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  1. Matthew Kane

    Q400 or MaddogX?

    I have the Majestic Q400 and it is excellent as far as systems go, it was designed with flight training in mind. I find I don't use it as often compared to jets as I prefer getting from A to B a little faster as I don't get too much time on the sim these days. Turbo Props are slower on takeoff, climbing, and when cruising they are not too much slower but take more time, approach everything is about the same speed but it takes more time over all. If I had to choose I would say Maddog X, I love the old jets and you can do your flights faster when you are limited on sim time.
  2. Hopefully they keep just one for the Antarctica flights: But they probably won't, it would be pricey to maintain an ageing 747 for that one charter flight
  3. Matthew Kane

    Boeing 747 resurgence

    The problem with orders for the 747-8F is the fact that they have surplus 747-400 sitting in the desert. If you were a cargo op would you purchase brand new 747-8F for $400 million each or would you try and negotiate 2 or 3 converted 747-400's for around the same price? If it wasn't for all of those surplus 747-400 the 747-8F would have a heftier order book.
  4. Matthew Kane

    Trade Wars: Round One to Boeing

    In situations like one wins except for the lawyers, only the lawyers win.
  5. Matthew Kane

    Boeing 747 resurgence

    That is exactly what the original design was, Boeing saw the 747 as a Freighter and could also be used for passenger service for a short term solution until they developed new passenger aircraft, and the 747 passenger aircraft could be converted to freighters. The fact that it became so popular as a passenger aircraft came as a surprise. Reason for the hub was so the flight deck goes above and freight goes below through the nose, this design has no value as a passenger aircraft, it was designed to be a freighter.
  6. Matthew Kane

    Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 crash was deliberate?

    Oh yes I completely agree, employee sabotage, willful and deliberate damage, it has all of these things, amazing if this theory true how much damage one man can create.
  7. Matthew Kane

    Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 crash was deliberate?

    This airline is owned by Khazanah Nasional which is the sovereign wealth fund of the Government of Malaysia, so it is a State Company. This is also a possible reason for him wanting to do this, he may have had political motivations and he had control of a state asset with 227 Passengers on board. That is one way to get back at your government. Apparently he had a political alliance with someone his government had arrested but I am not too sure the details, politics is too complex an issue sometimes.
  8. Matthew Kane

    Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 crash was deliberate?

    Because he wanted to create the greatest aviation mystery since Emilia Earhart and wanted it to vanish, that was most likely the plan. The only part of his plan that didn't work was the ping from the engines, obviously he will never know how well his plan worked out but if it wasn't for those pings the mystery would have been even greater, which was exactly what he wanted. The soft water landing would have been to keep as much of the plane intact so larger pieces would sink and not have a large debris field that would float over the ocean over long distances.
  9. Matthew Kane

    So, Star Treks Transparent Aluminum is now real...

    I still think the most amazing modern discovery was about 3 years ago when people all of a sudden discovered the world was flat, astounding 😃
  10. Matthew Kane

    So, Star Treks Transparent Aluminum is now real...

    Can I get a Transparent Aluminum Back Yard Shed? That was I can see where I left my chainsaw 😎
  11. Matthew Kane

    Froogle's take on FSW and possible impact on P3D

    I don't see a lawsuit happening. I think I first bought my P3D v1 back in 2012 so LM has been in the market probably 7 or 8 years now, DTG came late and did pretty much the same as MS Flight by trying to control everything, this was just a repeat of MS Flight but by a different company, I dare someone else to try that again. 😫
  12. Matthew Kane

    How does Boeing or other manufacturers use Python?

    I was thinking the same, they likely use it in Manufacturing Engineering operations and other production/logistics related operations.
  13. My old High School is just north of where this incident has happened. Yonge and Finch is a major hub where the busiest subway line ends and connects to a major bus terminal so you can connect to buses to the suburbs. Toronto has just come out of a much colder then normal winter and the most recent snow storm was just last week, so this day was the first day of spring sunshine that was finally melting all the snow away. A day like that has a lot of meaning as after months of winter the feel of the sun is extremely positive and many people go outside to enjoy it. Toronto is always a very positive vibe on the first sunshine in the spring and the people deserve it. The streets would have been exceptionally busy at a time when people are just trying to catch some good weather, it is devastating to see this news in an area I know so well and many people have been killed. My thoughts and prayers are with my family and friends back home, the victims and the people of Toronto
  14. Matthew Kane

    One of my Favourite Dad Photos

    Great shot
  15. Matthew Kane

    Another Window Broken

    Found this diagram of the 787, it looks like the dust cover came loose: