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  1. Matthew Kane

    who stole the plane

    Thanks Stephen, One thing I learned from that time is with every sunset you know that the ones you lost are here with you, sunsets are great reminders of that. When I've seen these clips of this incident what I saw was a magnificent sunset over Puget Sound, so if it is any consolation to his family his final moments were spent dancing in the skies over the most beautiful sunset, hopefully they can find peace in that too.
  2. Matthew Kane

    who stole the plane

    I think once he got it going he wasn't going back, he was just teasing ATC. Even if he tried landing and failed but survived with major injuries then he is facing prison with compromised health, even walking away from it prison in the USA is no fun.....He was weighing his options and he wasn't coming back. I feel for his family because suicide effects the ones you leave behind, my brother killed himself 3 years ago now and for family it leaves a toll.
  3. Matthew Kane

    Pan Am TV show?

    I liked the first episode, the look and feel of it was amazing at capturing that time, but it was the plot that lost me
  4. Matthew Kane

    who stole the plane

    McChord Field was very close to where he was flying and on the ATC he was told to land there. McChord is the command for the Western Air Defense Sector for NORAD. The order to scramble those jets from Portland likely came from McChord Field. NAS Whidby is probably not operating under NORAD command and may not have had anything ready to go. Portland is always ready to go as part of NORAD
  5. Matthew Kane

    who stole the plane

    Our news was saying he is an Airline Mechanic, if true that would explain how he had access
  6. Matthew Kane

    Beauty of the jet age stewardess

    My Nation's Contribution: See more here: Air New Zealand is still the best 😄
  7. Matthew Kane

    Beauty of the jet age stewardess

    Other thing about Russian Leaders, they don't lose elections, they are overthrown by their people. He has lasted over 18 years by not being overthrown by his people, I predict he will be around for a few more POTUS' to come
  8. Matthew Kane

    Beauty of the jet age stewardess

    You got to give the guy credit, when he took office Bill Clinton was still the POTUS, that is over 18 years ago now. Clinton, Bush, Obama and Trump, that is four Presidents during his time in office
  9. Matthew Kane

    FTX Central , will it ever work properly?

    I don't have a problem with Torrent, I have about 80% of what they have sold and I don't have limits on my bandwidth, therefore I could just leave FTX Central running all the time for store credit due to my library size, the bigger your library the more people will access and that converts to store credit, works for me If you opt out then it just uses the current CDN servers so little will change other then less demand on those servers due to Torrent, so you may get better speeds there too.
  10. Matthew Kane

    FTX Central , will it ever work properly?

    They are on CDN servers currently
  11. Matthew Kane

    Beauty of the jet age stewardess

    A very good friend of mine was a stewardess with United Airlines back in the 70's. She is in her 50s now and she is still stunning as age has nothing on her. She was in her early 20s when she moved to Chicago from New Mexico to take the job, she is Navajo had the most amazing long hair. They did the training and they had makeovers etc, the top stylist in Chicago used to do the haircuts for United back then and he cut her hair into a short classic bob. This was a significant thing to do for a Navajo woman but she loved it. She showed me pictures from back then and yep she was exactly like the stewardess' of the era and she did look amazing. They don't do anything like that anymore, imagine United Airlines lining everyone up for haircuts today and the short dresses they used to where with those boots!!! Unions would go crazy, different time back then
  12. Matthew Kane

    FTX Central , will it ever work properly?

    yes I didn't have any issues either, I live in New Zealand so this can vary from region to region, I am having decent access to the server currently just over 10 MB/s downloading True Earth Netherlands
  13. Matthew Kane

    FTX Central , will it ever work properly?

    They will be updating FTX Central to use a torrent server instead of everyone downloading from a single server. They've said you can op out of the torrent and it will only work when FTX Central is running, this is similar to other gaming servers so nothing new but it will speed things up having the ORBX Community sharing the load. They will be releasing more True Earth scenery so this will be the reason for going this direction as True Earth are much larger files, they need to eliminate the bottle neck. Whenever they have a sale or a new release the server gets bogged down so this is nothing new, in a few days the demands on the server will drop
  14. Matthew Kane

    Panel views not working

    I am having the same problem
  15. Matthew Kane

    Simaddons - ........

    Simmaddons is a one man operation and Ralph does it as a labor of love. He is a very cool Swiss guy that spent time in my Canadian home province of Nova Scotia and fell in love with it, that passion for Nova Scotia is what led to him making scenery for FSX and beyond. As we all know with some third party guys they are smaller than others and lack the resources that the bigger companies have, therefore these things can happen. I wouldn't call it buyer beware just kind of like when you go for a coffee at a big chain in the city compared to going out to the country on a quiet lake somewhere and having a coffee, The big city chain is very efficient and the quiet place they may have to boil the kettle so you may have to wait a while. Small operations are like this in any business model so this is the reason for a bit of patience and realistic expectations on your part. As for the scenery I find they have a certain charm about them, they capture the areas very well and I have enjoyed the scenery he makes. You do make a purchase and when he gets time probably outside of his regular job he does activate it for you, yes this is not as efficient as other operations but like I said, Ralph is a one man show and it is kind of like waiting for that kettle to boil, still a good coffee though.