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  1. My setup is a bit messy but it works for me. Streamdeck holds a lot of the aircraft-specific controls. Since then I've added an Octavi multi-control that is very cool (not pictured). https://share.icloud.com/photos/031j5IQWxsMitGloFe4T9mM2g
  2. I had a chance to chat with Jorg at FSExpo. Really nice guy, very much into understanding customer feedback and being connected to the community. I asked him specifically about multi-threading in FS2024. He told me that they are indeed re-architecting some things to have more discrete processes so the title can better utilize multiple processors. He specifically mentioned that an area of focus is the separation of physics/flight dynamics processes and he expects FS2024 to make much better use of multiple processors. I mentioned to him that I have an RTX 3080 that is usually running less than 40%, while my CPU is completely maxed out. I told him that I am obviously not upgrading to an RTX 4080 any time soon because it won't make the product run much better (other than 40-series-only technologies that Nvidia has been implementing). His position is that the RTX 3080 has plenty of power for the flight sim, and I should not really need to upgrade it when FS 2024 comes.
  3. I fly the Carenado Mooney M20R pretty much exclusively.
  4. I am starting to plan my next full flight sim computer upgrade (AMD vs. Intel, what GPU to get, etc.). The one part that I don't understand is the difference between a nice, but lower end motherboard that costs $150 or so and the high-end one that costs $600 or more. I can see differences in the audio output (optical audio out) and the presence of Thunderbolt 4 ports... but those should not really make a difference in performance. And are they enough to make a motherboard cost 4x the price of the lower end one?
  5. Thanks for the thoughtful response. I wish I could do an upgrade on my existing motherboard, not just for saving the cost of a new motherboard but also the hassle of disassembling the whole computer for the upgrade. However, I am currently on an Intel i9 9820X and the maximum processor my motherboard will take is an i9 10980XE, which is expensive and only gives me a 5% single-core improvement. I've learned the hard way with MSFS that single-core performance is VERY important. Based on what I've heard I think moving to AMD may be a good idea.
  6. Thanks, I will try to move it there. I didn't realize there was a no-hardware rule here.
  7. To answer your question, I see myself upgrading every three years or so. I would have preferred to just drop in a newer CPU at this point, but my motherboard will only support up to 10th generation Intel, which means a single-core performance upgrade of only 5% or so for me.
  8. That's very helpful. I am exactly in that situation now: I have an i9 9820X and can't upgrade much beyond what I have with the current motherboard.
  9. I will soon go for a full CPU/MB/RAM upgrade and I can't decide if I go Intel or AMD. So here's a poll to help me decide.
  10. All four permutations give me about the same fps, give or take 1 fps. I have a Core i9 9820X, RTX 3080, and 32 GB RAM. I am running 3 x 1080 monitors.
  11. I run 9th-gen Intel i9 with an Nvidia 3080. I have three 1080p monitors, and ran Nvidia surround before SU10. With SU 10 and the updated Nvidia Studio Driver, I switched to multi-screen mode (using my 3 screens). I've tried DX11 with TAA and DLSS and then DX12 with TAA and DLSS (which makes 4 different combinations). All of them were mostly within 1 or 2 fps of one another. So, not really any difference. I was CPU-limited and I remain CPU-limited. Bottom line is that SU10 hasn't done much for me in terms of fps.
  12. Has anyone installed this game-ready driver yet (512.15)? It came out on 3/22/22. Any issues? Thanks
  13. I fly into KSAN a lot using real-time weather and I get RWY 27 9 out of 10 times.
  14. I get Azure text-to-speech disconnects probably every fifth time I play. I also get "your connection is too slow for photogrammetry" (or whatever the exact error message is for that) once every couple weeks. I check on my home bandwidth every time that happens and it is always at least 100 mbps. So, it must be a server bottleneck.
  15. Does anyone know if the weather radar is supposed to work? I have zero experience with weather radars so I don't know what I am doing. I see a lot of INOP buttons, but when I flip the top right switch to different positions I get something.
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