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  1. Like the servers being cutoff in traditional MS style > The company that will spend 68.7 billion to aquire another, only to immediately lay off 1900 staff which cost the company 0.00000000000000000000000000001 pennies by comparison.
  2. Yep, Poor manufacturing QA to meet ridiculous delivery schedules, poor pilot training with right seat privaleges on commercial airliners now @ 100hrs, everyone wanting to fly across the world for less than the price of a taxi fare. The industry is now just a race to the bottom.
  3. The fake marketed renderings look fantastic. I'm sure for $104.95 the actual physical product is going to look like word not allowed.
  4. I have to disagree Dave. It all depends on the part of the world you fly. P3D is overdone by a huge amount.
  5. Nice looking results Ray. Thanks for bringing this topic to light. I have just bought ENVPlus to give these a try myself.
  6. No, they prefer careers in interior decorating, pushing everything they believe doesn't match your decor off the table.
  7. There are multiple data recovery software programs out there such as Minitool. You will get your drive back. Just dont format it.
  8. Those look good, cloud formations in general look good however static screenshots dont show the fringes of the clouds skipping and dancing around as they pass by your window due to whatever post processing asobo is using. It's not something that Ive seen in any other simulator title. It's a known issue that has also been put to vote on the main MSFS forums. It needs to get fixed.
  9. Your more than welcome to come and fly my sim anytime. I can certainly guarantee you wont be leaving saying thay look fine to me.
  10. They need to fix the clouds. Even with the cfg hacks the edges are brutal. Nothing worse than looking out the window admiring the ground scenery only to have the immersion smashed to a pulp as soon as you lift up your head.
  11. I wont tell you to go outside and kick the tires then 🙂
  12. Go to your downloads folder and delete the P3D V6 file that you just downloaded. Its a huge file and once you have set the program up on your chosen drive then you no longer need it. If you do want to keep it then copy and paste onto another drive other than c:
  13. With the lack of support for from 99% of developers I'm no longer open to the idea of fee'd upgrades. The 3PD have shown their hand. A fee of any sort wouldn't guarantee a timely release of any product IMO so I'm out. If they upgrade thats great, but I have tiny arms and super deep pockets towards any of these guys now much like a T rex trying to scratch its butt
  14. Not necessarily. Its definately a good troubleshooting step but the onboard gpu doesnt load up the power supply like a video card does. It could still possibly be a bad rail on the power supply but hopefully the new card fixes the issue.
  15. Double check that the GPU is seated correctly and also double check its power supply cables. Its a big heavy card and may have become unseated during shipping.
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