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  1. If I can just get AI to do my emails for me that's the only use I would have for it, It will also continue to improve our Flight Sim World adding further realism, beyond that I'm not bothered by it I don't see it as a threat, its like Y2K fears all over again 🤣
  2. I just think it makes the better satire 🤣
  3. That's pretty close to my theory as well, we are the introduced species by those scientists from another galaxy and at this point we have become earths Evasive Species 🤣 First thing we did was kill off those Neanderthals no way were we going to live in harmony with them 🤔
  4. That's the European way of doing business... You have an A320 that makes great profits every time you sell one, but you also offer an A220 that barely breaks even when you sell one and every time you sell one you take away a sale of the more profitable option the A320 You ban short haul flights to monopolize trains instead because you also make trains, but you sell trains at a loss, therefore your unprofitable trains take profits away from the A220, A320 and the ATR72 Yay Trains CHOO CHOO
  5. Nice Rig 😎👍
  6. There has not been any new innovations in airflow, the air flows the same as it always has, if we have now come up with the ideal shapes to travel through air very fast their is probably not too much left to do except fine tune what we have already learned. I agree it doesn't make it as much fun compared to post WW2 all the way through to the late 70s when things moved forward very quickly, compared to that period in time we are now at an era where we are just fine tuning things and making it more efficient.
  7. This was why I used the term 'general consensus' in my post, The earth being round or how someone comprehended what that meant wasn't understood by regular folk, yes that's true Scholars back then had a better idea but when the King divided that land into Shires, and he gave Lord Derby a Shire or Lord Buckingham a Shire, they would not have understood the concept of it being on a round or a flat earth, they just named there new Shire into Derbyshire or Buckinghamshire after themselves and newly acquired land division, and then they hired a Sheriff to take care of their new Shire for them and collect the taxes. A lot of US Law is based on old English Law and a lot of things cross over, in the USA they don't call them Shires they call them Counties but the concept is the same as a County is a land division as well, and they still use a Sheriff to take care of them, so the property being outlined 'to the heavens above and below' would be a cross over from old English Law too.
  8. This article just came out this past week, it claims that white paint is the heaviest paint and black paint is lighter, but most planes are painted white anyways when black is more efficient Also says those layers of colour add even more weight: https://www.nzherald.co.nz/travel/why-are-planes-painted-white-and-why-is-air-nz-the-all-black-exception/MI727X3XAVGV7CE2JVMO4UH47E/ I like Air New Zealand's black planes and turns out the black paint is about 50% lighter, but the old American Airlines polished metal will always be my favourite
  9. I think when these property laws were first written the general consensus was that the earth was flat as they are written 'to the heavens above and below' (which I interpret as being heaven above and hell below), but now that the general popular belief is that the earth is round, that means if you are a round earther your property terminates at the centre of the earth, but the flat earthers get everything above and below from heaven to hell 🤣 I'm a round earther and I don't actually think their is a hell so termination of my property at the centre of the earth works for me 😎
  10. Basically yeah, even better when first contact is the middle tentacle 🤣
  11. Yes true, Lehto is one of the good Tubers Fusion Powered Grazer Beam sounds fun, and like Martin was saying about owning a patch of space, if you take your property line from starting at the centre of the earth, to your property boundary on the surface of the earth, and then the area expands as it goes further upwards into the cosmos that gets really big across the universe, and as it is constantly spinning at a very alarming rate the further into the cosmos, therefore you take very brief ownership of quite a chunk of the universe at any given time according to earth laws, but if you were to try to enforce our property laws on our intergalactic friends we may start an interplanetary war 🤖💥👽
  12. Big fan of Tlingit (and Haiden) Art and Culture so this one is a great representation of the Tlingit People
  13. But if the property laws states 'To The Heavens' that would mean, when you buy a house your property not only borders your next door neighbour, but also God Above as your property line ends where heaven begins 😃
  14. I do believe the property laws as they have been generally written state 'to the heavens' but some of those laws go back centuries and have been amended. This guy explains what I've been saying and he is an actual lawyer so more credible then I am:
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