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  1. So if you use two Photo realism mods, whichever one is the first in order will prioritise. But.... If that area is smaller for example than the other mod, the other mod will fill in what the first didn't as the first will have geographic coords for itself. Once it finishes whatever other mod below or autogen will then take over. So in your example above, put your preferred mod above the other. Like I said earlier, I'd buy a good autogen like ORBX global and then run photo scenery over the top. Unless you have photo scenery covering the entire continent you are flying in, there is no getting away from misalignment on the border of the photo scenery. That's why I like TE Britain because it covers the entire country. Then the autogen will come in when I cross the channel or fly to Ireland but having a good autogen means you don't really notice the difference til you descend below 7k. My two cents.
  2. You certainly can use it. You just have to make sure the photo is above any autogen. It will take priority and autogen addons will fill in places the photo is missing. It wont align properly but is better than not using autogen mods as then you'd only get the default p3d autogen. I would personally use photo realistic and let orbx global base or orbx lc cover the rest.
  3. Fair few things discounted. Certainly worth a browse. https://www.pcaviator.com/store/home.php?cat=744
  4. Do people really need a link to justflight?
  5. My AV/AM picked up Trojan:Win32/Azden.B!cl upon download of the 750. The 650 was ok. Is this a known issue? All AV companies report this one as severe.
  6. All installed ok. A few tiny bugs but nothing game breaking. The one big issue I have is, no sound in the cockpit.
  7. All installed ok. A few tiny bugs but nothing game breaking. The one big issue I have is, no sound in the cockpit.
  8. Most likely because your registry still has the v4 edits. I'm gonna get it. I was waiting out to see if it would work without having to muck around with the files.
  9. Would that also work for the vertx da62?
  10. Nice one mate. Could you possibly show me what to edit?
  11. Hi there. I have heard there's a way to install realair planes into v5. I own two of them but haven't touched them since v5. Can anyone help me out with how to install them.
  12. Not quite. Without weather I can crank all settings to max and still be smooth. Once some cloud cover sets in she starts to slow down. You would need quite a hefty rig to run everything on max. I was more than happy turning a few things down a notch. The extra oomph in your cpu will help.
  13. I have two of the realairs but cannot install them. And I really would rather not reinstall 4.5 to install then copy the folders across. Bit of a bummer.
  14. Yes it will. I ran 4 and 4.5 on an 8700k and 1080ti. Kind of similar specs and I had no issues at all mate.
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