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  1. Nice! Thanks for the tip! Picked up the Metroliner - that price cannot be beaten! Nico
  2. I can see that you are excited - but as I mentioned earlier - I still would like to see something official from RAZBAM except their FB page with pictures taken during development. 4 days now and still no mentioning on the their homepage. No official release images, no videos, no dedicated product page (like for all their other products) - actually the latest news on their webpage is from 04.11.11 concerning their Harrier product. No official release info on AVSIM (or other flightsim-communities for that matter) - only unofficial forum topics like yours at different places. Also - other distributors such as Simmarket do not offer the Metroliner, despite the fact that they are offering other RAZBAM products. Same on The Flightsimstore. For a $50 purchase ... what's their plan here? The price is way higher than any other RAZBAM product so I would like them trying to convince me why that's the case. But no - one has to stumble over some unofficial forum topics to even know about the release (if you are not checking their FB regularly, like me - I am not even on FB - I did not even know they had a FB page, found it via Google). I would assume - with a release 4 days before X-Mas - that would be all over the place. Especially with a rather unusual and interesting plane such as the Metroliner. In my opinion - commercial turboprops are totally neglected in the native FSX world and I can imagine a market for that. I have to be honest here - smells fishy to me. Maybe I am missing out - but $50 for a blind buy.... no deal. The ones missing out here is RAZBAM. Don't get me wrong - I own some RAZBAM products and I am happy with these purchases...But that's just how I feel about it. GG
  3. Hmmm... would be interested in this one - kind of strange to me that nothing is stated about the release on their webpage - except when you go to the store. Only release info is on Facebook... They don't even have a dedicated product page or an image gallery and (according to FB) they released it 3 days ago. Bad marketing - especially considering that they obviously put some work into this simulation (at least what I can see from the pictures on FB). I'll wait and see... GG
  4. Thanks for the Repaints! Did a delivery flight for Atlas Air / Panalpina over at Active Air Source and was missing the Livery. Nico
  5. You are right about that, but as shown in your manual picture IAP can only be requested within approach airspace. However, the controller tries regularly to get you down earlier, even when it is not time to descend yet. That is actually problematic since that function seems not to consider the environment. Try landing in Almaty UAAA - RC4 will vector you right into the mountains. Same for some airports in the Andes. You HAVE to follow a proper STAR to avoid that problem if possible. Also - if you dont include the STAR in the flightplan for RC4 (unknown approach when planning) and you choose a STAR which requires a change in course (when not requested an IAP because most of the STAR courses starts much earlier than the approach airspace), RC4 gets quit annoying, because it thinks you are not following the flightplan. You can fix that by choosing an approach that is valid for any Rwy when planning and then just add the active runway , however not all airports have such "any rwy" STARs. I then usually choose a runway depending on wind direction while planning and choose a STAR accordingly. But if the weather changes and RC4 assigns a different runway the STAR is invalid. The only way to avoid RC4 nagging then is to follow vectors or to request "your" rwy - with the usual result that the AI gets in the way. Also you cannot get the active runway when >50mi from the airport (via ATIS information) - but depending on your FL, RC4 demands a descend like 80mi out, sometimes 100mi when FL 410. I never see that corresponding to an actual STAR descend profile. I dont know how the STAR operation is done in real live. I saw some videos somewhere, indicating that the pilots choose the STAR when setting up the FMS before start. I think that might be working with weather data when going on short trips. But long haul? Wind directing and approaches might changes underway... BUT: Apart from this, RC4 is a fine piece of software! Nico
  6. Nice topic! Purchases I regret: Wilco Evolution series (both Airbus and 737), I get horrible night lightning with Airbus and I find the VC of the 737 just bad. FScene - that just does not look right for my taste, got it on sale though... Ultimate Traffic 2 - this traffic injection system doesn't work right for me. A lot of Missing Airlines or liveries (in not so common destinations i have almost only generic liveries...), after a while traffic just disappears on long haul flights, needs an awful lot of tweaking before i got what i wanted and then had a problem backing up my changes - not at all was i was hoping for. However - Stuff i just love: Active Sky and Radar Contact! No flight without them! FSCommander Shade and Accufeel (fantastic little pieces of software!) ORBX and PMDG just leaves my mouth wide open again and again.... MilViz - their 310 and the Baron are close to perfect, same for everything from Realair. LatinVFR - really nice and interesting sceneries! They made me want to fly to not so usual destinations! Nico
  7. Thanks for your replies. Good to know i am not the only one trying to get along with the ATC.And thanks to Jim for the AI Smooth thing. Gonna try that out.You see - ATC problems on the ground dont bother me that much, since neither didnt i take off yet nor is the flight over, but after some hours of flight.....lets just say i get beer and turn on my TV .But here is my special ground control story:Im in a MD-11F - FedEx from PANC to KLAX, getting permission to roll to my runway. On the way i notice 2 other planes lining up behind me. Well - after rolling for a couple of minutes i get to my runway, prepare the plane (just get the flaps in position and putting in the giving altitude to climb for) and try to contact the tower - the other two planes kindly waiting at runway entrance. Then i get a control message: "please wait, MD83 has permission to start.." or something like that. Well - what was i suppose to do? Parking my MD-11 at the side and let the other plane pass? So - i pushback as far as possible, so the plane is barely on the runway. MD83 rolls on the runway and lifts off. I contact tower - get permission to lift off and then immediately get another message to wait for the other plane to lift off. ##### - i had it then and started the flight from scratch.Thanks everyoneGG
  8. Hi everyone,just started with FS2004 and i have a problem. I did some flights now and at 4 out of 5 landings there is a AI-plane coming in at the same runway at the same time. I did get permission to land and while monitoring my landing approach i see the ATC giving the same runway free to another plane. Since i have not seen any planes while approaching i switch to external view and there is plane (usually B737) pretty close - less than a mile off - approaching the runway. It is not like I am 10 miles out - but i can see the runway clear and i am on final approach - its just a matter of minutes to touchdown. Usually it ends either in a crash or i have to abort landing and do it all again. Even this is sometimes failing since the AI-plane is so close i hit it while aborting.At first i thought - well tough luck. Then I thought i did not get the runway right the ATC is assigning to me. Then I thought - well ATC knows what it is doing and maybe planes are landing that close - but i usually run into the other plane someway or another. No wonder if your are trying to land like 200 feet behind. I monitored that now very closly - sometimes i got permission and as soon as i confirm the permission the ATC is assigning the same runway to another plane for final approach. Sometines the AI is assigning the runway to a AI-Plane and then immediately is assigning the same runway to me. I do see the ATC orders for altitude and direction pretty early though. However - ATC is not putting me to another runway and is letting me wait somehow.What also is strange - my AI-traffic is not that much - but most of the time there is plane landing at the same time and runway. Even if the Airport has left and right runways - the second runway is never used. Now i counted these landings and like i said - 4 out of 5 landings are this way (did it 25 times with 20 ending up like this - hope the math is right) - and this is no fun after a 3 hour flight.What am I doing wrong? Is there anything i have to change in the FS settings? Although i doubt that this is only happening to me - i could not find anything concerning this problem somehow.Thanks GG
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