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  1. I make it just over 29 and a half cents a day 🙂 BR M.
  2. Saturday morning UK time and FINALLY I have managed to complete the update with the content manager stuff taking many hours 😞 I have a barely acceptable internet connection of around 35Mb/S [3.5 MB/S] as I live in the countryside, but getting 1 or 2 Mb/S for much of that time on this update. I did, however, manage to up the speed by using my NordVPN connection, just to establish the start of the download and once downloading at 5 or 6 Mb/S dropping the VPN and was then downloading at 20 - 30 Mb/S. The slow stuff was the Content Manager updates. I am somewhat dreading the future with MSFS 2024 requiring downloading at all times when online in the Sim I will have a lesser experience than currently 😞. There is a little hope that our small village will get full fibre early 2024, so here's hoping. This update was particularly difficult. BR M.
  3. Thanks for the reply. Yes, I searched and removed all F: and Steam entries in the registry - took a while, there were a multiplicity of entries 😞 Tried the install and No Go, but error message changed to F: Invalid Drive 😞 Soooo, I formatted a small usb thumdrive , plugged it in and set the drive letter to F: Tried the install again and the installer offered to install to F: but the "3 dots" were present and permitted a change to the Community Folder on the D Drive. SUCCESS!!!!! but, to me, a strange way of installation. I am content now and am about to do a very quick flight before tea time. Thanks again for replying. BR. M.
  4. Good Morning All. Yesterday I purchased the A2A Comanche and have the following Issue. Background info - Some 2 years ago I had Steam MSFS installed but eventually decided to go with The Store version. I have required Steam VR to run with my VR Headset so this has been added to the system Drive C On starting the A2A installer, it quits with the error being that Steam MSFS is not present on Drive F. There is no Drive F in the system any more - This [F: Drive] was the original destination for Steam MSFS but was uninstalled before a new copy of Windows 11 Pro was setup then MSFS Store added to Drive D. The usercfg.opt file correctly identifies the location of MSFS on the D Drive. All other purchased materiel installs correctly, so I am totally befuddled - not difficult for me, aged 79 🙂 - so any guidance/help would be most welcome. Thanks Kindly. M.
  5. Can the utility be uninstalled please? BR. M.
  6. At 79, perhaps I should know better, but my Pico 4 is here and fully charged. Tomorrow I hope to start on the VR journey myself, but will wait on my prescription lenses before I try anything too far down the road. 🙂 BR. M.
  7. Hope I am not straying into unwelcome waters with my query, so here goes: I purchased MCE many years ago and, since MSFS, I have not loaded, much less used, the software. Could you please identify if an upgraded package; all aircraft please, is available and hence, what I am required to purchase. Many thanks. BR. Maurice.
  8. And you know this how? As I recall you have no interest whatsoever in MSFS. BR.# M.
  9. Indeed, a royal PITA that really should not occur - after all, they *knew* it was to be delivered today 😞 M.
  10. Still serving in HM armed Forces [Royal Corps of Signals] and probably within a church recognising those who had "gone before", it was remembrance day. Evenings probably helping son/daughter with their homework [TRS 80/BBC Computer] or working on my own SWTP Motorola 6800 Home Built computer. Ah memories there 🙂 BR M.
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