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  1. I pay for the subscription to not have the ads, but I also make money from Google so I am just giving a tiny bit back to not have the ads, but ads are good for me because I get paid when people see them 😁
  2. So many microbeads are now used in cheap beauty products as exfoliants, and the waste water treatment doesn't always remove them so it ends up in the environment. A plastic bag is one thing but the microbeads is next level due to being undetectable, and the mass amounts now being produced.
  3. Yes the O-Rings didn't seal properly in cold temperatures and were breached, but the real disaster was this issue was known but they were pressured to launch regardless, and with a civilian school teacher on board. This disaster was fully preventable.
  4. Sorry to hear, the little fur balls are a big part of our lives, and those poodles are known for there intelligence and companionship and all around good natured friends
  5. I think the Raccoons will be onto it before the cats and dogs 🤣 If this eventually becomes standardized Mailboxes once did, like A landing pad on the roof of a house or yard would be far better with a beacon for the drone to know where to land to make the delivery, and perhaps a conveyer or elevator to bring it into your house. Something cool could eventually come of this.
  6. Yes as been said, the rocker switches can get loose so therefore possible to activate the switch when you just put your hand on the cover, which is likely what the steward did which is innocent enough. Boeing has issued a bulletin to address this issue.
  7. This one is a strange one, after the incident I guess the pilots were saying the flight computers kept cutting out, and then now it was the seat malfunctioned, but yea it really could be a pilot error and they didn't now what to say about it at first, of course we don't hear or see what happens in the investigation, which is being handled by New Zealand so we will see what happens in the end Edit: It is looking more now like the steward probably just put their hand on the back of the seat, and even though that switch has a cover you can still actuate that switch by pushing on or putting pressure on the cover, and that causes the seat to move forward, so not a pilot error.
  8. My mother is a Newfie but born in New Jersey back in 1943 due to the war, and raised back in Newfoundland when it was a country on it's own and not part of Canada yet, therefore she is a Newfoundland National when it was an official country, yes it is true the Newfie accent is the best, and add a bit if New Jersey to that you have the greatest mixture known to mankind Happy Saint Patrick's Day
  9. As someone who took on a (minor) HR dispute with a large (won't name) Manufacturer, it takes a very big toll out of ya even a small dispute, and the level he took his claims is international, therefore that would take a very very big toll out on someone's mental health. All the conspiracies aside I will just leave it at that and hopefully he may now be at peace
  10. Yes it was Goodrich during my time, an excellent facility I will say I enjoyed my time with them very much
  11. I did work for a landing gear manufacturer in the 90s, that company changed names many times over the decades that is now part of Collin’s Aerospace. My time there was my first project management unsupervised early in my former career. I did work on the overhead conveyors and paint and oven systems, also a first in using 3D design software at that time which was fun
  12. Boeing doesn't manufacture or maintain landing gear
  13. Every airline is different, there was a British Airways 747 a few years back that took off from Heathrow and lost one engine, but continued onto KLAX on three engines anyways, and were criticized for that. Yes this flight could have continued too it wasn't a risk and to be honest was better off to continue, but United has it's policies too. This was probably considered a liability issue so turn back for an investigation not because of flight safety
  14. Moose is in the proper lane too 🤣
  15. That would make sense, I couldn't find any reports on a mission to Wellington, if it was a planned flight the plane spotters would have been aware of that
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