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  1. Hi there, What is the importance of the AIRAC? Any help is greatly appreciated. TIA
  2. Hi there, I checked to see if I had an FMS plans folder, It wasn't listed so I created a new folder..
  3. Hi there, I'm using the steam version of XP12...When I use littlenavmap or Simbrief or any flightplanning program, Where do I save the plan to , In what folder? TIA
  4. Hi there, I was wondering which flight planner do you guys use for XP12? Any help is greatly appreciated. TIA
  5. I am running on an laptop.. It's an HP ENVY.I have the RTX 2060....16GB Ram..512 GB SSD...CPU i7-10750H@2.6Ghz..
  6. Hi there, I'm very interested in flying VR in MSFS 2020.. What headset would be the best for me and what brands are out there? Any help is greatly appreciated. TIA
  7. Hi there, I don't know where to post this? I tried to post this in the MSFS 2020 Forum but that it didn't want Hardware support....Please send this Topic to the best forum please... Anyway My question was where would it be the best place to purchase an EFB? What would be an reputable place?
  8. Hi there, What does it mean by VALIDATE in P2ATC? I have only used P2ATC a couple of times. Any Information is greatly appreciated. TIA
  9. Hi, Thanks for the reply...I have forgotten to mention that I use it for MSFS 2020...
  10. Hi there, Does Pilot2ATC support Little Navmap? Any help is greatly appreciated. TIA
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