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  1. Well, that makes me feel much better that I didnt break the plane. I was able to get to the pressurization set and the window went away. So I guess that solves the problem :)
  2. It looks like this:
  3. Ok. So that wasnt the problem. I cant close the DEBUG window, I attempted to minimize it close it. The only solution was to undock it and grab it to slide it to the bottom. The issue is now, I cant access the AFE or anything else on the side bar.
  4. Ok, now I have a new weird problem. I am climbing through 15000 ft and the screen went grey and the "debug" window is activated. I cant shut it off, and I have no click spots. It eventually sent my screen to black. So I figure I have done 1 of 2 things. Somehow I broke my sim and I cant fix it, OR did I black out due to lack of pressurization? OK so I was able to undock the DEBUG window and pull it to the bottom of the screen, but it wont close out no matter what I do.
  5. Boom! That did it! Thanks Kyle!
  6. Good morning, I am doing a flight and I think I have followed the procedures outlined in the Tutorial to include using the AFE. However, when I attempt to engage the autopilot, the switch wont turn on. Was this an issue on my end or is there I step that I might have missed that would not allow me to engage the autopilot?
  7. Already flown 1 flight. Beautiful plane. No hit on my performance in V4. Excellent!
  8. I imagine they unpinned it as there will be a new announcement forthcoming. This happened right before the last major announcement. Just speculation, but it seems to have merit.
  9. The 600 and 700 has not been pushed out yet for P3D V4. I think he said that they are almost there. But the release announcement has not been made.
  10. I dont believe it was included in the ops ctr. But you will find several repaints of said plane in the library here.
  11. Ken, I might be confused here, but I want to add one thing here regarding the versions. When MSFS came out with a new version of the sim, we had to pay in full for the new sim. Microsoft did not have an "upgrade fee" to go from FS2K to FS2K2 for example. I am not one to ever tell anyone how to spend their hard earned money, and I wont suggest that I enjoy spending my money for the "same" product twice. But that being said, progress sometimes costs money and we need to make the choice on if we want to spend the money on that. On a personal note, I am more then willing to move forward to advance my sims and move past FSX and into the 64bit era. I will pick and choose what I spend my money on for new licensing, but it would seem that with X-Plane (64bit) FSW (64bit), FSAerofly (64bit, but not the same) and now P3D V4 (64bit) it is time to make the decision to move forward. But that's just me. I wont even speak for you.
  12. Isn't a clipper what you use to groom your dog or cut your hair?
  13. Yes, The move from FSX to P3d requires a new purchase.
  14. Making it really simple here, and Dan hit the nail on the head. I am in the process of beta testing a different product (due to NDA, I cant say which though I will say it is NOT a PMDG aircraft so dont ask me any questions). One of the things I have noticed is when one problem is fixed, another 1 or 2 rear their ugly heads and causes other issues. In the many many many years of simming under my belt, what I have noticed is that if dates are promised and not delivered, people lose their minds. If the product is delivered "on time" and has bugs, people lose their minds. Its a no win situation. We all want our addons delivered to our new platforms immediately, that goes without saying. But in all seriousness, berating and begging the developers for updates really doesnt solve anything. Let them do their work and it will be done in a reasonable time frame. I would rather have a functional aircraft with as few bugs as possible released to me then have a bird with alot of problems. Patience patience patience. Lastly, be polite on the AVSIM forums please.
  15. I cant speak for them, but I doubt it will break it considering they were waiting for it so they can continue the work on the 777-300 and the NGX series.