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  1. Tell the camera operator to move in a little closer so we can get a better look 😁
  2. My mother and father divorced and my new mother's partner was from Guernsey, and she was the most awesome person I have ever known, so yes some day I will wander into Guernsey because without saying on here... (I've already heard too many stories).... Just keep being you 😎
  3. Finally got to see the first episode last night, it met expectations. I especially liked that classic Enterprise Dry Dock scene, that scene never gets tiring as it has been done countless times now, the 13 year old inside me was smiling. This looks like the beginning of another great adventure
  4. Oh good at least someone is purchasing the broadcast rights, I'll check it out
  5. Yes not available in New Zealand either and not even scheduled to be launched in New Zealand, could be years before I get to see it 😢
  6. I just happened to watch this video today that says you do own the airspace over your property. Therefore a low flying stunt where they went in low over a neighbours property and low over yours as well, yes that can be a legal can of worms so to speak and could be considered misdemeanor criminal trespassing. Aircraft flying at a regulated altitude is considered public easement, but you still own the airspace
  7. Like everything it would vary state to state, but yes I think when it comes to pools most jurisdictions have now adopted a fairly consistent standard on new builds, but have a grandfather clause in existing pools. I used to do CAD Drawings so when it comes to installing equipment in the USA it varies, they do have the NFPA which is federal, followed by state rules, then local rules, therefore their is no consistent standard when installing equipment in the USA, every job varies.
  8. Yes I was thinking the same, the wee fella must be a very energetic explorer to end up like that
  9. With all this automation I will still be splitting wood for my wood burning stove this winter like I do every year. I still like manual labour 😁
  10. My view is; I still don't care if these two want to jump between airplanes as they planned, but I didn't realize they did not have consent from the FAA, seeing as this was a Red Bull sponsored event you would have thought they would have received a consent beforehand, but I guess not. If the FAA doesn't give permission they should not have done this, if they don't have permission from the FAA then go somewhere else who will, this could be good publicity for another country like over the desert outside Dubai if they give permission.
  11. This happened in the State of California, the State where a 'Twinkie Defense' or if the 'Glove Don't Fit' you can get away with murder
  12. Yes I wouldn't even charge MT on this one but they probably will, only for the charges to fall apart in the court room. Clearly he was playing with fire and was the provocation, probably for social media attention
  13. If this happens and that would still be an 'IF' that would mean it has gone from 1969 with the first flight of the Concord to 2025 with the first scheduled flight of this one, that is 56 years between the two aircraft if this one actually flies.
  14. Not sure how many people know about the 'Valeriepieris Circle' you might find this interesting, more then half of the world's total population lives inside of this circle the rest live outside of it... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Valeriepieris_circle
  15. You guys are pessimists, the world needs the one in a million people like this with crazy ideas, otherwise Christopher Columbus would have just stayed home. Risk takers have their place in human development I think it's awesome and when well planned the risks are drastically reduced, as Benjamin Franklin once said.... "failing to plan is planning to fail" Or to quote Colonel John “Hannibal” Smith.... "I love it when a plan comes together" 🤣
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