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  1. Thanks Poppet, Will try all the best Gerry
  2. Hi Poppet, Thanks for replying so fast, I have a few ORBX products, NA california, some airports to be included in NA,soft clouds from REX etc. Fly safe Gerry
  3. Hi, I bought p3d v3 academic, 2 weeks ago and want to know how to install the fsx addons i have because some give the choice to load fsx or p3d v2. I dont' have the previous p3d v2 or 2.5. Do I have to create directories and rename them to be included in p3d v3 ? Thanks Gerry
  4. Hi John, Thanks for replying, I have also the Flight1 tech student and cockpit builder soft,which works perfectly as you said, but I'd like to use it in the flight1 citation mustang, which they don't support. So I had to go the mindstar solution. There it doesn't detect the buttons of the Emuteq and steve doesn't answer. Any help welcome Gerry
  5. Hi, I have an Emuteq G1000, FSX,and Win7. Problem : Some,not all of the keys from the G1000 are not recognized by FSUIPC, knobs well ? Steve from Emuteq doens't reply on my question. Anyone had the same issue ? Thanks and fly safe Gerry
  6. Yes, I mean the one FSX displays for aircraft selection. Thanks Gerry
  7. HI, How can I have the Mindstar Mustang picture in the main FSX aircraft selection panel ? Thanks Gerry
  8. Hi Topee, I'm also in the project of a Cessna mustang with Mindstar G1000 soft. When I'm a little further, I'l let you know. I started with flight1 tech soft but they don't support the mustang unless you buy the complete cockpit and pro soft ( $$$$$.$$) Will keep in touch Fly safe Gerry
  9. Hi, I'm using : FSX,windows 7, flight1 technical student soft + cockpit builder, Linda1.13. I'd like to assign the real pushbuttons from the MFD via Linda and an Leo bodnar BU836X device. flight1 doesn't seem to recognize this. I know I have to adapt the F1_keyboard.ini. file but what to put after MFD softkey1= ?. Any suggestion welcome Thanks Gerry
  10. Bonjour, Suite à une migration vers le G1000 plusieurs instruments à vendre à 50% du prix actuel. Excellent état. frais d'expédition vers la France 7eur. contact : verdrug@skynet.be Photo sur demande Merci Gérard
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