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  1. TonyWob EGCB + Freeware released at Orbx

    Fabulous news - thanks Tony - will download this evening. cheers Peter
  2. No the native 3d dynamic lighting still works as normal with the Taburet pacakge cheers Peter
  3. Yes you do but it is not so noticeable from high altitude with the new extended lighting. The XP version of Taburet night lighting works with ortho. Luckily the Taburet packages coincide with most of my Ortho areas. It also seamlessly links with the native XP extended lighting when you fly out of the ortho area. Funnily enough I thought 'oh no I've wasted a few pounds' when the XP extended lighting came out ( I only purchased the Taburet packages about a week before XP released the extended lighting) but as it happens I didn't because of this ortho issue. Interesting that Taburet can get it to work with ortho - I guess Laminar will work it out. (No doubt Tony could explain the reasons why one works with ortho and the other currently doesn't) cheers Peter
  4. 11.20 coming to final

    Hmmm - I have an alternative view - is it that this is dependent on systems capability? Because I find that with the latest version: Ortho looks great - where there is no autogen the buildings and trees often look 3 D. The detail on the mountains around LOWI is amazing - I marvel, for example, at the how the crevices in the rock are displayed. Even the flat lands such as Florida look great because the details on the ground (e.g. stadiums and golf courses). I run autogen at one off highest, textures one off highest, HDR on and middle range anti aliasing and then set the FPS wizard to max frames. Oculus Tray tool is set to limit to 45 frames. I flew out of ORBX Meigs last night and the level of detail was incredible. The whole city was full of autogen and a steady 45 frames was maintained. I flew low along the highway ad 130kts in the stock Baron just to see how it would cope - smooth as butter. The lampposts were very disconcerting though as they zoomed by just underneath. Coming into land over the I then used replay and flew in ride along mode - that is an amazing experience which I highly recommend. Clouds are amazing (I use the native clouds) - obviously have to keep these pretty much to few or broken. I can read all the dials in the cockpit (even the baro reading although it is a little blurred) and can set the GPS using the Oculus controllers without leaning forward (i.e. I can see the airport ICAO clearly enough to set up a direct route). I cannot read the detail on the GPS screen without leaning forward but the magenta line is clear. Also the in cockpit 'iPad' is very useful and easy to zoom in. I am very fortunate to have a PFC C2 flight console which I know by feel so don't have to look at it - but if i do get slightly disorientated I can look down my nose and see all the switcher and knobs I don't get eye strain or headaches now the judder is fixed. Obviously it is not perfect because there is pixelation but it is not, for me bad enough to stop me using it 90% of the time, Some commentary would indicate that DCS is the current state of the art for flight VR - I think XP VR is at least as good (if not better when considering the amount of autogen) and of course the whole world is your lobster. cheers Peter
  5. Orbx Just Released Meigs for X-Plane

    Oh fabulous - great to see UK photoreal is a maybe - and pics of Liverpool too! Photoreal PNW and Netherlands - bliss. ...and Barton looks fabulous too Great great news. Meigs is fabulous BTW - and great to read that it is selling well. cheers Peter
  7. Orbx Just Released Meigs for X-Plane

    Great news. Purchased and downloading. Looking forward to seeing this! Hope you had fun working on it Tony. Edit - oh dear got a problem - will post on Orbx support forum - a "SystemAugmentationException" Edit 2 ..................although it appears to have loaded okay cheers Peter
  9. Some advice on VR

    HI Tony - I found this post helped me get XP VR performing better. cheers Peter
  10. Thank you so much Andras for your continued amazing contribution to X Plane. Donation on its way! cheers Peter
  11. Agree. Also if you watch the first emergency landing in the Cessna in this RL video, the reflections are reminiscent of XP I thought. cheers Peter
  12. X-Plane 11.10 Beta

    Very smooth. No stutters. Frame rates good. FMOD sounds on updated B58 are fabulous. Flight dynamics - really nice to fly. Ground effect seems to be fixed. Gauges seem to be slightly better quality. Really enjoyable to fly. Haven’t tested the C90 or 172 yet. Cheers Peter
  13. 11.05r2 is out

    Hi Rob, I have posted a few pics here of New York and graphic settings -I'm getting about 30 fps as you will see in the screen shots - so not sure what is going on with your settings. Add-ons are Carenado 208, SkyMaxx, DD Design New York, Ortho 4XP. 4k monitor @ 60hz
  14. Live: X-Plane Developer Q&A

    Yes you are correct - checked back to the FSCon video and he says next 6 months or so. Cheeers Peter