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  1. How do I get AI traffic. There isn't any that I have seen at airports like KPIT or any where.
  2. I got my private Lic. in 1958. Got the commercial Lic. in about 1969.
  3. Getting ready to make the plunge. Need to know: Should I delete FSX? Make a folder for the new sim? Any other things to do to make my day? I don't have X Box.
  4. The Air Force Museum in Dayton Ohio has recently started a program like yours. The Experimental Aircraft association has started one also. You might want to contact these two outfits to compare notes.
  5. I worked on those beautiful airplanes in the late 50's at Mt. Home AFB. When I first got to the base they were away and the first one I was able to see up close was in a hanger. I walked through the door and it took my breath away.
  6. Where can I re download the Turbo Duke V2 and the legacy V2 Thanks
  7. You guys have been a class act. You will be missed. Good luck and God speed.
  8. dgraham 1284 Am I right in saying the Panel shots are of a DC-9 and the exterior is of a MD-80? RLJR
  9. Thanks for all the replies. I will buy the GTN 750. RLJR
  10. Need a little help in deciding which is the best to use with the Real Air dukes. The Reality GNS 530 or the Flt 1 GTN 750.All opinions are welcome. RLJR
  11. RLJR

    Your age?

    75 and loving it!
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