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  1. Is that the training manual for Ethiopian Max pilots? Too soon ??
  2. The install media still doesn't help with activation of the product via the online servers though.
  3. I'm not at all suggesting ignorance by people. But to believe that a previous alpha build would also not be uploaded is a little naïve don't you think. A simple honest mistake of not reading the fine print and uploading a video with the belief that the NDA for MSF had been lifted is all it would take for the critics to latch onto. Although it's easy to read that my logic is about keeping everyone in line, dishonesty and all that which I can assure its not, but I also understand why the NDA may not be lifted in order to keep any critics out of the shooting gallery until the build can be put out to the usual youtube channels for review.
  4. You're right, but do you really expect that footage from an early alpha build would not be uploaded and criticized to the nth degree? Of course it would. I'm just as keen as everyone else to get my hands on this new sim but its 4 weeks, patience is a virtue as they say.
  5. On the Flip side, the next 4 weeks are going to fly by anyhow. Pun Intended 😀
  6. Perhaps this is the case for you. For 10's of millions of other pc users around the globe... not so much.
  7. Windows 7 which undoubtedly became the best windows version released by Microsoft has been installed onto computers using oem cd and then upgraded via windows updates for years. Even in this day plenty of people around the world still rely on a physical disk for initial install of software then online updates to bring it up to the latest spec. Aerowinx PSX - the best 747-400 simulator software is a perfect example. I'm lucky to live in a country where internet fees are cheap and download speeds are quick but their are plenty of other countries in the world who aren't as fortunate and updating software via a patch is a much better option for them so I have to respectfully disagree that its an antiquated delivery option.
  8. https://kr.xe.ivao.aero/download/charts/VHHX.pdf
  9. In his case with vsync on he was dropping down to 5-8 FPS which isn't going to be smooth even on a hyper computer. Clearly something is not ok with his setup hence the reason for installing this software and why he is asking for help as to why such a discrepancy. Do you have any suggestions?
  10. Yes basically the main p3d window is staying focused and on top when it shouldn't be. I cant remember but I think there is a checkbox in display settings under the resolution tab which is something about blacking out the desktop. Im not at the sim computer so unable to check. The issue your having is definitely something I have never come across so I'm just throwing out ideas.
  11. Did you use the calibration pro software to create the multiview frustums and viewgroups.xml file? With 3 projectors you should only be creating 3 _multicalib files that you will load into the display pro software and with the xml file placed in P3d you should only be seeing the 3 undocked views. If you are seeing the 4th then it may just be a matter of closing that view. If you did your warping manually the old school way then your "normal P3d main window" would be a single window stretched across all 3 projectors correct? If this is indeed what is happening the trick is to take that single stretched view to an external spot plane and zoom out as far as it will go. Then place your 3 L+C+R undocked views over the top of it and save that as your default scenario
  12. It was simply in the way that I interpreted your writing - multi-screen (actually multi-view) . At the time I simply took it to mean something other than view groups. I was obviously incorrect in that assumption (my bad) however I was never confused about the differences between the 2 and what programs can do what. I have tried every possible configuration over the years from complex multiple server/client to what I have now which is the KISS method and simply running the projectors off a single card. I hope this now clears that up. In regards to degrading the image, It does but not near as bad as it was when warping software first came out. Also with advances in projector resolution its negligible these days.
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