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  1. Anybody using IFR plates in VR ? How can you mange this if its difficult to have others windows and maps in VR cockpit ?
  2. I forgot to put a note here but the development of CNV9 Neuville with a sloped runway is done and the file is on the library since april 25th 2020 under the name Neuville_CNV9_v3. It's an update of the version 2 by JP Filion that had flat runway. The airport ground was reworked to achieve the correct slope for the different parts of the runway. The runway was also extended for the last work done by the airport owners at fall 2019. New hangars are also represented. Landclass around airport modified to better represent the high trees on the approach to runway 24. More realistic and challenging. Take-off run runway 24 Short final runway 24 with high tree (very fun at night without moon ... well if extra cautious about altimeter setting ... I'm about paranoid about checking four time the altimeter on a dark night approach) Short final runway 06 with electrical wire and red baloon to warn pilot. Tarmac. The red and white cherookee is my real world plane.
  3. Yep, also a real world instrument rated and going through cloud formation is really improved. There still some improvement that could be done to add more diversity in cloud formation and shapes but since my purchase on day 1, i didn’t feel like starting up V4.5 even if I kept a parallel install. And there are some wow moments like a couple of day ago on an approach in Mexico at dawn with the sun playing nicely through the clouds.
  4. The majestic Q400 is running fine in V5.
  5. Keep up posted with your progress. As soon as I know wich type of LED is required, I may try also this repair procedure...
  6. I uploaded to Avsim Library a first freeware airport with sloped runway made with ADE. Search for « neuville » or « CNV9 ». Works fine and add a level of difficulty that pilot experience on runway 24 with tall trees before the threshold and a downward slope that can make your airplane float if you dont set-back a bit more on the power.
  7. Also updated and seem to solve the problem
  8. Good for you. Same type of experience for me up to now. Very stable. Some people have issues but for others, it’s butter smooth...
  9. Interested also. Same problem with one light.
  10. Same problem... I was updating an old scenery to include sloped runway and stock airport buildings and taxi sign appear. Thats not what we want as default airports are generic buildings while custom developed objects represent the real airport. I will try the fix proposed...
  11. Well, pretty positive statement. They report it will work probably right now for several peoples...
  12. First successful attempt to create sloped airport today in V5 I must say that I'm quite pleased with this new release of Prepar3D. I Finished the installation of all Orbx products witch already transformed the out of the box experience. Then I installed A2A Cherookee and Flight 1 GTN 750 that mimick my real world airplane setup. Also transferred my Garmin database for my plane to P3d so I'm now current on cycle 2004. I then made in the last days several tests with up to 5 layers of clouds and the FPS was solid and Vram usage quite reasonable. The engine seem very robust as there is little difference in performance between 1 and 5 layers of cloud. My system has a good graphic card RTX 2080 and a not so recent processor (4 years old). So very pleased with performance and smoothness and enough headroom for FSLabs and Majestic when they will be out. This morning, i started to explore the sloped runway as my home airport CNV9 have a downward slope for the first third of runway 24 with about 5 meters elevation difference. This always require me to lower the engine power by approx 100 RPM and increase the vertical speed compared to a flat runway to avoid gliding too long on the landing. The default runway is flat in V5 like most airports. I installed the new version of Airport Design Editor (ADE) released a couple of day ago and played with CNV9 file to create the sloped runway. The process is not so hard as all we have to do is to click on the flag (new flag) for sloped runway in the airport definition then to modify the Taxiway points to define their new altitude. There is no need to change the runway object itself as it adjust to the taxiway elevation (there always a taxiway associated with each runway). For the rest, ADE installation is as before, you need the SDK installed which take a couple of minutes and point to the SDK tools (ADE search and find them most of the time) This change to airport to create sloped runways may requires adding some more taxiway points and taxiway segments (paths) to avoid abrupt runway change. For instance, Courchevel (LFLJ) defined 9 taxiway points with different elevation on its runway and 5 of them are located very close to each other at the abrupt change in slope on the top or the runway. There is a flag also to set on taxiway path that rely points of different altitudes surface (Query = Elevation & Type) otherwise the runway is hanging in the air. I still need to find a way to adapt the terrain around the sloped runway as for the moment the runway sit on a small hill that just fit the runway boundaries. We can see in Courchevel that a polygon was created to adjust the terrain below the runway but I have still to identify a tool to allow those changes in terrain elevation. If anyone has a clue on how this could be done..... I may try to add another "taxiway" with longer and larger witdth to see if it correct the terrain around the runway. I will report back. Will be interesting to adapt all airports in the province that has such sloped runways.
  13. Many thanks for the fast release. Linda is an essential part of Prepar3d ecosystem for many users like me. Great work !
  14. I noted also flickering trees and also mountain ridge when observed from ground only and when cloud are present low. RTX2080 and i tried all settings in the interface 2, 4, 8x. Overall very pleased with this version. I was playing yesterday with up to 5 cloud layers and still getting high FPS with A2A Cherookee and Flight1GTN 750.
  15. Strange, i tried today with different number of cloud layers. with five layers overcast I was surprised to see little difference in performance. Always in the 50-60 fps and 3.5 gig of vram. I really had to increase some settings to extreme values TO GET A HIT.
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