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  1. Yes, I needed to download the SDK. I would think since it was relatively straightforward to fix with ADE I agree that a hotfix might (hopefully) be fairly quick coming. And I will add it was nice, while getting ready to depart from Indy on my makebelieve flight to Vegas, to look inside the terminal and see the airport bar where I pregame on my real life flights to Vegas 😄.
  2. I hadn’t used ADE before, but had no issues using it; the fix and instructions were indeed straightforward and well greatly appreciated.
  3. It does look a little tall to me as well
  4. Finally, my local airport. Purchased, can’t wait to replicate my favorite annual real world flight later - Indy to Fly Tampa Vegas. The only question is whether to fly my old favorite, the NGXu in Southwest livery, or my newly acquired FS Labs A320 in Spirit colors…
  5. There are two observations I would make on that point. One, without question China is investing a lot in area denial weapons such as hypersonic missiles which is in part an implied acknowledgment of the lethality of platforms such as the F-22 and F-35, which will soon be available in significant numbers. It’s a recognition that currently neither their air force nor their SAM defenses would be a sufficient deterrent. Two, despite that, they recognize the value of stealth aircraft and sensor fusion because they are expending significant efforts to design and manufacture their own. Aircraft such as the F35 aren’t the end all be all of warfare, but at least in the foreseeable future manned aircraft are a necessary “tool in the tool box,’’ and for what it’s designed for is along with the F22 far and away the best tool at what they do (and are the envy of adversaries). If there is a complaint or flaw is that while it is unrivaled in deployment against near peer adversaries in a high threat environment (which is of increasing concern) it may be expensive overkill in primitive low threat environments, the wrong tool for the job. It’s like going to the store, buying an expensive cordless drill with a 24v lithium ion battery, charging it, and an hour later when it’s finally charged using it to change a switch plate as opposed to using the $1 flathead screwdriver I keep in a drawer. Sometimes cheaper and simpler is more effective depending on the situation. I don’t think that makes the F35 a failure or unnecessary, it’s just that when budgets are finite, sometimes you need some more flat head screwdrivers. Now on the other hand, it is a fair criticism to observe how US defense contractors IMO bilk and overcharge the government for their goods and services, with the amount of bilking seemingly directly proportionate to how desired a particular weapons platform is by the military, but that is endemic to the procurement process generally and not unique to the F35.
  6. Failure? Laughable. There’s plenty of literature available as to its incredible effectiveness, and the current flyaway cost is comparable or less than far less effective 4th gen fighters. Not to mention the eagerness of overseas purchasers to acquire it, which would be unlikely if it was a dog. 4th gen aircraft don’t stand a chance against it, and there are anecdotes of inexperienced f35 pilots having their way with highly experienced pilots in 4th gen fighters during war games. I initially thought this thing was a turkey, but the more I’ve read about it, the more I realize I was quite wrong.. Per hour operating costs are higher than 4th gen, but 4th gen aircraft simply do not stand a chance against it, they’re dead. Pretty much every US ally who has seen what it can do wants to acquire it. Countries, like people, vote with their wallets. I imagine there were similar articles about the F-22 - problems, too expensive, etc., and they foolishly stopped production at I believe it was 187 planes, instead of the approximately 1000 planned, an obvious mistake, and like we are now seeing with the F35, the per plane cost would have decreased with increased production.
  7. Price wise, the F35 may actually cost less per plane than the F-15EX, which is in part why there is opposition to its acquisition; a concern that purchasing F15’s would mean purchasing fewer, more “capable” and survivable F35’s. But I agree as to a need for both - sophisticated low observable aircraft that can penetrate high threat environments, and missile trucks that can unload large quantities of ordinance from stand-off distance thanks to data fusion.
  8. There certainly seen to be some misconceptions about the F-35, both in terms of cost and operational capacity. While initially expensive, it’s not some super-expensive “super weapon.” That might be the case with something like the B2, but as production of the F-35 has ramped up, it’s per unit cost has gone down, to the 80 million per plane range, comparable to far less capable 4th gen aircraft. And it’s hardly being produced in small numbers - as of now 615 have been built, with numerous purchases and future orders from other countries (which says something about how they perceive its capabilities) as well as a planned 2456 total to be purchased by the U.S. Its advantages are not limited to just stealth (like having an RCS 1000 times smaller than an SU-57), or a 6 times greater detention range which is “game over” in a BVR combat environment. It also has far greater detection capabilities, such as third gen AESA radar and 360 degree spherical IRST. A single F-35 also has EW capabilities comparable to a dedicated package of Growlers. These advantages have been shown time and again in exercises against 4th generation aircraft that are equipped with EW packages, AWACS, and a simulated hostile SAM infested environment. If these capabilities were insignificant in a near peer warfare environment, not only would our allies not be attempting to purchase the F35, China and Russia wouldn’t be attempting to replicate its capabilities with competing aircraft of their own (though they remain decades behind). None of this means that the F35 (and F22) are invincible, but at a time where manned aircraft and air supremacy are still an important part of modern warfare it is a force multiplying game changer even if it were not to be produced in large numbers. But it is. And yes, sometimes technology can be a game changing force multiplier - the F117’s performance in Iraq in one of the most heavily defended threat environments in the world was an eye-opener, for example. As to the idea, “well, how about just deploying 1000 cheap drones to overwhelm the numerically disadvantaged expensive aircraft,” put aside the practicality of the capacity to arm inexpensive and easily detectable drones in the numbers with the BVR capacity to challenge something like an F35, that assumes that there isn’t an inexpensive counter to that strategy as well. Or to use an analogy, I spend millions of dollars on a main battle tank. You say fine, I’ll just have 100 cheap expendable soldiers equipped with anti-tank weapons. I say fine, I’ll deploy 500 M4 equipped infantry to target your 100 soldiers while pelting them from a distance with HE from my tank. You say, ok, I’ll get a few airplanes to bomb your tank and solders...and so on...Drones, SAM’s, etc., don’t supplant something like a 5th gen aircraft, they are all part of a total package used together. A final point is that while exercises are just that, these exercises are against aircraft with a proven record, such as the F15, that have shown themselves in actual combat to be near invincible to anything thrown at them. While not a perfect analogue to an actual war, they are pretty good indication of how the F35 would stack up against near peer adversaries whose capabilities are only now reaching parity with platforms that are 40 years old. And things such as the attritional aspects of warfare degrading capacities, while true, applies at least equally to any adversary, meaning if the capacities of both are degraded over time, the F35 will still retain an advantage (which again, is not limited to just stealth).
  9. A lot of astute comments. I don’t know whether MSFS is the future of flight simulation, but I do know to take the words of someone who has pushed his chips all in that is with a grain of salt. And while he may have valid criticisms of LM with regards to updates, I find those criticisms ring hollow in comparison to a product whose SDK is by all accounts (explicit and implied) wholly inadequate. On that point, I believe the earlier comment regarding disposable income AND that this hobby may go the way of model trains in relevant. At the end of the day flight simulation is a relatively niche hobby - the stunning visuals of MSFS are enough to draw an initial crowd, but the reality is over time, unless one is avidly interested in aviation, it will become boring. I think it’s naive to assume that it will create a whole new enthusiast market; people who were interested in aviation to the extent that they will spend hours in front of a monitor planning and executing a make believe flight, and spending thousands of dollars to enhance that make believe environment have largely already invested in one of the existing platforms. MSFS cannibalizes that market. Its long term value in terms of third party developers lies not with the increased market size of the XBox crowd but its ability to run complex add-ons with acceptable performance - that’s the market that will spend the money for add-on after add-on (and has the disposable income to do so). Perhaps eventually it will, but I must confess some skepticism - the promotional videos leading up to MSFS’s release led to expectations (which were encouraged and not tempered) of a product that is quite different from the product that was actually released. By the same token, I’ll be happy to be proven wrong.
  10. Thus far my performance with UTL 2 beta has also been phenomenal, as others have mentioned. Tried out Flytampa Boston with the gates full in the NGXu in 5.1 (I think I set the number of AI to around 300 in the UI, far beyond where I would normally see my system get hammered). Really couldn’t detect any impact. For myself AI traffic is relatively low down the list of things I obsess over or want to spend time on when flying; I don’t want to fly into dead airports, I just want something that reasonably approximates real airlines with minimal to no effort on my part, with little performance impact. UTL has always served me well in that regard, and UTL 2 seems to have to potential to be a significant improvement.
  11. Does this impact the ability of FSUIPC to limit AI?
  12. Thanks, yes I did add that line, was hoping it would be the cure all, but alas it was not
  13. 5.1 has been pretty unstable for me with existing ad-odds. I’ve had CTD panning around with ezca at FSDT KORD and Flightbeam KSFO, problems with GSX requiring continuous restarts. I understand that with each add-on there’s another unknown variable added in terms of identifying the source of the crash, but I can only say prior to 5.1 with HF2 I had a relatively stable sim in terms of lack of random CTD. I have added the line to the cfg that was supposed to address the SODE issues, so I’m not sure what the source of the issues are. This is on top of issues with EA and HDR that have already been extensively documented. I’m not going to put LM on blast as others have done; in no small part the widely variable ways to modify the sim means an almost infinite number of possible combinations of modifications for which it would be virtually impossible to test prior to release “in the wild,” but that said, it has been a bumpy and frustrating experience thus far for me.
  14. I recently started having this error with P3Dv5 and my 2080TI. Nothing had changed except I had updated to the latest “game ready” driver. As someone suggested elsewhere (maybe even in this topic), I removed the game ready driver and replaced it with the studio driver and haven’t had the error since.
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