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    My uncles took me to airshows and airports when I was about 12, teaching me about aircraft - and the love of planes stayed with me through my life. Only recently, aged 45 have I decided to go for it and take up flight sim, something I've wanted to do all my life.

    A couple of flying lessons under my belt and quite a few long haul flights to the Middle East and Australia kept my passion for aviation alive.

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  1. Mithras

    Default FSX approach charts?

    I type in a basic search, eg.KLAX charts pdf and usually get a pdf I can save and use. Try it!¬ It's never failed me. Just look at the first hit...
  2. Mithras

    Anyone flying a hurricane hunter with live WX?

    fp pilot: I used AS16, winds were ferocious in the hurricane, but popping out into the eye, the windspeed was an eerie 0 knts... I flew around the eye's perimeter than back to base. I tried to take off in the trike on Puerto Rico as the hurricane raged, just to test AS16. I didn't get chance to start the motor, the winds picked up the trike and carriied it up to 2000m. Test successful :0
  3. Mithras

    Anyone flying a hurricane hunter with live WX?

    Flying an RAF Nimrod into the calm eye of the hurricane that hit the Caribbean last year...
  4. Mmmm, I don't think that's going to help Konrad.
  5. Mithras

    Finally, people boarding my FSX planes!!

    Wow. I will be getting this! GSX is greatly loved on my system.
  6. Mithras

    REX Worldwide Airports

    Yes, any airport you have that uses FSX default textures will have those textures swapped for really nice looking buildings! Third party airports dont tend to use them, their buildings stay the same.
  7. Mithras

    obscured runway due to papi lights

    I've found that, with my 3 screen setup the runway lights and PAPI lights look huge like the OPs, I added those lines into my CFG many years ago and they fixed it. But after installing REX textures and REX Airports, the huge lights return, so I have to reinstall various original FSX light files to fix the problem (every time I install REX textures). Its not hassle really, since I dont do it very often. I found the 'Landing Light Fix' on this forum a few years ago ....
  8. Mithras

    Need Help to Fix an Engine Sound Bug

    I get this with a freeware Lancaster, I just press the Sound key on the keyboard twice which sorts it out. It is annnoying though.
  9. Mithras

    I downloaded TreeX and now I have no trees

    I guess you've already tried to uninstall.
  10. Yes. I moved to DX10 because I was getting VAS warnings flying an A2A plane over Orbx scenery. Not had a si gle warning in 3 years since I moved to DX20, I also fly basic airliners into complex airports both long hail and short haul.
  11. Mithras

    What happened to my FSX sound?

    Hi Rick, the moderators are under no obligation to join in with threads, they aren't really there to answer questions, and will probably be just as stumped as you. they are there just to keep us all on track :)
  12. Wow! It works. Fantastic..... many thanks Robert. You are awesome!
  13. Mithras

    I managed to break my FSX.CFG file

    True, true... it is something I would also check.
  14. Mithras

    I managed to break my FSX.CFG file

    It doesn't sound like an fsx.cfg error to me.
  15. Really Robert? Its as simple as Control G? I guess I can map that to a switch too... I'll have a test fly. Oh boy, I hope you've found the answer there! Thanks for the reply!