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  1. All four permutations give me about the same fps, give or take 1 fps. I have a Core i9 9820X, RTX 3080, and 32 GB RAM. I am running 3 x 1080 monitors.
  2. I run 9th-gen Intel i9 with an Nvidia 3080. I have three 1080p monitors, and ran Nvidia surround before SU10. With SU 10 and the updated Nvidia Studio Driver, I switched to multi-screen mode (using my 3 screens). I've tried DX11 with TAA and DLSS and then DX12 with TAA and DLSS (which makes 4 different combinations). All of them were mostly within 1 or 2 fps of one another. So, not really any difference. I was CPU-limited and I remain CPU-limited. Bottom line is that SU10 hasn't done much for me in terms of fps.
  3. Has anyone installed this game-ready driver yet (512.15)? It came out on 3/22/22. Any issues? Thanks
  4. I fly into KSAN a lot using real-time weather and I get RWY 27 9 out of 10 times.
  5. I get Azure text-to-speech disconnects probably every fifth time I play. I also get "your connection is too slow for photogrammetry" (or whatever the exact error message is for that) once every couple weeks. I check on my home bandwidth every time that happens and it is always at least 100 mbps. So, it must be a server bottleneck.
  6. Does anyone know if the weather radar is supposed to work? I have zero experience with weather radars so I don't know what I am doing. I see a lot of INOP buttons, but when I flip the top right switch to different positions I get something.
  7. I've been flying it since I bought it! My other go-to plane is the Carenado Mooney, so I guess I am a Carenado fan.
  8. I did a graphics driver remove with DDU, installed the previous Nvidia driver and did a one-hour flight with zero problems. Definitely seems to be isolated to the latest Nvidia driver.
  9. I've been a user since the day this FlightSim was launched. Never really experienced persistent CTD issues. I started with an AMD Vega 56 card and upgraded to an Nvidia RTX 3080 about a year ago. However, since the SU7 and the latest Nvidia driver update I've been experiencing CTDs on every flight. Up until today, CTD only happened after I landed and started taxing to the parking areas. So that was tolerable as long as I ended my flight on the runway. However, today I haven't been able to start a single flight because it has been crashing right during the flight loading process. I don't know if it is an SU7 issue, an Nvidia driver issue, or a combination of both.
  10. I LOVE flying the Mooney, it's my go-to-plane. But Carenado has not been stellar in fixing bugs and providing quick updates. The engine stalling on idle is only one of the problems. I also have an issue that causes the instrument/cockpit lights to go dark if you flip any electric switch. Not the greatest feeling when you are landing at night and on short final you turn the landing lights on and BAM, your gauges are gone.
  11. Does anyone who has flown the BD-5J recently made available in the marketplace have an opinion about the level or realism? I am asking that because I flew it for the first time today and I was able to t/o and land with no problem (of course, the landing was a little long but "safe"). Considering how little experience I have with jets, and how small the BD wings are, I was expecting a lot more difficulty flying it. It felt super stable and docile - not my expectation! Thanks
  12. I am still having issues with the fuel selector. It starts on OFF (although the engine is running), and I can't operate it. Fuel is coming from left tank. Also, electric fuel pump makes a very loud noise and causes the engine to stall. Finally, engine is stalling when idle. Anyone else experiencing this?
  13. I absolutely love my StreamDeck XL. The best part is being able have direct access to all buttons on the GNS530, GNS430, and the G1000 (haven't flown with the G3000 yet). When I fly the CJ4, I love being able to control the FMC through it as well.
  14. When I first installed SU5, my Carenado Mooney would have the speed brakes deployed by default. I was so confused because the airplane was flying like a dog, and then I noticed the speed brakes. For some reason the default is now back to normal.
  15. My update for the SU5 HF2 hung up at about 50%. Just wouldn't move. I finally gave up, closed the updater, opened again, and then it told me my installation had to be repaired. That led me straight to a full reinstall! Took hours. Then, I had to redownload all the WU's, planes, etc.
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