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  1. I have Active Sky Next and trying to put the ASN Gauge where the GPS2 is. I succeeded in replacing the GPS2 but any suggestions how to get rid of the lighting as seen here???
  2. My two favorite birds 310 and the 340. I subscribe to Kevin's Youboob channel. He always offers good content.
  3. Have any of you genius' have figured out how to get all the panel gauges to work without having to run the dome light? It just ruins flying this great aircraft at night. Any help appreciated. I have to switch to the older Carebeo Baron at night.
  4. Wish somebody would make scenery for KOWB. I fly in and from there frequently
  5. Back on FSX:Steam more during this lock down. Since Sim flying around 1998 I've logged 1400+ hours in GA props from Piper Arrow to 421/441. Have several (mostly) Carabeao A/C's have many likes and dislikes about each one with favorite being the 310R. But since the night flying requires having the dome light on I switch to the Pipers and beech's for night flight. However, I dusted off and pulled chocks from the RealAir Duke the other day and was reminded how well behaved and near perfect these aircrafts are. Everything works. Ground handling is a breeze. all the buttons and switches are legible and easy to manipulate. Kudos to the RealAir guys for making such an outstanding product! )
  6. If the graphics are at least equal to the Alabeo 310R, then I'll be the first in line to get this bird. I have no doubt the flight dynamics will be good.
  7. Has anyone figured out how to get ALL the gauges lit without having to have the entire cockpit / dome light on yet?
  8. 310R (Alenado/Carebeo). It's workin now. In preflight I basically just cycled the tank levers ....? dunno
  9. For some reason the fuel defaults to draining the right tank (mains) instead of automatically cross feeding..?
  10. yes I understand after I read this post... was just thanking you again..
  11. " "What you are seeing is correct! If Unit1 is the active navigation device, BOTH units will tell you that!" missed this earlier. Thanks for this confirmation. I can stop chasing this rabbit..It's not logical though. unit 1 should say unit 1 and unit 2 should say unit 2. avoids confusion..
  12. I can't mouse over the SIM card slot on both units at the same time for a picture to show but . Even after properly Flight1 configured as GTN650 unit1 and GTN unit2, they both (when moused over) say "Active nav source unit 1 click right to change"? I did get the FREQ to change COM to NAV as you pointed out. Thanks. The 2nd unit DOES display different NAV Frequencies as the other. I've noticed the second unit is very slow clicking and screen changing.. Another interesting thing the new GTN Complete (750/650) does is create another Panel file "panel XgaugeWizard.cfg. along with the panel. Are we supposed to now modify both the panel.cfg AND panel XgaugeWizard.cfg to duplicates? The only mods I made were in the panel.cfg.. Thanks again for the assistance
  13. Bert, Perfect timing, brother. I was JUST now struggling with that. Middle wheel changes from Com to NAV - check.. Next. Why do both units , when you hover the mouse over the blue tab/button (under the COM/push squelch). say "Active nav source unit 1 click right to change"??? and Yes they were properly configured in the Flt1 CFG as unit unit 2 respectively. Then rebooted. When you right click on either BOTH change to unit 2. I'm chasing my tail on this
  14. Bert, Perfect. That's exactly what I want to do. But I can't get the 650 to change to and display the NAV frequencies. I actually did by mistake but it changed back to COM which I don't need or prefer for the second 650... Thanks
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