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    My uncles took me to airshows and airports when I was about 12, teaching me about aircraft - and the love of planes stayed with me through my life. Only recently, aged 45 have I decided to go for it and take up flight sim, something I've wanted to do all my life.

    A couple of flying lessons under my belt and quite a few long haul flights to the Middle East and Australia kept my passion for aviation alive.

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  1. Sorted, as expected it was Shock Absorber setting in Accufeel. 😝
  2. I’m still flying this great aircraft, but continue to notice that the Simshed Nimrod taxis like its on uneven ground, no matter which airport I use. Is this just me? I do run Orbx Accufeel, and Im willing to consider that software might be responsible, but Im not sure how.
  3. Oy! Less of the "crappy"! I bought my sim computer in November 2013, the bbest I could afford. And it still serves me well today, Orbx and all. God, that's six years old!!
  4. Hi, I fly FSX, with a full cockpit build, Saitek and iPads, all tied together with FSUIPC. Flying ww2 aircraft in the FSX modern simulation lacks atmosphere. What could I move to, to experience exciting WW2 air combat? And could I use my Saitek cockpit? That last part is important! I've heard of Il-2. Cheers, Paul Elliott
  5. Are you using three screens? With wide view?
  6. Thanks for the advice guys... I love my hobby, and read aviation books non-stop. Last week I had a trial flight in a Cherokee from my local regional, the same aircraft (A2A) and airport I fly out of in the sim. It was my third time! And now I can't tell if my memories of what I saw are real or from all my flights in the sim!! I'll take a break and plan some flights. I'm happy with my airline flying, I too go for 'perfection', I start with a score of 10 and deduct 1 point for every screw up or glitch (like the airbridge not working, or GSX messing around and towing me onto grass, or not picking up the ILS beacon for some reason, or getting lost on the taxiways. I halve the score if I have to save and reboot FSX for some reason (once or twice a year my Saitek panels freeze). I love GA flying, though, and that's where I am finding it too easy. I am thinking of going dead-reckoning and VFR navigation all the way for a while, I'm also thinking along Howard (stratocruiser1)'s lines and flying the Manfred Jahn's C-47 on an epic journey, purely VFR and dead reckoning. The best, scariest, most thrilling flying I ever did was my Amy Johnson flight to Australia. Being terrified of getting lost is fun! Anyway, THanks again for the advice ... I will chill out for a bit ...
  7. Hi, I'm going through a bit of a dry spell and can't find anything in simming to motivate me, I wondered how you guys flying for Virtual Airlines keep flying the same routes over and over. Why? And how? I have a full cockpit build of a GA plane and have flown lots of UK airfields, and overseas bush airstrips. I think my pace is slackening, I might have 'mastered' those flights and maybe getting bored with the easiness of them. I've flown airliners, helicopters... Cold War jets ... how do you keep doing the same type of flying, but keep it interesting or challenging? Thanks! Paul
  8. Sorry, I did mean AS2016. That is what I have.
  9. Ah, I run ASN with Turbulence set to 100%, the C47 does not like it! Sliding down to 30 or 20% is much better. If I have to do that just for this aircraft, that is no problem. I'm considering some epic cross-continent flight using only map-reading, dead reckoning and radio beacons (NDBs) - old style!
  10. Well, it seems to be any general weather at all. I can do a test later to see if there is any particular wind type that is causing it. Even on autopilot, the ship rocks like heck.
  11. Hi, I'm having a real problem with Jahns lovely c-47, the orginal version not the updated version. When I run ASN the plane continually tilts and rocks from side to side. Switch ASN off and it goes away. I dont get this with any other aircraft - most peculiar. I have disabled Accufeel for the C47 to eliminate that as a source of the trouble. I replaced the air file with the original FSX dc3m but it seems the files are actually idential, so no fix there. Any ideas?
  12. I must be weird, when I'm flying my A2A Cherokee I only have a female pilot and copilot, just nicer to look at! :)
  13. Thanks! It is worth remembering that any problem like that can have some very minor cause. FSX has taught me a great life skill... that is, be methodical and plan your fault finding carefully, in whatever field you are working. The first big problems I had with FSX, I reinstalled. Twice in two months, But since then, six years later, I go through multiple attempts at fault finding, going from the least destructive and simplest, then to those I can reverse, finally to the bigger fixes thst might have other issues. Be pstient, test methodically, is what AVSIM has taught me. In fact for the past three years I have kept a written log of any changes I make to the setup, dated, so that I can backtrack and see what I installed/uninstalled, or what problems I had and how I fixed it. It doesnt get much use these days because when things work I leave them alone and everything is rolling along nicely.
  14. More success: I put my back-up dll.xml into Appdata/Roaming and all the modules, Acuusi, FSUIPC etc are all there. Cool! THanks guys! Now - I have NO sea anywhere, middle of the Pacific, Indian Ocean ... but that's a different problem I'll look at tomorrow. That's certainly fixable. Many thanks gents! You saved me from a heart attack! 🙂
  15. A-ha! Clever people! I swapped a back-up scenery.cfg into the Program Files/FSX folder and got back the aircraft, all the scenery links up to last August and a flight. Couple of questions if you don't mind? All controls are gone, since FSUIPC is not in the AddOn menu, in fact a lot is missing. Did the scenery.cfg affect that? Or is that another file?? Controlling modules - is that dll.xml? The default flight works - but land covers the oceans, this may be something to do with the ORBX download of North America at the time, I can reinstall that if I have to. But the lack of all those modules is puzzling. Anyway - I'm in... thank you for that!
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