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  1. Any update to this issue? I've got AdaptiveSimGroupEnable=False setting in. Seems to happen when you select the jetway vs the GSX triggering. I can manually call the jetway via the Tab+S menu and it's all good.
  2. They’re trying to be open and transparent. Unlike ACES studio from previous MS FlightSim releases who we never heard from. I think its great they’re so open, I love the Dev Q&A’s.
  3. So do you think they should be trying to optimise the sim to run better without using so many system resources? Perhaps you’ll be interested in the work being done with Xbox
  4. A factoid is a false fact 🙂
  5. The gigabytes of data is generally the aerial imagery files... no longer required with MSFS 🙂
  6. That was their first scenery, yes. Guess it stuck after that.
  7. No, I feel the same. I think it’s just different personalities and perspectives. I know that Asobo is in this for the long haul, WANTS to do all-the-things, but it takes time. Others perhaps don’t know how long things take to develop, see that they haven’t prioritised their thing so get word not allowed thinking Asobo doesn’t really care and start to make explainations. They’re only in it for the money, they don’t care, it’s all about the Xbox etc. I’m not sure there’s a lot we can do about this thinking.
  8. All this computer work is making me thirsty, think I’ll order a Tab
  9. I’m ok with that. That’s how it starts. There was a lot of low quality stuff back in Fs2002,FS9 days, but people learned.
  10. You can rename the shortcut on your desktop to “Microsoft Flight Simulator -Beta” if that helps 😄 /sarcastic
  11. It’s funny how every feature that’s not working perfectly is considered a “core feature”.
  12. This statement is not correct. Where from the year 2000 did these models come from? Very interesting especially since the Shard building only started being built in 2009.
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