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  1. Nevermind- it's for MSFS
  2. Hi; I was wondering if anyone has tried Simaddon's newest addition; CYYJ (Victoria Intl.) And how well it integrates with ORBX PNW?
  3. i'll give it a try and see what happens. Thanks!
  4. Well, just to add to the confusion, ever since we were able to adjust FPS (was it with FS 2002?) I've always locked them at 30. This has been the practise with all sims, up to and including P3d v5.1, with success, yet some stutters while taxiing remained. As a "hail Mary" I changed my fps to unlimited and now, no stutters and guaranteed FPS of 23-30 with no stuttering. IDK; the sim may have MPD...
  5. Thanks for the replies. Yes, dynamic lighting has been a pain, but in my previous install (v5.1) I had it configured so fps at the gate were manageable, whereas now in 5.3, I can't seem to find an accommodation- so I may have to disable it, at least at Flightsim studio's airports 😞 As for 'motion blur', I purposely did not enable it because IMO it doesn't add anything worthwhile to my experience. Vehicle traffic is just above 0, so that flying over cities doesn't remind me of " The Last of US". As for the scenery config, I am reluctant to mess with it, because I have royally screwed myself (an the sim) before and had to start all over again. I did manage to squeeze 4 fps more last night. Small step for a man.
  6. After much adjusting and various rebuilds of my P3d cfg file, I was able to get v5.3 to achieve tolerable frame rates while at the gate (Flightsim Studios CYVR) Night FPS are a much different story; my initial fps before even powering the aircraft have dropped from 24 to 13. This is with a Ryzen 2700x 8 core, running at 4.1ghz. What am I missing? VRAM is at 2.5 ghz so it's not taxing the graphics card at all. Any suggestions?
  7. Well, I skipped the 5.2 upgrade but installed the 5.3. I'm not hating it, but I've also lost 3-5 fps in performance. Now, if one is getting 50fps, that's not a big deal, but if you're like me and are getting only 20-24 fps in VC view at the gate, then it becomes a little irritating.
  8. Active sky is not functioning in p3d 5.3 even with the beta version and the new installer. Anyone find a solution??
  9. Does anyone have a WORKING link to FSim Studio's DISCORD page? The link I have is no longer valid and they aren't to interested in keeping a customer base by monitoring their FB page.
  10. Hi; I did a cursory search and couldn't find my specific issue. I purchased and installed Active sky today. I noticed that Active sky, initiated at the same time as P3d v5, disabled SODE, and no jetways were visible at any air ports. However, by starting Active sky after my flight is loaded, the problem disappears, unless I change airports.- any ideas?
  11. Just to be safe, I cloned my C drive to another SSD. Also, I'm running a Ryzen 7 2700x 8 core. Looks like I'll wait for a while before upgrading; maybe forever lol
  12. All true! However I downloaded a config file for GSX that a user had created for LIRF and he replaced all the static jetways with ones from GSX. You had to delete the jetway .bgl from the original scenery library. His config had a lot of 'noseloader' jetways- I was skeptical, but when I looked at images of the domestic terminals at DaVinci airport, he was right.
  13. I have a question for other users (like me ) who are using Radar Contact v4 with p3d. I find it still to be a reliable and accurate ATC addon for P3d. My question is how do other users handle short flights? For example, if I fly the route between CYVR an CYYJ, it is about a 30 minute flight, but the algorithm which vectors the aircraft for an ILS approach, takes almost as much distance as the original flight plan. Anyone found a solution? RC users only, please.
  14. on further investigation, after watching a few videos of other peoples flights, there is no problem, the start up sounds are just quiet
  15. The actual engine and prop sounds are fine- I'm just missing external startup sounds. All the other settings you suggested are good. In the sound folder, the only .wav file listed is N1_sound.wave. I have no idea where the start up sounds are- other aircraft have them listed?
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