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  1. Cheap cars have far less components that can go wrong, an Audi or BMW is filled with electronics and electronic glitches. I always buy a 10 year old Honda (or Toyota) and drive them for another 10 years. Those cars that get that old still work just as good as the day they rolled off the assembly line, and cheap to maintain as a DIY. To keep an Audi or BMW going to for 20 years will cost 3 or 4 times the original cost of the car and you can't do the work on them yourself, they are money pits.
  2. This one pops up a few times now but it makes me laugh every time. The Aussie Man has the best commentary of them all 🤣
  3. I clicked support, I like this one, I would have preferred a first gen 747 but this one is cool too. Even better if you could swap a few tiles to go between the first gen 747 and the second gen or third gen. Otherwise this is awesome
  4. The family will be having a private wake at McArthurs Irish Pub... If that's the case I hope the play this song for him: Mr. Valentine's dead, but he never looked better! The priest will meet him tonight. Tell his mom to stop crying and the band to keep playing, 'cause the angels are too drunk to fly!
  5. I wouldn't want to take a guess at its current value, most of those aircraft from that era are beaten up in flight schools at this point. It should go from his possession to a museum when he's done with it.
  6. They now have a documentary about it, it is awesome: Also this page too: https://www.nzfilm.co.nz/films/poi-e-story-our-song
  7. That's crazy, some of those bases look like junk yards now anyways so no surprise, humans bringing all kinds of junk into Antarctica for well over 100 years now
  8. Cats are a sticky topic in New Zealand as yes they are a domestic animal, but the are also New Zealand's most damaging predator. The reason for that is New Zealand doesn't have a mammal predator in it's natural species, the domestic house cat was introduced and started eating local birds, therefore became the largest predator in the nation and threatens local bird species. However in Antarctica they wouldn't be as much of a threat, if you left them out to wander they would freeze to death, therefore they would never get the chance to establish themselves as an evasive species.
  9. To be honest the sort of shapes you could do with 3D Printing you could be far more challenging then that house, you would want to push the limits with design opportunities that a 3D Printer could do. That house still looked to conventional
  10. That is my country but I don't care for the song, the visuals are New Zealand but the song is not, this is a good old New Zealand Song instead, Māori Culture:
  11. I tend to label animals as 'she' as well, and cars or planes or things like that. When the 20 year old Honda finally dies I would say 'she was a good car' 😎
  12. France also manufactures its passenger trains, and those ATR's have a global demand for them whereas their rail cars do not, so overall this increases their domestic train production but has no effect on those ATR's https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Euroduplex https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SNCF_TGV_Sud-Est
  13. Like Chock Said, they have an excellent rail network, I see this as a good thing for France I do like Planes and I like Trains even more, this creates a great balance 😎
  14. Good ole blancolirio giving updates on this and even using some Aviation Jargon to explain things
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