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  1. No - its part of the sim. You create the FP and click 'fly'. Then in the sim you go to the IDX page and hit 'flight plan recall' to populate the FMS. Such a PITA to do it manually....
  2. Keep getting errors trying import the FP on the CJ4 lately? Yours works?
  3. Try it daytime you can see the all the big white towers through the Banning pass
  4. All the mountain airports that have been reporting low ceilings and minimums for the approaches appear clear and cloudy in MSFS lately? Is anyone else noticing this also? The METARs are not at all matching the MSFS airport weather? Thought this had been fixed?
  5. Just did awful weather IFR to mins low clouds/fog, in mountins snow/rain on latest Nvidia driver(s). No stutters, couple pauses.
  6. If the real Duke looked and worked this well would still be flying one! 🙂
  7. "Over the last several days, we’ve noticed many reports about an issue affecting PC players where the sim will always open in windowed mode even if full screen mode was set. Players using both the regular release build and the SU_15 beta build are affected by this issue. The team has identified the source of this bug, and a fix will be coming with SU_15. In the meantime, the workaround to restore full screen mode is to set this option in your General Settings each time you launch the sim or simply press Alt+Enter on your keyboard."
  8. You nailed it again - Kudos. Stutters and pauses gone. Auto FPS works really well when ticked (went from solid 15 FPS (28 targeted) and 50 LOD without to 12 FPS and LOD way higher and actively changing when checked) but nicer mountains and trees galore! 🙂
  9. https://github.com/ResetXPDR/MSFS2020_AutoFPS/releases/tag/v0.4.3-test
  10. The myriad differences can be nuanced even between TP's. E.g. the King Air's will over torque @ high DA's where we really don't. In the mountains they are limited to like 80% max torque (assuming not too hot out) to account for bloom on rollout. You likely aren't too concerned with torque and ITT #'s that can destroy your $1M engine. The temps and prop speeds really add to the drama. We don't do mach changeover either. It is pretty meaningless when max cruise is 320kts (ish) regardless. No step climbs needed however, unlike the barbie jets. The C-130 is designed to do cool things down low and has many flap settings as a result. JATO takeoffs don't suck 🙂 Spent some time in a Challenger 300 in the FL's and that coffin corner gets interesting especially if you have to shut an engine down. Hopefully we get some of those cool planes in MFSF eventually...
  11. Not sure which plane(s) you're referencing, but in the SETP's we fly are around 150 IAS initially and then 170 IAS in the climb. Routinely @ or above FL280 long range cruise. Shorter trips sure FL200-FL240. Never see squirrels or porpoises even with the awful AP we have... 🙂
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