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  1. 77 here. More summers behind me than to come, but I still enjoy simming. BR. M.
  2. I have, today, for the 6th time, also failed to complete. I have tried all ways to resolve this since Wednesday, no luck. An Acronis backup - latest, latest minus 1 and latest minus 2 all fail at the same point. 22.2GB downloaded and back to 4GB+ needed. I hope I have cut my losses by reinstalling my original W10 64 Bit and am in the process of upgrading that to "latest". I have formatted the 2nd 2TB SSD and will try an overnight run - around 1GB in 7 minutes. If that fails, then I will have little choice but to fall back to a previous Sim 😞 Piddled off to say the least!! BR M.
  3. I have mine installed on M:\MSFS2020 and I am able to copy this entire folder elsewhere. I have only needed to do a reinstall once and after downloading the core files ie to C:\ I then tell it to install to M:\MSFS2020 where I have restored the original from the "copy" area. No problems so far and I also take a backup of disks C and M -so far, touch wood, I have been able to avoid the total reinstall. BR M.
  4. Good Morning [UK Time] fellow fliers. Yesterday was my 77th Birthday and it was a good day. Today, however, was much better, all due to those extremely talented folks over there at FBW. I updated their downloader, then tried the new experimental build. After recalibrating my throttles using the on screen Flypad, I set off into the wild blue yonder and, ****for the first time**** completed a flight within UK with absolutely no issues whatsoever. In the past, most issues were of my own making 🙂, but, today, all was really excellent. I also need to say thanks muchly to A320 Sim Pilot whose videos have taken me through the process many, many times - yes, I so easily forget stuff 😞 but I got there eventually 🙂 So, to all those, too many to mention, who have helped get me here, my profound thanks. My son is a Boeing 737 Captain but, sadly, too remote to be on call to help much at times. I hope that each and everyone has as good a time as I. VBR Maurice.
  5. And now, the "old" crown - 5 bob - has become the "new" crown, worth 5 quid [pounds]. I am old enough to remember spending farthings in the sweet - candy - shop 🙂 M.
  6. Top *pinned* polite post identifies: PLEASE, NO QUESTIONS HERE! You may get a better response in the appropriate forum. BR M.
  7. After trying to update *3* times, from 3 different backups, which all failed at about 98% of the download, yesterday, I "bit the bullet" and reinstalled Win 10 Pro 64 bit, then set off the reinstall. It took about 14 hours in total, but I can, today, confirm that I can at least start the sim. I will, later on, try the first flight for about a week and am hoping for the best. Thank goodness for uncapped downloads from my ISP, as I have, this week, downloaded about 650GB on my 30 GB link, roughly 12 hour days per download 😞 BR
  8. For the first time since release, I have acquired a "failure to complete the update". It gets to file 221/205 [fs-base-cgl-0.1.21 fspackages.001and just tries to redownload the same file continually. I carried out a full system backup last evening and, restoring that backup causes the "same again" scenario. I am now going to try last weeks backup and try again, but guess that I am less than hopeful Ah well <sigh>........ BR
  9. I also purchased purchased as soon as it was available, but have yet to explore the item. At 76 - almost 77 - I enjoy many kinds of "help" from a variety of hardware bits 'n' pieces and am waiting - patiently I hope - for "easy" guidance on this and the X-Touch item I purchased too 😞 so little time, so much to try to learn. BR M.
  10. TYVM for an entertaining post, know exactly what you mean, but I wish, at 76, I only needed to get out for a leak just once a night. 🙂 Regards. M.
  11. Good morning all. Oliver, may I please ask would the bridge interface with the VRI MCP II Panel, which is the Airbus variant of the hardware ? Thanks, Maurice.
  12. At 12 Euros [for me] a no brainer. Thanks for the heads up. Best. M.
  13. Paladin

    Day 1...

    As a long retired serviceman here in UK, that has given me such a laugh. Just as I remember it too. Thank you and Best regards.
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