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  1. Thanks for the help, and humour. No nearer a resolution, though, especially why the 'tug' returns to stand before the pushback is completed (i.e. a/c still mving back. Andrew
  2. Whether I use the MS tug, with an MS FSX-SE standard aircraft, or the pushback instruction built into my Majestic Dash oe PDMG 737, the pushback tug behaves strangely. On starting it moves smoothly. It's when it returns to the stand that the behaviour changes. Sometimes the tug returns to its start point before the pushback has completed (a/c still continues to move) but always it moves back erratically, like a 'crab, rather than in a straight line. Any ideas? Andrew
  3. I see, and thank you, though I have to report that in my 'partial' external view from the extended VC view I do see parts of the external fuselage, including (if on the ground, the open forward door. Andrew
  4. I also have a similar oddity. In PDMG 737NGX, when moving my eye view point sideways to outside when in the virtual cockpit, I can rotate my point of view - but the wings do not connect to the fuselage. The wings and engines are there - and then nothing. I don't have DX10 on.
  5. I see this has been moved. Apologies for posting in the wrong place but I didn't realise PMDG is still 'supported' / hosted on AVSIM. Anyway, and to be clear, my query was really about assigning a control function which appears to be missing in the list of settings in (my) FSX-SE - there is nothing for 'reversers' or 'reverse thrust' in engine commands (or anywhere else I can find). I used PMDG 737 as an example, but the same applies to my Majestic Dash. If anyone knows th answer I would still be grateful for help.
  6. I don't use FSUIPC. I want to assign a button on one of my FSX-SE driven controllers to operate the reversers on my PMDG737. I can't find a standard 'event' in the settings list to do this; is there one, or any other way please, anyone? Thanks Andrew
  7. I'm assuming that TrackIR would solve this to some extent as (I think) it works in response to head, not eye, movement. I also have varifocal lenses, although I'm thinking of trying my fixed focal length spare pair as my screen is only 60-70cm in front of my face. Andrew
  8. I'm sorry if this a daft question, but (in FSX settings) what exactly does 'unlimited framerate' mean? I had assumed it meant that the system would be left decide how many frames it could handle, according to the demands being placed on it at any given time, rather than me locking the frame rate. Is that right, or (with a modest rig) am I better to set a limit?
  9. For anyone following this thread, I found the answer. In my FSX controls settings there are five controls offered: Mouse, Mouse Yoke, Saitek Pedals, Saitek Quadrant and Flight Yoke. For reasons I've never understood, from time to time I've found random keyboard, button and even joystick assignments have changed in those controllers that I use. I keep an eye on them but I've never bothered with checking the settings of Mouse and Mouse Yoke because I've never used them. Sure enough there were assignments there related to brakes which, no doubt, were conflicting with or overwriting the ones in the Saitek pedals.
  10. I've seen several recommendations to not install FSX-SE in the default location (i.e. C:/ProgramFiles (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common etc.) Some propose a separate drive and installing outside of the Windows file structure entirely. I run Steam /FSX on Win10/64 on an AMD quadcore with 1TB drive and 4GB RAM. For the most part it works well, and I'm wary of changes for change's sake, but I have had to uninstall/reinstall more than once (as we do). If I have to do it again, is it really worth installing on a separate drive? If so, do I need an SDD external Hard Drive or just a usb3 portable storage device (1TB)? Any advice would be appreciated. Andrew
  11. Thanks again, Bill. I do have the payware FSUIPC but, as far as I know, don't use it at all. It may be that, unknown to me, some of the settings are under its control. I'll check. Andrew
  12. Yes, Bill, I've tried both - and it does help a bit but doesn't stop it. Another thing is that when the brakes come on they don't release. Most other control assignments (on 'joystick' type control) can be 'once only' or 'repeat' but not this case. I even tried deleting the toe brakes entirely from the rudder pedal controller and assigning 'Brakes' (left or right), but although the dialogue box comes up it will not accept the selection - the field remains blank. I hope that makes sense - it's hard to describe.
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