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  1. First flight with the new SU 5. Something has affected aircraft performance (at least on my Carenado Mooney). At the start of my descent (VFR flight), I cut down throttle all the way to 1/4 and the aircraft settled on a vertical speed of -150 fpm after I trimmed the nose up a little bit. IAS was down to 120 knots. This doesn't sound right. Before the update, if I cut throttle to 1/4 I would have to trim the aircraft nose up quite a bit to maintain such a slow descent, and I would soon get into the white arc (flap range).
  2. When you add up the number of pixels of my three 1080p monitors, it's almost as many pixels as a 4k monitor. So, even with the decent specs I have, I think my settings are too high. I have ultra and high on most things, some with medium.
  3. No airport scenery for KMIA (standard MSFS airport). The only city scenery I had in that area was the Miami night light mod but I removed it before my second test.
  4. I have 32 GB, Intel Core i9 (9820X), RTX 3080, running 3 x 1080p monitors. So, it’s not a top configuration but still pretty decent. The flight wasn’t long BTW. I flew from KPMP to KMIA.
  5. No CTD this time. When I was on short final got massive stuttering, but I guess my CTD's may have been related with MSFS trying to download scenery and render it all at the same time. Maybe it bottlenecked and caused the crash?
  6. Second attempt, second CTD. On the first one I had the Miami Lights MOD installed. Disabled that, but still got CTD. Now I am going to try doing a manual cache of the KMIA area and see if that helps. My thought is that the CTD happened both times when I got to a point where a lot of elements around the airport were starting to load. If this has anything to do with bandwidth issues, I am thinking that with the manual cache the problem won't happen. Trying to isolate the problem...
  7. I’m slowly learning how to fly the CRJ. Today I did a 500-mi IRF flight where everything went well except this: my cruise altitude (as determined by MSFS) was FL400. I climbed to FL300 smoothly, but once I got beyond that the aircraft really started struggling to climb. I lost airspeed quickly and even at max power I could barely climb. Finally I asked ATC to give me a lower cruise altitude and settled at FL300. What’s also strange is that the aircraft would struggle, struggle and then for about a minute or so it would start performing better. I’d gain a couple thousand feet but then it would start struggling again. I had power on the climb detent initially, only taking it to max when I started to hit this wall. Am I missing any important step? A setting or a procedure? thanks
  8. I think these game vs. simulation discussions are plain silly. MSFS is what you make of it. I've been flying MSFS with realism in mind, following VFR charts, doing proper visual approaches, etc. So, I am making a simulator out of it. I agree that IFR functionality is still lacking, but even with the limitations I've tried to fly it as close to reality as possible. I've had friends come over to play with my MSFS and made a game out of it: flew cruise speed a hundred feet from a neighborhood, pulled crazy maneuvers, hit the ground landing at 1000 fps... they made a game out of it and loved it.
  9. I like flying from Base Aérea de Santos (SBST), on the coast of São Paulo (Brazil) to Congonhas Airport (SBSP), the famous airport in São Paulo that is right in the middle of the city. Some things that make this flight interesting: Santos is at sea level, but São Paulo is in the high plains and there's a mountain range sort of around Santos. If you take off from SBST on RWY 35 in a Cessna, you won't be able to climb fast enough to get over the mountain range, so you can't depart direct and give yourself room to climb. If you take off from RWY 17, toward the ocean, keep runway heading for a little while over the ocean to buy yourself that climb distance. Weather often involves rain and clouds - makes it interesting. Congonhas (SBSP) is right in the middle of the city. There's a lot to see while approaching the airfield. There's quite a bit of live traffic because a lot of people like to fly there. There is freeware scenery for both Santos and São Paulo. If you are doing the opposite trip (SBSP to SBST), once you clear the mountain range, if you are landing on RWY 17, you will have to descend fast to make it to the runway with a reasonable altitude.
  10. This also happens to me, in an erratic manner.
  11. Is that done through the in-cockpit tablet or did you have to manually enter all the waypoints? Thanks!
  12. I decided to use the Aerosoft CRJ500/700 for my transition from GA to airliners. With everything being new to me, I am having a hard time following my flight plan because, as soon as I take off, the line on the MFD that represents the leg disappears - and I never get it back. Could this be a bug? Or is it something I missing in the initialization of the airplane? Thanks!
  13. This is so frustrating. Here I am on a 200-mi flight (VFR, GA), following the section and playing by the rules (avoid MOA, request proper airspace transitions, change altitude to avoid controlled airspace, etc.), and then right after I contact the destination airport to request full stop landing (about 15 miles out), I get a CTD. The whole idea was to "simulate" a real flight (not to play a game), but the most fun part (approach and landing) just don't happen. Oh well...
  14. Not to mention the fact that they milk 2 minutes worth of content into a 10-minute video to ensure they make more money.
  15. I feel like this is a very dumb question, but when I am browsing available products through the in-game marketplace, I can see the star rating but I can't find the actual reviews anywhere. What am I missing?
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