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  1. Sorry this is utter rubbish i read lots of opinions about add-on in xplane forum without anybody censorship or deleting opinions
  2. to be honest msfs atc is just about useless or no existent
  3. Be careful with freeware some screwing my msfs completely
  4. Awful system never experience anything like in fs 95
  5. or even better they can leave it out to those out here who like enjoy themselves making mods and stop Crippling the simulator with silly blocks and limitations as they truly breaking the good work done !!
  6. it is one of the worst quality of this sim - limitations objects view distance = limited trees view = limited i do not understand why asobo can not add a slide to let user control this functions
  7. Not blame you sometime it is un unreliable piece of junk
  8. Online authentication is awful
  9. is because of the bugs the more bugs the bigger the update
  10. It could well be server related as turning off online mode look like fix it hope is not here to stay as it break a flight
  11. But he / she got a point last update introduced a bug that drop fps suddenly making the game virtually unplayable
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