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  1. Thanks for the tip, I didn’t know I could block you edit: actually I’m struggling to figure out how, would you mind posting instructions?
  2. It started as one, Satco. There was some disagreement, and they split. You can find details if you include “satco” in your Google searches.
  3. Can’t find any details about it other than this video. Not my cup of tea but interesting to see them make a stand-alone game.
  4. Yep that looks like a bug. Workaround would be to not fly in those conditions 😄 But hopefully the ground improvement fixes come one day.
  5. Soft body simulation, New propeller simulation. But looks like you answered it in the next post.
  6. It looks a little orange, I’m thinking it’s still default? If you enable the toggle feature in the ini file, then you can toggle it on/off live in sim with the insert key. Or Control+Insert if you’ve downloaded it recently.
  7. Nah, 3rd party devs won’t have to worry about stuff like that. That’s all on Asobo to currently interpret the polygons, materials and displays. Which already works in the DX12 beta. You may be thinking of when XPlane went from opengl to vulkin. That was because (as far as I recall) they allowed 3rd party devs to “draw” directly to the screen with opengl code. Not a problem for MSFS as devs never had that level of control.
  8. Interesting, the sdk mentions to design the texture so that it does not dazzle the pilot. https://docs.flightsimulator.com/html/mergedProjects/How_To_Make_An_Aircraft/Contents/Modelling/Airframe/Texturing/Propellers_And_Turbines.htm
  9. I interpret that smile as the “we’re working on that, you’re going to like this” smile. These days probably means it’s in 2024 🙂
  10. Spring until we start hearing more about MSFS 2024? I guess it was telling how Jorg talked about all the time and some rough dates to get Brazil TIN cities and it would be in for 2020. So maybe a mid 2024 launch? 2020 released in August, and it was first teased 14 months prior…
  11. Gosh some of those questions… and it’s frustrating when the same question gets asked multiple times, wasting the limited time.
  12. Something I’ve read but can’t confirm myself is that VRS is overdone in DCS and is quite hard to get in real life. I’d be interested to hear more about this though.
  13. But what’s the market size? It’s probably grown a lot since MSFS came around and it has 12 million users according to MS.
  14. Welcome, Almost a terabyte sounds like a bug. Like other suggested I’d delete and reinstall. If you’re interested, FS2024 the next version will be much smaller and lots of the content will stream from the cloud only when you need it. So the installed size will be a lot smaller.
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