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  1. Orbx central for sure. Its such a great app and now that they sell products from other develepers its easy to manage purchases and product updates. Also the $AUS has always been in the toilet compared to GBP so bank on it being somewhere close to 1/2. Has been like that for over 50 years
  2. Thats probably because although your post was well intended, most of us that now really enjoy VR started out on a bumpy road much the same as you did. Vr absolutely isn't for everyone, but its also not like going to the store and trying on a pair of shoes or pants that you can tell right away don't fit. Some can throw on the headset and go straight at it, most cant. It takes baby steps over a period of time and for me it was much longer than the 15 day return policy you referenced. Many posts like yours have been started over the years and not just in the flightsimming genre. It's not wrong advice, but personally I'm glad I didnt take it, so much so that I jumped on the Yaw Motion 2 kickstarter with the intent of only using it for VR. 15 day refunds or eventually being able to be thrown around like a ragdoll. That can be the difference of challenging opinions in an open forum.
  3. As I mentioned earlier, MSFS needs to be coded better for VR. This is the initial release though so hopefully progress will be made with the move to DX12 and future updates they have planned for VR
  4. Its not all down to computing power/image clarity. Flying VR in Aerofly FS2 is vastly superior in both framerates and image quality when compared to MSFS. The computing power is there... MSFS just needs to be coded better to utilize it.
  5. That has to be one of the worst commercials I have seen in ages. Perhaps the intent is dreaming of a sandwich? who knows!
  6. Do you have the keyboard keys to switch to and from VR mapped to a switch by any chance?
  7. I bought the one for the valve index and just positioned the straps around the speakers like normal. Fits great. I see they have straps specifically for the G2 now as well including the balance weights. I cant comment on the weights but they have good reviews.
  8. Nothing will ever beat the sharpness of a monitor or the convenience of looking at directly at your keyboard and joysticks. But the comfort of the vr headset can easily be corrected with a headstrap from https://www.studioformcreative.com/ These take the bulk of the weight away from your pressure points and make the headset more like wearing a hat. If heat is a problem you can also invest in a new face cover from https://vrcover.com/ I felt the same when i first bought a vr headset. Combined with a computer that was at minimum specs for vr I kept dropping framerates which induced motion sickness as well. Instead of throwing in the towel, I searched the web for improvements and now combined with those comfort mods and upgraded sytem specs I can sim with my headset for hours and really enjoy what vr has to offer. You may not be able to beat the sharpness of a monitor, but absolutely nothing beats the immersion of a VR headset!
  9. Could be an accelerated graphics problem. How are you driving the pfd dispay?
  10. Given the location and style of houses surrounding it, I would say it was a good decision. New developments is where the non conventional can shine.
  11. How many airlines, even on charter flights leave the fuel, payload, route requests etc up to the pilots? This is a flight dispatchers job is it not . If the pilots entered an incorrect value into the fmc or missed the weight discrepancy handed to them then its still poor airmanship especially for airline pilots, but nonetheless I think the error started before they even stepped foot onto the aircraft.
  12. Yes but unlike hollywood, the FDR and CVR tell the story thankfully. And by thanfully I mean automation, aircraft parts/systems and pilot training can be improved upon to make these accidents less likey to occur again.
  13. It was a rhetorical question as many here still solely blame Boeing for the accident.
  14. To point the finger at the pilots for one accident and not the other when clearly automation in one way or another was a massive contibuting factor to the outcome is rather hypercritical. As you said nothing wrong with automation and autopilot/navigational assistance so long as you know what to do if it goes awry. I agree with that.
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