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  1. I'm going to have to defer to the experts, I'm afraid. I may be mistaken, so best to wait for an answer on the official forums.
  2. You need to also configure the G3X in panel.xml. Docs here: https://microsoft.github.io/msfs-avionics-mirror/docs/g3xtouch/panel-xml-tag-documentation#autopilot
  3. By aircraft configuration, I was referring to the total set of CFG files that make up the aircraft. I'm not sure which one these are in, specifically.
  4. Well, we do, and that was part of the problem. The satellite simulation, which uses orbital mechanics to place satellites in real positions in space, was slowly forgetting about satellites over very very long time frames. So eventually you would not have enough satellites to get a position, and thus the LOI message. Now the system is no longer forgetting about satellites, and the position solution is resolved just fine. 🙂
  5. They definitely are included and working. I would try with an empty community folder, it's possible something is overwriting some wiring.
  6. The new ground handling model is opt-in for developers and must be enabled and tuned in the aircraft CFG files, in order to keep backwards compatibility. Out of those aircraft, only the 172 has received these changes. The other aircraft are still using the previous model.
  7. Generally, a link to the docs for the beta SDK are posted within a few days on https://devsupport.flightsimulator.com/
  8. This system is optional for developers, not for end users. If this system is enabled in the aircraft CFG files (as it is for the 172), then it will be used in-sim and no further user action is required.
  9. The item you're referring to is this one in the changelog and is in the beta: We were not involved in any other AI traffic changes so I can't really comment.
  10. I wasn't involved there, so unfortunately I don't have any information about any of those features. Probably a better question for the official forums.
  11. The G3X Touch, on its own, is a VFR only device (as in real life). Only if the plane includes a compatible external navigator (something like a GNS or GTN) can the unit then display the IFR guidance from the external navigators. On release, the WT GNS430W and GNS530W are compatible, which means aircraft that include both a G3X and a GNS can have IFR capabilities, if the aircraft developer has used the new panel.xml options to correctly point the units at each other to communicate. Third party navigators can also be made compatible by using the MSFS Avionics Framework to synchronize the numerous data points required between the units. We will be releasing documentation and framework packages that third party developers can use to do this during the SU15 beta. Also as in real life, though, a great deal is shared between the units, so there is definitely some developer work required for the third party navigators.
  12. The Comanche uses an external flight model coded in AccuSim and thus the sim ground modeling is bypassed.
  13. Autothrottle, logic, and control loops are implemented entirely aircraft-side with all G3000/5000 aircraft. As a result, sim updates would not affect any change in these systems.
  14. I can't vouch for the Horizon, but I'm unable to reproduce the wrong trim values in the 787-10, at least. Those loads and CGs produce 4.75 and 7.25, respectively, which match the FCOM.
  15. This is how the real PC-12 is, as well. The aircraft automatically has a bit of rudder cross-control with ailerons, to make turns more coordinated without extra pilot input. I don't think this has anything to do with the realism on either platform (although the MSFS flight model is light years ahead of the FSX one). Rudder and aileron cross connect is a developer choice: it requires custom code to drive the sim to do that on any of the platforms. So it's possible no previous developer decided to implement that feature of the real plane (or perhaps were unaware of it).
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