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  1. That does look like a -900, weird
  2. I preferred it when they didn’t talk about the competition. Comes off as desperate
  3. I stopped watching when he started telling the F-4 story for the forth time…
  4. That speaks volumes about the scenery gateway program. It was the exact opposite in versions prior. You were lucky if your local airport had buildings!
  5. Great interview, contains new information I hadn’t heard before. Which is great because normally they repeat the same stuff
  6. How far does it extend? For instance theres’ often less woman in tech sectors, is it because it’s been made not as socially accepted, or does it not appeal as much.
  7. It was a little worried when Nemeth Brothers were announced as the heli partners. But I’m hoping any shortcomings I thought there were can be down to the FSX flight model. Their models have always been pretty good. It’s great Jorg’s taking to helisimmer.com for advice on third parties, I wonder if they tried approaching dodo of the bell 206 fame.
  8. The simple answer is, it’s nuts how long things take. There was an interview with an xplane developer about rewriting parts of the atc system and he’s been doing it for a year. That doesn’t include the less common actions like emergencies etc. Things just take a lot of time when you’re creating them out of nothing. And getting them to production level takes even longer.
  9. According to LinkedIn that’s be Shaun Kiedrowski
  10. ‘Not planned’ is different to ‘never doing’. Looks like they’ve only got dev plans for the next 6 months (Q4 22)
  11. It’s still a surprise, being announced June 12
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