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  1. After having removed the Shift Z no more CTD's or weird IFSD behavior...
  2. Have gotten multiple CTD's as well. Going to try sans Shift Z and see how goes...
  3. See this when community folder add-ons aren't compatible evidently
  4. The caveat being that for a while, AMD had much more stable drivers. Nvidia seems to have rectified that.
  5. The Phenom was fantastic flight model pre 2020... hopefully it gets back in soon!
  6. Have it set to 7% and works well seeing a couple/few at a time....
  7. Had to do same thing after the last update got hung up... Pretty frustrating!
  8. Just got a CTD @ FL440 in the Longitude 1/2 way between LGA and PBI. Everything was working well, smooth.... No good reason just boom CTD out of nowhere.
  9. wow well done. Just downloaded the 60GB overnight. Looked hung at the end, but after waiting a while it completed finally. Now content manager shows another 10GB to download and install... what a nightmare
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