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  1. Started in 1983 and every release since, so impossible to know how many hours after 37 years. One thing for certain it has always been there for me through thick and thin Anyone on here remember CompuServe GO FSFORUM 😀
  2. Those jets have allowed them to do things other jets won't allow you to do. They are the rare ones that can do formation takeoffs and landings also with no afterburners means larger formations and smoother and tighter maneuvers, if you replace them that is the end of that team as we know it, it will end up a smaller louder and more limited like the Blue Angels in the US Navy, not the same at all I love the Blue Angels and all of these teams but the Snowbirds absolutely have advantages over others with that type of aircraft, consider them like a 1964 Ford Mustang with the smaller 200 cu in (3.3 L) Inline 6 cylinder engine, they are not about speed they are all about maneuverability and style.
  3. I am in the fence with this one as a dual citizen of Canada and New Zealand. New Zealand also has a demonstration team that wanted to do this exact same thing for New Zealand but the Government here said NO. New Zealand didn't want any high risk activity at all from anyone including the Air Force all the way down to surfers, New Zealand was in full lockdown for EVERYONE together regardless of who you are. All I can say is both my kids went back to school this morning and Canada won't be in that situation for at least September, or even longer. Canada's lockdown has been so soft and long by comparison and this was an activity that represents that Canadian Approach. I LOVE THE SNOWBIRDS but they shouldn't have been flying in the first place to lead by example to STAY HOME like everyone else, and no high risk activity, a family that was supposed to be in lockdown now has one of those jets crashed into their house. sucks for them. RIP Capt. Jenn Casey, you died doing what you loved and your intentions were good, thank-you for that
  4. Chileans are awesome people we are lucky so many come to New Zealand for schools, I have made a few friends over the years. Hopefully they do a short and hard lockdown which is the most effective, too many countries are doing long and soft. All you really need is 20 days but you have to close everything (except grocery stores) and stay home, and most important no takeout food. after 20 days you can ease restrictions. otherwise it is months of soft lockdown which has now proven to be a waste of time. If anyone can do that Chile has it in them to make that happen
  5. The weather office just installed new equipment to help them increase weather predictions significantly, they installed windows 🤣
  6. As the G20 is all spending equal to each other it remains in equilibrium. Post War is a different scenario because the Axis Nations were bankrupt creating an imbalance, or an economic disparity, this scenario means everyone is going bankrupt together
  7. The leaders of New Zealand and Australia have agreed to ease travel restrictions between the two countries as soon as it is safe to do so: https://amp.rnz.co.nz/article/4153b05e-3896-42f0-9405-479d12385f8b?fbclid=IwAR0I_3bWcEyNhVrUwSYMDKEpXTVXXSEaLFKWuUCtbi4D1iJOnm0rn3oWjds Progress in the right direction, likely they will expand to include some Pacific Island Nations as well
  8. I have a small business in Wellington but we will get through it. We will not open until the lockdown is over so that will be 50 days or more with our business shut. My situation was better than most as we were loan free before this happened, and had a good bank balance. The shutdown means we are bleeding cash to pay for everything but staff is payed and rent is payed and everything else. so we will come out the other end. It is true that small business is the largest employers in New Zealand and many won't come out the other end. Also New Zealand had its biggest year in tourism in the history of the nation last year and that is now at ZERO, and will be for a long time, that is an entire industry lost. Some of those resorts in the South Island are going to become abandoned like the Catskills Hotels did in the 80s, as soon as mold gets into those buildings they will be a write off
  9. The Common Cold is a Coronavirus and the flu is not. What I would like to know but we don't have any way of knowing was when the Common Cold first crossed over to the human population how devastating was it at that time? and over time did it become mild as humans adapted to it?
  10. The USA should be looked at on a State by State basis instead of a singular nation. Countries like New Zealand or Norway or Iceland are nations manged federally and are therefore much easier to manage. The USA is a Unification of 50 different states and policies. As for the Feds I always considered them like the Mafia wanting their 'Protection Money' from everyone, beyond that they are only capable of so much.
  11. Today was a massacre in Nova Scotia. I moved to New Zealand from Nova Scotia 10 years ago and I am heartbroken to hear about these events. I dedicate this song to the lives lost and invite everyone on here to have a drink and listen to this song in honor of those lost today, also dedicated to everyone else around the world through these difficult times, we will rise again
  12. If someone is that freaked out call it off beforehand. I wouldn't trust someone like that in a jet like that, it has liability written all over it. Even United Airlines wouldn't let him fly 🤣
  13. Yea it was a joke more then anything. I was just imaging ESPN 1 covering New Zealand Rugby and ESPN 2 covering New Zealand Cricket and the rest of the world being torn between watching that or watching more Poker 🤣
  14. I was watching our local news this morning and it still looks like New Zealand might just isolate this virus out of our island nation, this means no one can come and go but also means we can restart things before the rest of the world. If this happens we will have the only sports being played on the planet. Maybe we can convert more of the world into Cricket and Rugby Fans 😀 Here's a song to get you in the mood...
  15. Other then staying home I am not doing any other precautions. I have online ordered my groceries once a week and go and pick them up. I have been home and doing that for 3 weeks now and been home other than for grocery pick up. When I do go out no masks or gloves because I don't have any. Personally I am not worried if I got the virus but I stay home to protect others, I am more concerned for others than I am for myself. If it kills me it kills me if not Que sera, that's what life is full of risks. My daughter that is almost 2 years old now got meningitis when she was only 2 months old. We took her to the hospital and they started treatment right away and started tests, 4 days in they confirmed what type of meningitis she had and also were not treating her for that type of meningitis, therefore the stopped all treatment as her prognosis was improving on her own, therefore she got meningitis and fought it off on her own by building her own antibodies as this is what the body is supposed to do when things do work. Today she has no signs of any damage from it therefore a very lucky baby. With this one I am on the fence, it is very likely a vaccine is never found and I am willing to except that, therefore those who have had it early on are the first to build their own antibodies, if this thing does its rounds and mutates, those not yet exposed may be at much greater risk compared to the early exposed ones. There are so many variables but part of me looks at those who have had it already and have now recovered and I think those ones are probably better positioned then the rest of us, this of course is if a vaccine is never found.
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