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  1. First off, Thank You to all the devs for your tireless work and efforts. It is my hope in the future when you release your labor of love, that you can be met with kudos, instead of the seemingly standard of picking fly poo out of the pepper. Or the ever present "I wish" statements. I couldn't possibly do what you folks do. I've tried, many times...nope not happening. The work you put out is extraordinary at times. Getting to my friendly request. Could we move away from the "Go Pro" look of the props please. Nicholas from BlackSquare has nailed it on the TBM 850 for realism. Very seldom in flight will you see the blade blur, it's pretty much always a disc. At times, you can't even see the prop disc at all. Thank You for your hard work, and consideration. Best, David
  2. Hey everyone, drunk has now given us the ini config to edit the values! It's available for download at the github link. The one yhat is listed on about page 36 I think. Thank You again drunk. Best, David
  3. Please! Thank You! I have vented, I am fine.👍 Don't have enough brownie points to post on flightsimulator site. Just didn't want this to get lost in the crowd. Back to your regularly scheduled picking fly poo out of pepper threads for new releases.😱🤪 Best, David
  4. Thank You Stevie202. I wouldn't have know about yhis program without your help. David
  5. Hey all, have a question on the above topic. I recently d/l Brad Allens Bahamas Odyssey Adventure. It was under the Bush flight category on flightsim.to. In fs2020 it's located in the Custom section of activities. Brad created this using the C172. I would rather use the Kodiak. My question: Are the POI in these flights based on GPS Coords, or based on type and speed of the aircraft. In other words, if I flew the Kodiak instead of the C172, would the landmarks pointed out in the flight, adjust since I'm flying the Kodiak now. Or due to faster speed, the adventure flight would be out of sync. If that is the case, is anyone aware of an app that may adjsut so you can fly a different aircraft for the Discovery,Bush,Adventure flights. Thanks for any info. David
  6. Of course you know I have to put my vote in for the MU-2 🙂 To see the Marquise at the same level as the 414, awesome. Especially with the extreme effort you try and take with modeling systems and performance and operations correctly. I truly hope to see my fav in MSFS in the not too distant future. I still offer my Aerostar 601P if you decide to model that aircraft. Seems A2A put theirs on ice since the incident. Just glad Scott and his son were OK. If/when you do the Mits for MSFS 2020, I'll help anyway I can. David
  7. Hi bobcat999. I concur re otter sounds. I have over 2000 hrs of Otter experience. Both as a MX, and pilot. TSS, has got it nailed down nicely. Including the prop blade slapping sound, when props are feathered. Which by the way was the standard way to start and shut down the twin otter. Unless, it's on floats, then it had start locks for the props. I agree, it's a shame Aerosoft want to make EZ Hard! I bought the twin otter they released for P3d, it was OK, but they have never gotten the 37 1/2 degree flaps flight characteristic correct. If you did a full STOL takeoff at 37 1/2 flaps, the contol yoke was held all the way back to your chest. This was due to the fact, the plane would initially have a nose down ( ala helicopter) If you didn't, wheelbarrowing city! On landing, very pronounced nose down attitue on the twin otter at full flaps. From what I have seen, even on the msfs twin otter, still looks like a more normal cessna 172 type attitude on approach. Just my .02 from my past twin otter experience.
  8. Yes,I do fly on Southwest. This is the standard sensational horse manure the BS newsmedia likes to throw out to the public from time to time. If millions of lives were at risk, I wouldn't be up front responsible for those millions of lives including my own! Most of the time, it's more of an administrative paper work issue, rather than actual mechanical issues. Have we had some mechanical issues. Yes, as soon as they are discovered or possible oversight discovered; SWA MX will work overtime to correct the issue. As I have said, if WaPo BS was factual, I wouldn't get on the jet either. I understand, with the thousands of daily flights we do, I would say we still have a pretty good safety record. I also agree, at times our customer service has been not up to the SWA standards folks are expecting or used too. I get it. It frustrates me at times too. Thanks, my .02
  9. Chock, Thanks for the history lesson. Well aware of all you mentioned. I should have been more clear. Stated why don't folks like the Electra in flightsim....Question was answered to my excitement by coastaldriver. Just got to get KBT on board. Best, David
  10. Thanks Bob, was figuring that was the case. It looks OK to me. I'll leave it alone Best, David
  11. Yes, I know we have this forum. I feel there are plenty here that could answer my question. But what I see a lot. If you post your question, in what you perceive may be the appropriate forum, it may not be viewed too much. Hence, your question doesn't get much views. Or it will get a ton of views, but no answer. I've noticed in several of the more obscure sections of the forums...particularly the dev stuff, it may go weeks to see an answer to a post if any. So, if a person has a question, possibly relating to development, were do you go. I posted on FSDeveloper since last Wed. Still no answer to my question. That is a developer site! I wanted to know something about editing an fx file. Were is the best place to get some possible input? I see on the P3D forums, in the Dev sections...questions asked back in May have no answers! I'll just put my question here: Maybe I'll get lucky. I have an fx file I'm trying to edit for a cockpit floodlight effect. The effect is just one lighting flood effect,over the whole panel In reality, the light source would diminish a little as you get farther away from the bulb. I have done some edits to the FSW Falcon 50, to be more realistic for my use. I wanted to try and enhance the floodlight effect. Is it even possible to do with the fx file, or does the dev have to do something on their end. If not possible, fine I'll stop working on it, and leave as it is now. Thanks for any insights, links etc.If it can be done, I'll keep trying. Just don't want to waste time on something futile Best, David
  12. After the release of the PMDG DC-6, it reminded me of how hard I tried to Lobby Mr. Randazzo for a PMDG Lockheed Electra. I did the same to Scott at A2A. With the Captain of the ship, I felt like the Electra would have been a perfect segue from the Connie. Same with PMDG, when I saw the detail, of the DC-6...I thought how cool would it be to have an Electra at that detail too. It was not too happen. About the only reason I could think of, is that most of the Avsim community had no interest. Yet, I recall when a while back, KPT released their Electra, folks were raving about it. Even now, Just Flight etal, released a Viscount, DC-6 . yet, they are any other dev, have stayed away from the Electra. Big part of history IMHO. I'm just curious. Why don't folks like the Electra? If a dev offered a study level Electra, you folks wouldn't be interested? Does everything now have to have a darn magenta line? Now before I get the standard...you want it...you design it nonsense. I have tried many times, to develop something. Just doesn't click for me. Even if I were lucky to accomplish that monumental task, I wouldn't have a clue about how to fix the bugs. Hence I hope that a dev will come along at offer a plane I love. FSW Marquise comes to mind for me. I love the MU-2. Based on Milviz statements re their "Solitaire" announced back in 2013, I'll have to be content with the FSW "Marquise" Hope that I will see it in FS2020 someday. Even in P3D, a Lockheed MArtin product...there is no Lockheed Electra! Anyway, I'm just curious of the dislike of this beautiful plane. Enough dislike it seems, as any dev feels like it is not worth their time. IE No good sales. Just curious. There are some pretty good vids on YT re flying the Electra. Check them out sometime, perhaps some folks may change their minds.. I can hope. Best, David
  13. Hello Marcus P.(mpo910). My biggest frustration with the P3D VR stuff, is the ability to select switches and orbuttons in VR. When trying toselect something on a panel or pedastal that has other switches or buttons around them, the mouse cursor would jump to a different button. Or I couldn't select it at all. Has this been improved somewhat, so we have more accuracy in the cockpits. DCS does this so great, I hope LM can too. If so, I may try to use PointCTRL in P3D for better immersion. Thank You David
  14. Hello, I am interested in purchasing an item that is only sold and shipped in Australia. It is not flightsim related. I found a cool camping chair I like. It's an Oztrail Modena Folding camping chair. I don't know anybody in Australia. Otherwise, i could probably have them order it and ship it to me. Does anyone know of any other way, I could accomplish this purchase. Seems like all the cool stuff is in Europe. Kind sucks in the US for quality made cool stuff. Any insight/help appreciated. Thank You Best, David
  15. tested P3d 5.1 l(latest) with a VR headset. If so, how did you set up your mouse, so that it would actually click a switch or button in VR? I can work with settings to try and get the visuals and framerate to work OK. But what frustrates the heck out me, I can't get that ugly mouse cursor to activate stuff in the cockpit about 90% of the time! I have seen others ask this question....it NEVER get's answered! What, do you VR users use to improve accuracy of the VR mouse selection. DCS doesn't seem to have this issue, what makes P3d so darn hard with this accuracy. Thanks for any assistance.I've pretty much reached my this is no longer fun point. Best, David
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