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  1. That may be so, but the explanation provided is why we (Working Title) did not include it with the new Longitude updates.
  2. @ndts is correct here. The HUD in the C700 is not yet certified by any aviation governing bodies and is unavailable for use by pilots (nor is there any documentation for us). After it is certified and we have documentation we can start to look at making it available.
  3. We are forced to have them different versions due to how the package system works. The list of officially supported planes is in the AAU1 release notes. All other planes are not officially supported. If a second or third party aircraft has done the work to properly integrate the new GNS then it will be the default and not require the Marketplace redirect, but you would need to contact the developers to see, as we don't have a list of everyone who has finished integration.
  4. A few things to check: Are you selecting the VECTORS transition for your approach? If so, you will need to have a hard altitude constraint set prior to the approach in order to receive guidance. Altitudes in the approach will not be targeted (even if the system will compute the advisory altitudes for legs) until you are in the approach segment or the approach is activated (direct to the IAF) Does your arrival end in a MANSEQ? Similar to the above, the system will not compute a path through the manual sequence leg, so there must be hard constraints prior to the MANSEQ
  5. This is already the case. The pixel resolution of the displays matches their real life counterparts. Gotta disagree with Robert here. I stare at avionics YouTube videos every day and rarely are they something I would call "clear" or "readable" (my life would be so much easier if they were). This is just a simple case of not having sufficient pixels in the view. In a 1080p screen at a normal seating position you might only have 400px or less of screen. Of course, you can still set your view like the old FS 2D panel views and smash your virtual face up against the screens with a sliver of windscreen at the top, and then I think you'll find they're just as clear as the old days. 😉
  6. Envelope protection cannot be disabled, nor can it in the real aircraft. If you cancel AT while MIN SPD is active, you can cancel that one instance, but once you're out of the MIN SPD range and go back into it, you will need to cancel AT again.
  7. The flight model was adjusted using feedback from a number of real world CJ4 pilots. One thing that was consistent in their feedback was how light the plane feels on the controls. If you were to smack the control wheel all the way over you'd get a pretty serious roll rate. It's a fly with two fingers kind of plane, with very direct controls and an immediate cessation of roll when input is removed. The mod flight model was not super accurate in a number of ways, certainly had much more of an airliner feel which the RL pilots found to be very unrealistic. However, when dealing with sim controls it's always a case of balancing various compromises, and so we're always looking for more ways to stay faithful to what the RL pilot testers ask for and what the greater sim community perceives from a feel perspective. I'm certain there will be continuous refinements as more sim updates occur.
  8. The flight model that ships in AAU1 was already tuned in conjunction with manufacturer flight data and real C700 pilots, and flies more or less on the book. What additional flight model enhancements would be necessary, in your opinion?
  9. The Operators Guide updated for AAU1 is available on the MSFS website (Media -> Aircraft Manuals).
  10. No, the G1000 NXi (in the sim and in real life) does not have any support for following restrictions during the climb phase.
  11. Hey now, there's no need for that. Folks are entitled to think a plane doesn't suit their preferences; that's nothing to judge anyone about.
  12. It definitely can. The green trim range is static and covers the entire takeoff trim range for all valid CGs. As such just being in green trim doesn't mean you're in the best trim for the CG. For example if you load it at max aft CG and then stick it at the bottom of the green band you're going to have a very strong nose up moment.
  13. No, traffic that is actually sitting on the ground is never displayed on the Garmins (nor in real life, either).
  14. This is accurate to the airframe. There is no way to change the units display on the EIS, even by maintenance. All airframes delivered worldwide will still display in these units on the EIS.
  15. Presently there is a bug in the sim where injected traffic that starts on the ground only is sent to the instruments. Additionally, the default traffic setting will only show traffic that is +/-2700ft of your current pressure altitude.
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