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  1. I spent some hours yesterday obtaining an extremely sore head [ banging on walls ]. My latest issue of the pollypot software for P3D, seems unable to discover, much less permit functionally, of all of my GF modules, so I will be following this thread in case a "Eureka" moment is discovered. I was trying to set up for P3D V5 first, but eventually started again with P3D V4. I also have the "other sim" but have not even tried with that yet. OW, my head hurts 😞 Regards. M.
  2. That is good news. It will still be available after newer users get a little more proficient. Regards. M.
  3. Exactly the same in UK for me, odd!!! Regards.
  4. I, too, own GSX L1, but decided to repurchase the "bundle" on their own site, just to show support for what I consider a necessary utility. Regards. M.
  5. TYVM for the info Martin, Ticket raised. Cheers.
  6. Cannot see a Discount - I have the original. Regards.
  7. Might be worth posting on the SimstarterNG Forum over at Aerosoft!! See also !st Post here. M.
  8. Thank you for your activities and I hope you can enjoy the Festive Season. Compliments of the Season to you and yours - and to all Avsim members. M.
  9. I believe the plural of axis is axes. Regards, M.
  10. TYVM kind sir. I will give that a go, but I was sure [at 74 I am often wrong 😞 ] that I read somewhere it had already been "fixed" for automatic update. Again, thanks. M.
  11. Hope I'm not intruding too much. I bought the EFB V2 and already have a Navigraph [Total] subscription. I tried to update EFB within the Navigraph tool and it reports success. On starting the EFB Server, however, it still shows 1802 - wierd. Regards. M.
  12. Just Purchased MULTI CREW EXPERIENCE ULTIMATE EDITION. Hope all is well with it !!! Downloading NOW.
  13. Really well done and most suitable for a 74 year old thanks kindly 🙂 Personal preference for me would be the 777 - I already own this aircraft and have no real desire for a 747. Thanks again. Regards. M.
  14. Just started the download from UK - been trying about every hour. Here's hoping :)
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