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  1. I had this issue recently on several airports in X-Plane 11.50. But I had it in 11.41 too occasionally. On the Beta 9 I didn't have it yet. Disabling X-Europe for the flight helped since it seems to induce a lot of loading. All you can do is to reduce the scenery libraries it seems, especially the ones that contain lots of buildings.
  2. Okay. I made it using links and registry entries. If anybody needs details, just ask.
  3. Does anybody know how to install the Lencair Legacy to a fresh installation of P3D V5? The P3D installation is all grayed out and it does not automatically add itself to the configuration files if it is installed into the P3D Addons folder.
  4. Did you solve the installation of the RealAir Legacy to P3D V5? And how?

    1. Bunchy


      Hi Rene. 

      Unfortunately, I couldn't get it installed, gave up and moved on.




    2. Rene Scharlach

      Rene Scharlach

      I could install it. You got to fake a V4 installation. I used "mklink /d from to" and some registry tricks. There was a hint in the net that this is possible.

  5. Both is bad Internet behavior nowadays. Speaking up somewhere is free, and links are a daily experience. I get at the start of this page ads by FS2Crew, Schiesser (underwear), and Aerosoft Airline Manager. In your signature, there is a link to facebook, and on the bottom of this page there actually seven links to social groups which most of them I do not use. That's the net of today.
  6. I have the same problem now. I just created a new air frame to solve the issue. You should be aware that Google sends users somewhere and it is not a good style nowadays to just say: I answered on the other forum.
  7. I am using a gamer mouse by Logitech. it has profiles. I have set it to emulate the middle mouse button (for FSX with FSUIPC and another simulator) and the right mouse button for X-Plane. I also set lots of views to look around on the numerical pad. I cannot get myself to wear a TrackIR hat, and the idea to turn the head and look to the screen sounds unnatural to me.
  8. P3D or FSX look a lot more ugly in the default to my eyes. And the colors and tint or fog are a matter of taste. With free Ortho and X-Europe, X-Plane looks far better than anything else. "We can agree to disagree."
  9. I hope the music is added in the video. For THAT is really safety relevant.
  10. This was last year in October. They did not fix this? It is fixable on the server side. Hard to fix on the client side without disabling Defender.
  11. Trying to download the installer for X Plane 11 of the GTN 750. Error due to a Virus. Checked in Edge and in Chrome. What is this? The page is http://www.reality-xp.com/. Is this a fraud or just a hickup of the Virus scanner?
  12. Obviously, dynamic lighting is only acceptable if you have a very high-end graphics card and low AA settings. On my system, the frame rates in the PMDG go from 45 to 25-30, in the FSL labs from 30 to 17-20. And this is with 2xMSAA. I tested it on the default airport, so no excuse about airports compiled for FSX. Unfortunately, without dynamic lighting, there is absolutely no landing light. So P3D is currently day-time-only for me, at least when flying the FSL. Every new version brings a new problem. But P3D is already under pressure from several competitors. Good frame rates were one of the reasons to still keep it.
  13. Thanks for that answer, Steve. I should have checked the manual of the DX10 Fixer. It explains everything. So as a final summary I stick with Sparse Grid Super Sampling, because I like the way the displays in the cockpit look. I cannot stand the flicker and shimmering lines of anything below it. The downside seems to be that clouds cost a lot of frames. Thanks again Rene
  14. Maybe someone can help me understand the Anti-Aliasing settings. There are four points where I can change them: (1) The Anti-Alias Checkbox in FSX (I am flying Steam Edition) (2) The AA settings in the DX10 Switcher (I am flying DX10) (3) The program settings in the NVIDIA System Settings (under the program "fsx.exe") (4) The NVIDIA Profile Inspector (I have it and use it) Right now, I am trying to override the application settings with something that looks like Supersampling 4x. To do that I created a new profile in the inspector and selected "Override Application Settings", "4x4 Supersampling (D3D only)", "Enabled Transparency", "4x Supersampling" in AA Transperancy Settings. I applied the changes, and the NVIDIA system settings reflect this, I think. However, if I change anything in this profile, it does not make a visible difference. The AA check in FSX does however. If I disable it I get no anti-aliasing. What is happening? Rene Update: I have set it to "4x4 Sparse Grid Supersampling (D3D only)" which looks really good. But still, I have to enable AA in FSX to get it working, Why does it not override this settings as I want? Another question: Is it possible to change the settings on the fly? The AMD driver does restart when I go to full screen and back. But not so the NVIDIA.
  15. Thanks, HIFI, for your answer. None of your registry keys were present. I have some Odyssee behind me. First, I installed AS16 with a trial key. Worked well, but I decided to give the AS SE another chance. So I uninstalled, rebooted and removed the traces in FSX.CFG, DLL.XML and EXE.XML. Reinstalling the AS SE is not as easy to find as I thought. In the end, I installed via the Tools box in Steam, and by unchecking and checking the box in the FSX game menu. It then downloads the DLC/364340 again, so that everything can be started again. There are currently no more crashes. The remaining topic is that I get ask to start as_bootstr every time. Annoying, but okay with me. Rene
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