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  1. threebears

    Navigraph Installation glitch?

    If I posted this already, I apologise for repeating myself. I 'fly' the 737NGX on FSX-E with Win 10/64 bit. Also loaded are Active Sky Next. I did have FS2 Crew briefly but couldn't get to grips with it and uninstalled it. I use SimBrief to generate flight plans, which show as valid for Airac 1901, My current 'problem' is that, no matter how (or how many times) I install Navigraph for PMDG, manually or directly with Data Manager, or where I 'put' the files, the FMC doesn't recognise all waypoints or airways that I enter into the 737 NGX FMC. The INIT page notes that the current (Airac 1901) is the dataset installed, so it seems to 'know' it is there. Most recently I tried a flight from East MIdlands to Pisa, but could only complete the flight plan set up by missing out a number of airway or waypoint references. Any advice would be welcome.
  2. threebears

    HUD inoperative?

    Sorry, I wasn't clear enough when I said "I don't know if it does (install) correctly". What I meant was that ASN appears to load and connect to FSX, despite the initial error message about the dll.xml, but I don't know if it is functioning as it is supposed to. If it is, then what is the point of the error message?
  3. threebears

    HUD inoperative?

    With help from a number of posts I managed to sort my HUD: I was sent a 'corrected' dll.xml file. Unfortunately my copy of Active Sky Next (also recently installed) now throws an error message about the dll.xml being invalid / not recognisable. It seems to load, nevertheless, but I don't know if it does correctly.
  4. threebears

    HUD inoperative?

    Thank you Marc; I created an account using another email, as suggested, and that worked. Just another email/password combination to remember...🤔
  5. threebears

    HUD inoperative?

    Hi. I'm losing the will to live. I found the dll.xml file. I tried to open a ticket (as advised a new account required) but kept getting 'errored out' because my e-mail address is already in use.
  6. threebears

    HUD inoperative?

    Thanks. I'll do that, but I meant where to find the dll.xml file to send you.
  7. threebears

    HUD inoperative?

    Hi Olympic260. I'd be delighted - if I knew where to look for it!
  8. threebears

    HUD inoperative?

    I'm using FSX-SE. I have not been able to get anything displayed on the captain's HUD and can't find anything in the manuals. I've recently installed FS2Crew, and Active Sky Next, but this issue (if it is an issue) was evident before that. Advice please? Andrew PS Happy New Year everyone 😁
  9. threebears

    Active Sky Next and Default FSX (other) Weather

    Thank you kingm56! The reason is simple: I didn't know 😕. Too late now! After your post I looked again at the Active Sky website and I couldn't see mention of AS16 in relation to FSX-SE. I thought it was for P3D. I noted ASXP, which seems to be specific to X-Plane, which I don't use, so didn't consider it. Andrew
  10. I have recently bought Active Sky Next for FSX-SE. Do I need to disable / uninstall any other weather add-ons (or set the FSX default weather engine to 'Clear Skies' or something)? I'm worried about conflicts. Andrew
  11. threebears

    TCAS 'Pass Test' silent

    Thank you again Dan, I do appreciate your help. No, I really did mean HGS: the Virtual Cockpit View Head-up Guidance Display (sometimes also referred to as the "combiner") is described as this in my manual. No I'm not using saved flights, but starting afresh each time, and my PMDG a/c (737NGX) is not set as default. I think I'll have to work through all this again, several times, before posting again.
  12. threebears

    TCAS 'Pass Test' silent

    Dear Dan. My original post title primarily about the aural TCAS "test pass" message, which used to enunciate when selecting TA/RA on the transponder's TCAS mode selector and the 2200 squawk code. It no longer does (on my system). I see my error in 'turning' VNAV into RNAV further down the thread, which confused and made things worse. For me the problem is that, although I think I'm following the tutorial#1 manual, step by step, sometimes arming LNAV / VNAV at the right time does not work. That is to say the relevant 'button' will not select, illuminate, and stay selected. In passing I would also say the HGS, although swinging into place properly, remains stubbornly blank - no information. In answer to your question, I have only 'flown' Tutorial #1 - I do not want to attempt #2 until I am happy with #1. The intended reference to VNAV/LNAV, and not transferring info, was about the VREF speeds not always transferring to the speed tape on the PFD when entered on the TAKEOFF PERF page. Thanks, anyway, for your interest but it's probably best that you don't waste any more time trying to help me until I've sorted myself out - and flown tutorial #2 a few times. As I said, it's probably something I'm doing wrong. Andrew
  13. threebears

    TCAS 'Pass Test' silent

    Thank you. I wasn't clear enough. I am following the guidance of the manual in the order it is printed. I do enter the V-speeds on the takeoff perf page and both flight directors are selected on. For some reason the information does not transfer and sometimes the LNAV and / or RNAV buttons will not select.
  14. threebears

    TCAS 'Pass Test' silent

    I'm still having trouble with random refusal of some functions - especially LNAV/VNAV - to engage. Occasionally there is 'NO V Speed' on the FA tape but I expect they are just me. However the one I'm pretty sure isn't me is that when I set the TRANSPONDER’S TCAS mode selector (centre console) and the squawk code (2200) there is no confirming audio message - which used to enunciate.
  15. threebears

    Out of Date Nav Data?

    Ah Peter - so that's probably it. I think there maybe something else, as the TCAS "test pass" anunciation suddenly stopped working, and the V speed data isn't transferring to the speed tape when I set up.