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  1. Paladin

    Trim wheel problem P3Dv4 only

    I believe the plural of axis is axes. Regards, M.
  2. Paladin

    Aivlasoft EFBv2 or Navigraph Ultimate

    TYVM kind sir. I will give that a go, but I was sure [at 74 I am often wrong 😞 ] that I read somewhere it had already been "fixed" for automatic update. Again, thanks. M.
  3. Paladin

    Aivlasoft EFBv2 or Navigraph Ultimate

    Hope I'm not intruding too much. I bought the EFB V2 and already have a Navigraph [Total] subscription. I tried to update EFB within the Navigraph tool and it reports success. On starting the EFB Server, however, it still shows 1802 - wierd. Regards. M.
  4. Paladin

    Excellent Response by FSLabs

    Just Purchased MULTI CREW EXPERIENCE ULTIMATE EDITION. Hope all is well with it !!! Downloading NOW.
  5. Paladin

    Chuck's Guides for Prepar3d/FSX Aircraft

    Really well done and most suitable for a 74 year old thanks kindly 🙂 Personal preference for me would be the 777 - I already own this aircraft and have no real desire for a 747. Thanks again. Regards. M.
  6. Just started the download from UK - been trying about every hour. Here's hoping :)
  7. Yes, same here, has been unavailable all day so far in UK.
  8. Dave, thanks for your input kind sir. I have found forgetfulness is often greater than [my] wisdom :) . Cheers 'n' beers.
  9. I purchased MCE yesterday but have yet to instal it. At 73, I expect it will be rather a long journey for me, but I’m willing to give it a go. Here’s hoping - I see the dev goes out of his way to try and help- a big plus. Regards.
  10. Paladin

    Captain Sim 757-200

    No No Sir. The BBC weather man said on Wednesday that it was the first day of meteorological spring ?? :) Regards.
  11. Paladin

    AddonOrganizer 1.30 released

    !!Amen to that, thank you. Regards.
  12. Paladin

    Does the FSlabs A320 worth it?

    I have the FSLabs A320, but am eagerly awaiting the update [soon :( ] before I take it back out of the hangar !! I am also waiting for the updated Aerosoft aircraft, as I find his better suits my needs, but not for P3D V4 yet, hence why P3D V3 is still installed on my PC. I also enjoy the 737, 777 too. Regards. M.
  13. Paladin

    OK to install scenery on an external SSD?

    I am using 2 x 1TB SSD's in External RAID 0 on a USB 3.1 Gen 2 Enclosure to hold both the Sim and All the scenery too - no impact on loading times or stutters / blurries. I am well pleased with this setup. My 4 Bay USB 3.1 Gen 2 Enclosure arrived this morning which will also be populated with all SSD's and I am hoping to have all my Sims, including R/C Aircraft / Helicopter / Drones on this device alongside P3D V3, FSX SE and more buckets of scenery too. Here's hoping. Regards. M.
  14. I ran the tool on my 2 week old 8500 system and it reported "already Patched" Hmmm. Regards. M.
  15. Paladin

    SLOOOOOW Movement, HOW please?

    Thanks kindly Keven, will try this later today, when SWMBO lets me back on the PC :(. Seasons Greetings to you and yours. M.