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  1. Movie scenes are great and going full defensive for an airline that would no sooner lose your luggage reminds me of a scene from Tropic Thunder Enjoy your weekend and thanks for the laugh.
  2. And it has never meant to be. You have misread everything I have written by a country mile. If you look back at my reply I simply pointed out the Bangkok accident, which either you didnt know or had forgoten about. I never once mentioned or implied anything negative about its safety record. All I have said is 3 things. well 4 if you include a little luck 1. They have had a crash 2. It was pilot error 3. You dont need a fatality for an accident to be called a crash. Any comparison of severity to any other accident has never and will never come from me in this conversation. I have no idea where you got that from. As I said Country Mile. Losing a cricket match to you should have won is embarrassing. Enjoy your Beer.
  3. I'm not really debating anything, other than exactly what you wrote..... Qantas has never had a crash. Well fact is - yes they have and that single accident was pilot error and cost a hundred million to repair Qantas has never had a crash v Qantas has never had a fatality. There is a big difference between the two but as Fluffy said Its been more luck. Looking at QF 747 ops alone, the Bangkok accident would have resulted in deaths or serious injury if the R/H uppdereck was used for evacuation. Then they had the Oxygen Bottle explode midair with the bottle not only penetratiing the fuselage causing a rapid decompression but half the bottle penetrated the cabin floor right at the 2 door. That could have just as easily hit a passenger ot flight attendant sitting in the seat with fatal results. I hope that clears things up.
  4. Thats not the point though is it. Not all crashes have fatalities but they are still crashes none the less. The aircraft didn't go off the end of the runway because it wanted to play a round of golf. Any other airline would have written that aircraft off. The cost of repair was almost the same as buying a new aircraft off the line. Only reason it wasnt was because it wanted to try and keep its reputation. If you search you can still find slideshots of the repairs, pretty impressive what the guys achieved.
  5. Except for the bankok incident which was 100% pilot error. 😇
  6. For every incident you give me caused by automation I can give you 3 that were purely pilot error and thats not even counting the near misses but I dont think we need to go there. I'm actually in favour of no pilot flightdecks.
  7. ATP Gulfstream II-III-IV-V.... See LOL..😀 I get what your saying but as passenger numbers increase, so too are the pilot deviation incidents. They are accuring far too frequently and only getting worse in nature. Even Data Comm with an automated taxi system would have prevented the near miss in New York this week. The technology exists. Its time for the change.
  8. The only ones saying we still need two pilots in the cockpit are the folks who chose a career as ..... yep you guessed it.. A Pilot. Keep pushing that button at 400ft for +250k a year and it will happen faster than anyone can think.
  9. @ray. Its not really about competing. If you look at the guys singing praise for the 13900K on the first page here you will see that they are runnning the 4090. The 4090 is able to constantly maintain frame rendering at less than 11ms which results in super smooth flying. Its the latest gen GPU and not the cpu making the difference here now. "It doesn’t have the 13900K yet but the i9-12900K looks to be a good match for the 3090Ti running at 4K. The 13900K can only be better, surely" Yes - But the offset is that it will only increase the bottleneck of the last gen GPU. P3D doesnt use E cores so unless your using the 13900k as a work computer as well, look at the 13600k with the 3090ti instead. Either way though you will be very happy with the upgrade.
  10. I did, I bought a 4090. In all seriousness though, a 8086K overclocked in to the + 5gz with a 3090 is a solid well balanced system. I have never been one to pull sliders all right and still havent. I also run triple monitors and VR so have never been CPU limited @1080p were a cpu bottleneck would really show up. 13900k + 3090 was definately ok but the 13900k was not really worth the upgrade price from the 8086K. in retrospect the 13600K/13700K would have been a better choice. It wasn't until I put the 4090 in that the system really came to life which is why I suggested the 13600k and 13700k from my experience and still do. You will definately see a huge performance boost with that upgrade if your currently running the 1080ti that is in your sig. If your still running a 1080ti though I would highly recommend putting the extra $$ that you would have put on the 13700k/motherboard/ram upgrade into a 4000 series (except 4070ti) as right now your flying experience will be getting hampered by the gpu. I would definately suggest you skip the 3080ti/3090 with the latest cpu's though. Ultimately AMD X3D/ Intel 13600k/13700K + 4080/4090 will = flightsim 😁
  11. Having an intergrated gpu has its advantages. For example if your upgrading to a UEFI motherboard with a nvme drive that was set as a legacy MBR, then you can at least give your forehead a slap when you figure out what is going on when the system doesnt boot. Ask me how I know 😀
  12. Not at this point in time when AMD is so close to releasing new CPU's for the AM5 platform. Either wait for AM5 X3D for a new build or take advantage of the sales of the redundant AM4 platform once they are released
  13. Thats the difference between AME's in countries that need type endorsements v's the US system. Or they were just messing with you 😀
  14. For the Op.... Its a remote light sensor for the CDS. You can buy one if you like https://www.ebay.com/itm/125687834687
  15. Which means you fall exactly into the category that Ray was refering to. You use an aircraft addon and a weather engine. That is not the Vanilla sim either.
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