stuff. It seems to be running well now.
  10. Brian_A_Neuman

    4.3 Scenery Update

    Ok. Thanks. They are there.
  11. Brian_A_Neuman

    4.3 Scenery Update

    What am I looking for? Or am I just seeing if it’s there.
  12. Brian_A_Neuman

    4.3 Scenery Update

    Good afternoon, I did the content, client and scenery update for 4.3. Does anyone know if I have to reinstall ORBX Global, Vector or OpenLC? My airports seem to be good..just curious to know if anything got overridden.
  13. Brian_A_Neuman

    [13JUN18] XPlane User Updates

    Very well said Kyle. I guess I was eluding to that, but you were more eloquent and explained it better then I could.
  14. Brian_A_Neuman

    [13JUN18] XPlane User Updates

    I think the growth is not as "Amazing" as you think. I also believe there is less "crossover" and more new users starting there. Dont kid yourself, I know that X-Plane is growing, and showing sales increase of 33% with only an 8% drop in FSX sales (which I am surprised its that low) without a base of P3D users is hard to show "Amazing" After all, if 2 people own X-Plane and 1 more buys it, thats 33%....just saying.
  15. Good afternoon library users, I have returned from Las Vegas and have processed all files from the weekend, thank you for your patience. A few notes I want to pass on. Generally speaking, I upload files once a day. If you don't see your file available within 48 hours of posting, please check your e-mail (including your junk mail folder) to see if I sent you an e-mail explaining why your file has not been processed. (This is usually due to missing information in your readme.txt file or the file missing all together). Change of e-mail and/or password reset. If you have requested through the automated password reset function and you have not received the e-mail with instructions on how to change your password, please check your junk mail folder to see if it is in there. If it is not in there, you may send an e-mail to or Please include your e-mail address and username so I can find you easily to expedite the process. Also if you are changing your e-mail address, this must be done via e-mail. Send an e-mail to and please include your username, old e-mail address and the e-mail address you wish to change it to. Let me know if you have any questions.