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  1. kama2004


    Well, old memories, My father purchased the 13 unit of TRS-80 sold in Canada. I got my first arms at computer on this machine. I remember also having done my first electronic projects on that. Connecting a Novar terminal to the computer. Building a light pen (that was detecting the TV beam and translating this into position) and I remember there was also modification to the tape recorder to eliminate the sound level problem. Some Zilog assembly language programming in the process... The Ira Goldlangs site is still alive; http://www.trs-80.com/wordpress/
  2. kama2004

    On average, how much time do you take to get into the air?

    Depend on the objective. For A320x mainly those days, the shorter is saved scenarios at the runway ready to go. I do it for short flight if I want to test rapidly different types of approaches or SID and STAR at specific airport. I recently done that for Monterrey which have very interesting and scenic approaches close to mountain and hold that can be added for variety ... 5 minutes to change SID,STAR and approaches ... I don’t use Vox on those quick flights. if I want more complete flight, I usually use Simbrief to get an airliner type ofp. and a uplink file. Sometimes i input the flight plan manually and sometimes uplink it. 30-40 minutes for preparation, fuel, etc.. Usually with Vox for ATC. Most of the time from cold and dark state. I skip some checklist and flow items like fire test, battery voltage etc... I always use in parallel Foreflight for weather, airport information, Sid, Star and approach plates in Usa and Canada then moving map in flight. I fly RW also so I pay anyway for it. Navigraph for other regions. I don’t like much very long taxi that consume too much of sparse time so, I installed this week-end littlenavmap who allow to see the parking spots and size. I plan to add a step in flight preparation to determine the closest spot to the active runway....
  3. kama2004

    Fatal Error Vox 7.41

    All time i get this error was because my flight plan (from simbrief) was not loaded. How do you create your flight plan for your second leg?
  4. kama2004

    VOX ATC Sound @ 50% in sndvol W10

    Same behavior, volume back to 50% each time atc speak....
  5. kama2004

    Slow response of LINDA

    Hi Scot, I have a problem of delay definitively but my context is a bit different than Romeo_Tango; I'm using default Maule airplane, I have all Saitek panels (Radio, Switch, Multi) operating and a CH Yoke. It's a fresh install of P3D V4 with only FSUIPC, Linda and Chaseplane for camera handling. I will try this morning a fresh reinstall of Linda and a very simple test without copying back my aircraft specific modules to see if I get rid of the delay on the Default airplanes. If unsuccessful, I will report the problem details ...... I have read the Fault diagnostic thread also and I will collect the required data as needed.
  6. kama2004

    Slow response of LINDA

    Hi Romeo_Tango, Exactly the same problem. Any solution found on your side?
  7. kama2004

    Rubber Neckers Contaminating Crash Site

    I listened to the tower communication. One airplane arriving was assigned minimum 1600 ft. The other plane departing the airport was assigned no higher than 1100 ft. Both pilot acknowledged their altitude restrictions. About thirty second before the crash, the tower warned the first plane to keep 1600 ft and warned of the other traffic presence at one NM and 1100 ft. The tower repeated twice the warning tnen asked twice if the plane was listening. No answer by the pilot on this communication sequence of about 45 second. Very sad event... sympathy to the family of the killed pilot and hope for recovery of the second one...
  8. Hi Noel, Selecting the right Star can requires some digging and definitively some time to get acquainted to. There is often several transition to enter the Star and also several exit path depending on the runway in usage. Now i'm using Foreflight on Ipad with a subscription. They have created a very intuitive tool that show the contour of each Star available and it make it very simple to see depending of your direction which one is appropriate. But before Foreflight, my only way to select a Star was to look at them one by one..... I dont think any aircraft or the Gtn 750 have a way to organize the information better....
  9. Hi Noel, Yes SkyVector is a free ressource at https://skyvector.com/ Great machine for outdoor season in your California....... Here in Quebec the winter is much colder and longer.... thus P3D during winter for training and fun (oups.. not allowed on P3d). Here is my outdoor machine for summer. With the recent GTN 750 installed a few months ago. Another thing I get hooked first on the sim before wanting it in my plane.... Here at CYRQ (Three River airport). Midway between Montreal and Quebec...
  10. kama2004

    Flight Sim Labs A320 released for P3D

    Well, thats really a significant price tag.. vote with your wallet according to the fun/price factor. I put this one on hold for now....
  11. Hi Noel, If you updated your navaid then you can also increase a small step the "realism" of your flight preparation without needs to learn the full approach plate immediately. For flight in USA, the skyvector site give you access to approach plates. You don't need to learn at first how to read all the information in them as the frequency and approach course for ILS are very easy to find. They are the first two sections at top left of each plate. An example for Boston, you go to : https://skyvector.com/airport/BOS/General-Edward-Lawrence-Logan-International-Airport Then find the icon for the approach you want. Lets try ILS or LOC RWY 04R which is the first one in the "instrument approach procedure (IAP)" section of this web page. If you open it, you find the frequency for LOC/DME Boston on the first square top left of the chart; 110.3 then second square on the chart is the approach cursor ; 036 degres. Maybe with the time you will want to go a bit further and relate those information on what you find on the approach plates. If one day you are interested to learn a bit more about the content of approach plates without reading to much, There is several illustrated figures in this official FAA document that provides a quick overview of chart contents. https://www.faa.gov/regulations_policies/handbooks_manuals/aviation/instrument_procedures_handbook/media/Chapter_4.pdf I followed that path over the years, first flying on the sim and slowly learning by small step until I got really hooked and decided to go for a real flight training and instrument training. But first of all, important is to have fun as you said........ blue sky...!!
  12. kama2004

    is TrackIR old school in 2017 ?

    TIR also for most flight. Especially useful for VFR flight to do pattern work.
  13. kama2004

    Saitek ProFlight panels support....

    You can even use spad and Linda in parallel. You just have to make sure to avoid double commands sent by each software. For most of the switch panel for instance, i use Linda and its library of FSX function. In this case the equivalent button in spad is programmed as "do nothing". But Spad has a very useful function for "long button" and can send a different command if you keep a button pressed more than approx .5 sec. I use for instance the long button on my radio panel for the frequency swap button. A short depress swap the frequency and a long depress engage the audio identification for a Nav, Adf frequency or select Com frequency to monitor. Ex: Nav1 swap button when pressed a long time engage the Nav identification morse code. The combinaison thus become quite natural as often, you want to check the frequency radio signal immediately after swapping the active and standby frequency. For some airplane like the Duke, the setup is even more complex with spad long button feature sending a virtual button to FSUIPC that then start a short Lua program that handle the radio panel functions.
  14. kama2004

    Captainsim $10 sale, which to choose?

    Tri Star just landed in Boston with a mix of VOR and inertial navigation. Nice vintage aircraft. Good deal at 10$.... still have to adjust some switches on my Saitek panels as this plane doesnt use all the basic P3D commands. The 323 is still in the hangar, I will have a look soon.
  15. kama2004

    FS Global Ultimate Next Generation

    Thanks Marks for taking the time to write about your experience. This answer several question I had on this product.