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  1. Bought this sim for the clouds. Was disappointing there was so much drama initially with them, and the resultant FPS impact. It is (finally) worth the performance hit to get the ultra bestest greatest clouds 🙂
  2. As do the rest of us... 3x to no avail. Ended up re-installing part of the sim.
  3. Tried everything to no avail. Tried re-joining and exiting the beta. It then worked and prompted for re-install. Lost all settings as well. 😞
  4. how bizarre thanks will give it a shot along with possibly rolling back nvidia driver that just updated the other day...
  5. Since installing this latest driver MSFS will not even start using older 1060 card! 😞
  6. Has anyone seen a white dialog box saying "syncing data" flash up quickly? This popped up, and then got to 1st screen, but crashes after a minute. Never makes it to the main splash screen with loading blue bar at bottom. windows updated. latest nvidia driver. community folder from last few days unlinked... Thanks!
  7. Just tried the CJ4 in major stormy weather..... really nice!
  8. your work is fantastic! can you look at doing Bermuda Dunes and Thermal? (KUDD and KTRM)
  9. How ironic the title of this thread is the same reaction we had to flying the real airplane to and from from a short(er) runway on max range trip 🙂
  10. Noticed lack of turbulence which seemed almost unreal at altitude and saw this: - Reduced mountain turbulence with altitude
  11. The Collins-Proline that WT developed is not a dream come true? For free no less...
  12. Because with its awfully cheap on an Alienware pre-built from Dell right now (sub $1k), and have a 48" monitor that needs more power 🙂 The plan would be to buy this now, and upgrade card/PSU etc. over time. Not gaming apart from this, and use case is just for systems practice and IFR procedures. No real benefit to bleeding edge tech now. For better FPS the real airplane does the job these days....
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