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  1. 75 m/s wind (145 knots !) from 160° with gusts from 270° flying a Robin, what did you expect ?
  2. Major Brian Shul's legendary SR71 "Speed check story". Enjoy 👍
  3. Hi Randall, Did you try setting the throttle to taxi, then with the mouse pointer above the throttle, left-click and keep it clicked and then simultaneously right-click once ? The throttle should then move to the right.
  4. Just wow! Great sim, plane, paint & shots. Thank you for posting them.
  5. Neither does he. He's just extrapolating from a random youtube video.
  6. Exactly the same issue here on Svalbard. Clear boundary between hi and low res ground textures. And yes, store and in-game updates done.
  7. Hi David, if you were in the last beta, load the Xbox insider app and leave the MSFS preview. Then lauch the store and the update should appear.
  8. An amazing job by Yves Pebayle. Remember the guys from the Simvol - ROTW (Rest of the world) freeware team for Fly! Fly! 2? Well, they are back!
  9. You can have as many addons as you wish as long as you use a program such as MSFS Addons Linker and only activate what you need for your flight.
  10. At one point, I was unable to download/decompress one of the bigger files of one of the updates, the sim locking up every time. Turns out one of my ram sticks was faulty even if Windows was running just fine otherwise, no warnings, no crashes. So OP could check his RAM as well
  11. Wrong. It's only about flights that would have taken less than 2 1/2 Hrs by train.
  12. Can confirm. I have a 32" 1440p monitor and a 24" 1080p one connected to a 1080TI. Plan-G and MSFS Mobile Companion App run on the second screen with no issues at all and no noticeable fps impact.
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