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  1. I would invest in your system first. No matter what sim you end up with the system is the foundation.
  2. I had the same experience with them. Completely opposite of FSPilot Shop. Now I try to buy directly from the developers. Carenado transfered my purchase also.
  3. The links to the manuals are in the Ops Center, if those are the manuals you refer to.
  4. I'm interested also. Does anyone run this with Windows 7? AS says it wasn't tested on that.. Thanks for the response.
  5. If you fly it once, yes it is expensive. If you fly it a 1000 times it's a bargain.
  6. Elite Air Taxi. http://www.flyelite.net/
  7. The Avsim community has helped me to enjoy my hobby and I have made a contribution in appreciation. Thanks to all the Staff and members!
  8. Initially , when I started exploring xp10 I found it to be frustrating. But I was awed by the rendering of the sim and the way the aircraft reacted to the winds and flight controls. For me it has a much steeper learning curve than FSX or P3D ( I have both). I hope you get it sorted out.
  9. Hi , I use the Warthog throttle in XP11. I haven't had issues with it. When you are in the throttle setting on the lower left you should be able to set up a profile for a particular aircraft. Perhaps set up a profile for the 172 from scratch and see how that goes. You might want to go over to the xp .org forum and look there.
  10. The basic specs look good , but.... Mother board spec?, whose cooling system?, The case doesn't look like it breathes too well, and the power supply spec. I was looking at an Alienware Area 51; they want $3400 for it. But I would say the one you're looking at is up to the task.
  11. I have bought this when it came out. It does have its issues. I think you can look at the general post in the QW forum and get an idea of the issues some are having. I have experienced FPS in the high teens to low twenties with stutters also. I run W7 with an above average system. Personally, I would wait until it's release for P3D mainly for the VAS hit. There are many good aircraft sims out there right now, if I knew how this was going to be I would have waited until V4 version was released. I'm not knocking QW but if I compare the 787 to TFDi's 717 response to their product's issues TFDi wins hands down. The 787 Dispatcher system broke after the first hot fix and has yet to be addressed ( 3 months elapsed). You have to load fuel through the sim along with some other issues. That is supposed to be addressed in the first service pack; release date unknown. The 787 has good potential but you will have to deal with some nagging issues.
  12. That money is going to the Maddog very soon.
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