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  1. I still use radar contact. Still the best!!
  2. It's a sad time for our hobby. My first sim was FS98. During that period, there was also flight unlimited II, the Aerowinx 747-400, Fly and a few other sims. Never did I see such infantile tribalism as we see now. There was plenty of freeware available at Avsim and Flightsim.com. There were freeware developers, like Eric W. Ernst (who is sadly no longer with us) who took the time to design, and program panels that, at the time, were advanced. He always helped on an install if things went sideways. I honestly don't recognize the hobby today.
  3. I thought it was only for MSFS at this point?
  4. Yes, I am happy with 5.3 as well. Might not upgrade at all- perhaps even when v6 arrives.
  5. If people want to hate on P3d, go to the Flightsim Studios discord chat; plenty of BS there.
  6. /thank-you for adding absolutely nothing to the discourse!
  7. I use firefox, so I tried using Edge instead. Success. IDK why, but there it is.
  8. Hi; I'm delighted that Milviz has released many of their pre MSFS titles for free download. My problem is, that even with my anti virus disabled, the download either fails or leaves my with a corrupted version. Any thoughts?
  9. Hi; does anyone know what the update to Orbx Northern Rockies is? Last time I downloaded an update, it placed trees on some taxi ways.
  10. I still use Radar Contact. Still the best IMO!
  11. I had this problem about 6 weeks ago. It happened after I installed an update from ORBX, specific to their PNW scenery. It was a voluntary update, which included ADE objects to airports in the PNW. Shortly after, a grove of trees appeared on the apron at YVR (FSIM Studios ). It took some doing, because ORBX support basically shrugged, but if I recall, I looked in the ORBX library (or wherever you have installed your sceney) and in the FTX PNW scenery folder, there was a new folder named simply ORBX. This contained the new ADE objects. I deleted the file for CYVR and the trees disappeared. You might have a similar problem.
  12. Wow! Aerowinx really has transcended the ages. I remember first reading about the first version of this software when I bought FS 98.
  13. Only late November? Why such a quick beta period?
  14. Hint: P3d forum, not the Church of MSFS
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