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  1. RLJR

    Duke V2

    Where can I re download the Turbo Duke V2 and the legacy V2 Thanks
  2. RLJR

    Your age?

    A young 78
  3. RLJR

    RealAir Simulations Closure

    You guys have been a class act. You will be missed. Good luck and God speed.
  4. I don't own this aircraft however if the canopy is really clean you may only see the radio antena imbeded in the top. I can't remember if this was done on the F-86, however it was on some fighters. The last click on the lights might be for lights used in thunderstorms to offset lighting. Just a educated guess. RLJR
  5. RLJR

    C-47 V3 Bliss

    Love it! Thanks.
  6. I have installed FSX in a new Lenovo Y900 computer. The computer has two hard drives. I installed the program on the smaller faster drive. I am happy to report it is performing great. However I have to say reaching tec. service at Lenovo is hard to do. Thankfully I finally got them through their sales and got my questions answered. I have had Dell, HP and Lenovo. Good stuff, however the support is all the same. None are the greatest in that regard.
  7. I want to thank everyone for the feed back. I will put FSX on the SSD drive. After I get all of my add ons installed and running I will get back with a report. Thanks again, RLJR
  8. Just a slight correction. The drives are 2TB+8GB SSHD with 256GB SSD.
  9. I just received a Lenovo Y900. It is the best I have ever owned. The question is this, it has one drive of 256 G and a 2 TB drive. Which drive should I put FSX? I just haven't used a computer with two drives before. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks,RLJR
  10. Thanks to all. I had a pretty good discount from work so I bought a Lenovo. It looks pretty good.
  11. I just got a Lenovo Y900 computer. It has 2TB-8GB SSHD with 256GB SSD drives. What is the best way to use this setup for FSX? I also work with photos. Any and all info is appreciated. Thanks, Ralph
  12. ghutcheon, Thanks for your reply. Give me more suggestions such as where to get the parts and what parts. How hard is it to get one up and running. How are problems handled etc. You have my attention, Thanks, R
  13. I have been having problems with my Dell XPS 9100 for some time. I think I will replace it . The question is with what. I do photos, searching on line, FSX with add on's, and E mail. Is there a company any one would recommend? Dell may have the best computer to my knowledge, however their maintenance help desk isn't so good. I could build a computer, however I prefer to get one ready to go. Any helpful input is appreciated. Thanks, Ralph
  14. RLJR

    Coolsky DC-9

    dgraham 1284 Am I right in saying the Panel shots are of a DC-9 and the exterior is of a MD-80? RLJR