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  1. An amazing job by Yves Pebayle. Remember the guys from the Simvol - ROTW (Rest of the world) freeware team for Fly! Fly! 2? Well, they are back!
  2. You can have as many addons as you wish as long as you use a program such as MSFS Addons Linker and only activate what you need for your flight.
  3. At one point, I was unable to download/decompress one of the bigger files of one of the updates, the sim locking up every time. Turns out one of my ram sticks was faulty even if Windows was running just fine otherwise, no warnings, no crashes. So OP could check his RAM as well
  4. Wrong. It's only about flights that would have taken less than 2 1/2 Hrs by train.
  5. Can confirm. I have a 32" 1440p monitor and a 24" 1080p one connected to a 1080TI. Plan-G and MSFS Mobile Companion App run on the second screen with no issues at all and no noticeable fps impact.
  6. For those who who only downloaded the Microsoft store update and are flying right now, there is an ingame update available as well if you re-start the sim (probably the updated nav database)
  7. Same here. The link should be updated to https://www.flightsimulator.com/ Mods please ?
  8. Offline AI related ? As the European skies are rather empty these days, I switched from realtime traffic to offline AI and had the dreaded CTD without error message (Exception code 0xc000000 in the event viewer) on 3 TBM flights today. All 3 had the same symptoms: after +/- 15 to 20 minutes, a couple of short sound stutters, screen freeze followed by a CTD. Switching back to Live online traffic allowed me to finally complete a flight. Jean-Paul
  9. Tony, Not sure the SDK so "unfinished or immature" as some 3pd qualify it. If you haven't read it yet, please have a look at this thread. Well worth going thru the few pages. Jean-Paul
  10. Yeah, why not hang him while you are at it? It's a typo on a word not allowed texture in a word not allowed game! Frankly, this kind of attitude is what is wrong in our community!
  11. Another clickbait titled thread turns toxic. Well, colour me surprised...
  12. I have it running on my second monitor alongside Plan-G. What a great tool and so easy to set-up/use ! Thank you Martin!
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