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  1. Hi Guys, I also have the wonderful Aerosoft DA20 for FSX and would love to fly it in P3DV4.5. Is there anyone who could help me achieve this? Many thanks John
  2. Thanks for your reply. I only have the base pack installed at the moment and the installed version is 1.20.8396. The update version available is 1.20.8443. Yes the black screen appears for a second or so then disappears with the Operations Centre saying that "You have no notifications". However in the Menue on the left the notifications has the yellow triangle indicating that I do have a notification, which is correct! When I then check the version I can see the update has not installed. Seems from what you say it is either AV interference, or something wrong with my registry, or network. I am using w10 for virus checking so would appreciate any further advise in trouble shooting.
  3. I have a notification in the ops centre informing me of a new update to my 737NGX for P3DV4. When I select install update and OK I am informed that my product is being updated. However when I rerun the ops centre I still have the yellow triangle notification saying there is a new update available. What is it trying to tell me?
  4. Would appreciate if you could let us know how you get on.
  5. Thanks, but can't see any prices on the Brunner site or am I missing something?
  6. Wow, 6DOF that is some simulator and with VR and AFS2 it must be one hell of a ride. It will be interesting to learn about the price for such a system as it seems small enough to fit into my study:)
  7. That is a shame as I also have invested many thousands of pounds in an Emuteq G1000 panel,which is amazing for flight training purposes. However you can never experience the true joy of flying with this configuration, VR will not replace this setup but will enable you to really experience flying as if it is real. Try it out if you can first but I am sure you will be hooked once you try it.
  8. Excellent post J van E , it is so difficult to adequately express the wonders of flying AFS2 with the rift but your post will be very inspiring to non-VR users. I just hope that many more people will soon be able to join us lucky enthusiasts and experience real, I mean VR, flying.
  9. Spot on, an excellent and amusing explanation. It's so difficult to actually say what VR is like but, LOL, I think you will now have a number of people scrambling for a rift and a GTX 1080
  10. Glad you like it, the total immersion makes up for the reduced quality of the graphics but what a future there is ahead of us. Once you can fly GA aircraft properly in VR it is not a major step to then fly it in real life so this will really help anyone who wants to progress to this stage. It will also offer lots of fun along the way😊 Btw "squinting" is the word you were looking for.
  11. Yes but that is difficult when using the rift.
  12. Yes assign buttons, or Xbox joysticks, in AFS2 to eye position controllers. This reset Rift problem needs to be resolved but may require another sensor as you indicated.
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