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  1. If this is the wrong place, forgive me. I just bought MSFS2020 but when I tried to install on a separate 500GB ssd drive it failed due, allegedly, 'read only' properties of the drive. I've checked in all ways possible, and the disk is not set to read only. Is this a known problem with Steam MSFS? It is currently installing on the 500GB disk where Windows and C:/ 'lives' which is not what I want. Andrew
  2. Thank you JaseMelbo, that's encouraging, but also really interesting what people regard as 'modest' systems. The range of equipment, and investment, is amazing. From the time I found a copy of MS2004 in a charity shop, and got into 'simming', I've been in a steady process of upgrading, upgrading, and yet more upgrading,
  3. Even with VR, which I don't have (yet anyway), there will always be a limit on the level of "immersion", when I'm sitting in a spare bedroom on a static seat, with plastic mass-market controls that only approximate to real world controls.
  4. Hi Bert. I've now added a second 500GB SSD. Various GPU/PCI-E connectors are on the way (hopefully one of them will work). The GPU should arrive tomorrow. In the end I opted for a 'free delivery' RTX 2060ti at a reasonable price.
  5. I did, but thanks for this longer one. I see they are in US or Canada, so not sure if I can get one from UK. I'll look again, and thank you once more. Happy landings! Threebears
  6. Hi Bert. Thanks. I looked at the link but discovered, when reading all the posts on that thread, that it isn't that simple. I couldn't find any connectors on Amazon that would link 2x6 pin to one 8 pin. I think I'm cooked - having now ordered a RX2060 instead of the 1660ti.
  7. It is noticeable that the most enthusiastic proponents of MSFS2020 seem to have way more capable hardware than I could aspire to.🙂
  8. I have ordered another SSD, and am probably going to upgrade my GPU from 1050ti to 1660ti but decided to stick with FSX-SE for the time being until I see how much better it can be with those upgrades. Bobsk8, mtr75 and others get to the nub of my dilemma about upgrades of sim platform and hardware. First of all I can't (and don't want to) spend hours at a time 'simming' especially when I spend a good proportion of the time available waiting for Windows Update to release bandwidth (LOL). So I don't spend much time pootling about 'low and slow' in 172s and Beech twins, but when I do I want the scenery to be as realistic as possible, not a noticeably computer game generic scenery. Therefore I 'fly' mostly in the UK, where I live and am familiar with the geography. I use ORBX sceneries for that. One exception is Innsbruck (also ORBX) - and who doesn't try that from time to time - but from somewhere nearby like Salzburg or Munich because of time constraints. For me the challenges are the departure (from stand) and arrival (to stand) phases and not in the cruise phase. I 'fly' alone and do not practice 'failures'. Because of time constraints I do a lot of 1 hour rotations between UK airports and planned 'circuits' around selected airports in the UK. I use Jepperson 'plates', and published information for SIDS/STARS and ILS approaches. I mostly 'fly' PMDG 737 and Majestic Dash 8-Q400 and programme their FMCs as best I can, I use Active Sky Next or ORBX weather. I have been an aviation enthusiast all my (long) life, and have had the (now sadly lost) privilege of in-flight deck time on BAC 1-11, DH Comet 4B, Airspeed Ambassador, Boeing 747 (including approach and touch-down at both Heathrow and Kennedy). I have had a few hours club lessons, and time in full motion commercial sims. My son is a current UK airline pilot, so simming is an intellectual challenge and more than a game; I know I will only get out of it what I am prepared to invest, in money and time, and there are limits on both.
  9. Hi all. I'm on the point of getting a GTX1660ti to replace a 1050ti. The 1050ti draws power directly from the PC-express slot but I understand the 1660 needs its own power connection, I think via 8 pin plug/socket. My PSU has 2 'spare' 6 pin connectors. Am I looking at upgrading my PSU, or is there some piece of adapting kit I can get?
  10. (Note to Moderators - I'm aware that this is not the place for discussing hardware, but several posts in reply to my SIM platform query have mentioned hardware as well). My mistake41 Ricardo: my SSD is 500GB. I have its predecessor, a 1TB HDD, but not 'hooked up. I was my intention to run FSX, or whatever I decide to replace it with, on one of these as a separate drive.
  11. Thanks RobF2. I registered with X-box last night for the £1 pass and will have a look in the nest few days. The point of my original query was that, from 'community' chatter, it seemed to me there were instabilities, or other downsides, to both P3D and MSFS2020 but that, probably sooner than later, I would want to transition from FSX-SE. I wanted to see what others, with experience, really thought and whether the relative immaturity of both (compared to creaking FSX) was worth the effort. I'm certain I need to upgrade my GPU from 1050ti. How far to go with that, given my 600W PSU, is a poser. It's clear, from the answers I have had, that there are 'devotees' of all 3 systems, based on their equipment, the depth of involvement in simulation (as opposed to 'gaming'). I may need a more thorough, future proof, upgrade before deciding what to do. Thanks again.
  12. Hi BS, I'm not sure what way I should have asked the question. By framing it broadly I got useful advice from people who use a wide range of equipment, and with experience of various SIM platforms.
  13. A final word on this: I have totally failed to buy a higher spec GPU from any normal source. The word from a major supplier, where everything is marked "Out of Stock" (and expected to be until next year!!) is that every high spec card is being hoovered up by bitcoin miners, and "scalpers" buying up to sell on at a vast mark-up. Suppliers websites are even warning that there is no guarantee that an item selected for the shopping cart will still be there by the time you get to checkout.
  14. OK everyone, I think I have enough replies and advice now to make an informed choice. Thank you all. Andrew
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