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  1. I don't think it's been reported so far. We haven't changed anything in the de-icing buttons, so this may be an Asobo bug. Does this happen with the stock aircraft also? As far as I can tell, you can only tell the sim if various de-ice systems are on or off; there is no aircraft code for de-icing, it's all handled out of our sight in the sim.
  2. Actually, surprisingly similar. Not to spill the beans too much on what is to come for the various Working Title projects, but coming in the near to medium term are areas that could be considered to be entirely new instruments or systems totally from scratch. Yes, has it been a great deal of reverse engineering to figure out and understand the underpinnings of the base libraries, but something like a RXP or Flight 1 Garmin is totally possible today, at high performance, no WASM required, with the right techniques. Our goal is to eventually get to or exceed third party fidelity, removing as much Asobo code as is required or practical along the way, all developed in the open and available for all.
  3. Unfortunately, we will be unable to improve anything in this area from our end. The entire AI flight system is built in to the sim and there is no aircraft code for it that we can access. Until Asobo fixes this, it's going to be what it is. -Matt
  4. We haven't changed them since the last round, I think 0.3.1; those were the improvements I was referring to. So far, it looks like we will not need a new version for MSFS 1.9.5. Everything appears to be working just fine. -Matt
  5. Can you post a screenshot of the area you're referring to? We greatly increased the size and contrast of almost all the PFD elements and most of the MFD elements except for the systems display, so I just want to understand what parts still seem hard to read. -Matt
  6. I am not totally sure what you mean, but the CJ4 does not have an auto-throttle (in the sim or in real life). The only speed mode is FLC, which will adjust the pitch of the aircraft to maintain a set speed during an altitude change. The pilot must control the throttle manually. -Matt
  7. No problem! There isn't a way to my knowledge but GS does display on the bottom of the MFD.
  8. The ProLine 21 does not have this feature. PLAN is always north up, all other modes are always track up. -Matt
  9. Takeoff distance will definitely be increased. I think you'll be down about 600 pounds of thrust by 6-7K. However, that climb speed seems a bit anemic, but I'll see if we have anything in our references. At an airfield like KJAC be sure to spool up fully and let the engines settle before releasing the brakes. That seems like too high an IAS selection. Best climb speed in the CJ4 is actually 160kts, but 240kts is usually used. I usually can get 1500fpm still at 30K. @FNAL, our resident CJ4 pilot may also have some suggestions as well. I'll definitely try flying out of KJAC and see what it looks like. -Matt
  10. As we are still using the stock AP and flight plan system, VNAV capabilities are the same as stock. Overhauling these systems is a massive, massive undertaking, but we are making slow progress towards replacing them. We don't have an estimate yet at this time for when we'll have that ready, though. The CJ4 (both simulated and the real deal) does not have an autothrottle, no.
  11. Which ones in particular were the deal breakers? We will unfortunately not be able to fix the AP or Direct-To routing issues in the short term, as they require a full rewrite of the flight plan system and a fully custom autopilot setup, which we are actively pursuing, but it's a longer term item and a pretty large project. The AP porpoising is unfortunate totally unable to be solved except by Asobo, as the issues lie in the game code itself. However, the tune page issues should be solved.
  12. We have not changed any autopilot code (we are using the sim autopilot), and the only change we've made to the aero parameters is a slight increase in elevator trim effectiveness. Do you have other modifications or aircraft installed by any chance?
  13. If you bought MSFS through Windows Store, you may not be able to access those files due to DRM: https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/585746-access-msfs-2020-folder/?do=findComment&comment=4359946
  14. That does seem likely. We did not change anything that would cause that kind of interaction with the AI piloting system, aside from the FMC TUNE page.
  15. You'll have to be slightly more specific. Is this the similar issue as mentioned earlier in the thread, where radios are no longer controlled by the AI co-pilot, or is this a different set of symptoms you're seeing?
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