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  1. Hi Jhon, I manage to get it working disbling the nav switch on the AP. But its a trial and error work, sometines i get it right sometimes not. Diego Valdes
  2. Hi Jhon, Thank you so much, I have been doing all that except the "push" button on the AP knob. Is there any way also to make the AP fly the heading specified with the heading selector? Or we have to turn it manually with the knob? Im just so used to the Garmin GFC 500 that this old AP is just driving me crazy 😝
  3. Im flying with default gauges and the Fligh1 GTN750
  4. Hi team! Im struggling with the Alabeo C310R autopilot. Im unable to get it to couple to nav mode. It dosent matter if its on GPS or VOR mode. The only modes that im able to get it right its with the Alt hold, and the pitch hold mode. Im looking forward to look some tips on how to make this AP work, or im open to made a gauge change and add the Bendix AP of the default C172.
  5. I saw those post last night. It's a shame that an add on with so much potential it's just abandoned like that.
  6. Update: I made a rutinary windows reinstall. The first add on I install to the sim is the DA62 and it still have the same problem 😡. It has been 4 days since I emailed support and they havent replied, on their webpage they dont even have a "refund" option.
  7. Yes, I have done that. No luck
  8. I'm running P3D V4 on a laptop Asus ROG GL552VW. It have an I76700 HQ quad-core, 8 GB ram and a Nvidia 960M. I have made two reinstall of the plane with no luck.
  9. Greetings Avsim team, im having some issues with the Vertx DA62. While I’m at the VC, the all of the textures just spikes and it’s impossible for me to make anything. It only happens on the interior views, I change to exterior and top views and they are fine. I have emailed the Vertx support team and Seam, but they haven’t replied any email... I want to fly this plane, but it’s impossible with this issues. on the drive link you can find photos. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1nvCrm3nnW05B7WLkYXRC4sYzjHi0yfc4
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