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  1. Yes, download the Xbox Insider Hub from the Windows store. Make sure you're signed in with the same Microsoft account as you signed up with.
  2. He’s talking about unreal engine 5 I believe.
  3. I'm in too boys! Thank you! i7 7700 1080Ti 16GB RAM
  4. This is quite funny, I think it was supposed to be a bug report 🙂 It's the grand canon airport, but with no airport data. The AI has interpreted the runway white lines as scrubs. I'm not worried about it, everything keeps looking better and better.
  5. Might be a side effect of a camera depth of field/ simulated focus effect? Notice the plane is slightly blurred.
  6. I wouldn't be surprised if undulating runways are supported but need to be built/sculpted. The mesh resolution required to get a smooth result is pretty high. We've all seen some of the xplane runways with mountains in the middle.
  7. Yeah, the mesh resolution doesn't look brilliant for wherever that is. Or the mesh is older than the aerial. I thought it was interesting they included it, good to set expectations that not everywhere will look flawless. That'd be impossible. Edit: oh and there's a little white circle next to the plane?
  8. This is risky posting negative comments... I like to think it's constructive 🙂 Some of those trees are enormous compared to the houses. Imagine the size of a human. I guess it could be plausible?
  9. Internal deadlines? I think this is the longest release between major versions? Maybe they had management on their case about being behind.
  10. It is interesting how much more than flight simulation we expect in our flight simulators. I guess we’re just looking for an escape from the real world? 🙂
  11. Depending on your setup... i use the twist on an old joystick sitting off to the side of my desk. Or if you have rudder pedals and a joystick for your main flight controls you could use the twist on that as the tiller
  12. The official twitter account confirmed it was an oversight 😞
  13. Sparkpost.com some email service. Yes the link resolves Microsoft.qualtrics.com i know, not a Microsoft domain but qualtrics is a reputable site and wouldn’t give out a sub domain to a dodgy flight sim scammers
  14. Imagine if they thought they’d already invited us all along
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