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  1. Matthew Kane

    Shoutout for HiFi Simulations

    The reason why they got is because that holds value back in the 90s when everyone was grabbing registrations to make lots of money and they have been milking it ever since. Nothing wrong with making a buck but I would rather do business with the ones in this community that are in it because they share the same passion as I do, my supporting them allows them to continue to make scenery or aircraft or whatever contributions they are doing. This site doesn't do this for me therefore I haven't been supporting them for these reasons. My advice is put your money towards those that would benefit the most from your support so that they can continue to make this hobby great.
  2. Matthew Kane

    Shoutout for HiFi Simulations

    I stopped buying from them back in 2011, good riddance.
  3. Matthew Kane

    Transatlantic before Charles Lindburgh

    Preservation in digital format
  4. Matthew Kane

    Stormtrooper tries out for police force

    Nice One 😃
  5. Matthew Kane

    Transatlantic before Charles Lindburgh

    They have been working on this for years, I check in on it from time to time. They seem to be hitting the old 80/20 rule, it takes 20% of their time to do 80% of that boat then 80% of their time to finish off the last 20%. Labour of Love
  6. Matthew Kane

    Another mega airport with beautiful architecture...

    It takes 3 to 4 years to build an airport then another 3 to 4 years to develop that new airport into Flight Sim.
  7. Matthew Kane

    A New Long Haul 787 Flight: Auckland to Chicago

    It barely has the range for NYC and if you arrive in NYC low on fuel and end up in a holding pattern due to congestion you could end up running out of fuel, other airlines have ran out of fuel in NY before due to congestion. Chicago doesn't quite have the same congestion and has good alternatives like St Louis or Milwaukee. They have said they want to do a NY route down the road when ranges improve but Chicago is a great start in that direction And yes Air New Zealand's alliance is with United and Chicago is a United Hub so that plays a factor too.
  8. Matthew Kane

    NYPD - a heartwarming tale...

    I'm one with the pun, the pun is with me
  9. Matthew Kane

    NYPD - a heartwarming tale...

    Yes Grate Story 😃
  10. Matthew Kane

    In other PBR-related news...

    This guy covers the history of American Beer very well. Also the joke I made above comes from Monty Python as shown in this video but I took the sex part out of it as it includes the F-Bomb
  11. Matthew Kane

    In other PBR-related news...

    American Beer is like sitting in a canoe....They are both close to water 😄
  12. Matthew Kane

    Our Site is not Safe - Now you tell me!

    If this is your biggest problem with your day then you know what your problem is? You don't have any so you just go around making them. ignoramus 😄
  13. Matthew Kane

    How NOT to spend a lovely Sunday...

    The weather is bad so you have 2 excuses to stay inside for 10 days. I've stubbed a toe before slipping in the bathroom and boy does that hurt. Keep well Father Bill
  14. Matthew Kane

    Being pleasant pays..

    As I Canadian I can say that I have never walked around naked outside but will admit we have quite a few that do. He is probably from Wreck Beach or something 😄 Canada also has abolished the law so that girls can go topless anywhere due to equality, but I've never seen it
  15. Matthew Kane

    Flight1 Frustration - Am I the only one

    When you first install it unwraps the installation files, I back those up and use the unwrapped files to reinstall so you don't have to go through that initial process anymore. You still need the licence though. This works for me Yes Purchase Agent is good too