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  1. https://developer.x-plane.com/2019/10/x-plane-11-40b9-wrapping-up-the-beta/
  2. Hi Dave - it's all running fine for me too - windowed or full screen. I use ASXP as my weather engine and have X Vision 'Impressive' loaded......... but I am using Windows 10. cheers Peter
  3. Performance good for me as per post here https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/544218-x-plane-1130-beta-is-out/?do=findComment&comment=3943093
  4. Yes there will be a stable version. Sometimes there are two or three RCs before final.
  5. Thanks - 310 is one of my favourite add ons. Have it for P3D as well. More fluid in XP. Took a while to make a decent landing - can still catch me out. Doesn’t ‘float’ so needs some power almost to touchdown. Makes it immense fun as you definitely have to fly it all the way in. Great textures inside and out. Cheers Peter.
  6. Video as mentioned above - amazing flying experience - obviously not flown from this view. Recorded from Replay so no moving traffic. cheers Peter
  7. RC1 has made a huge difference in FPS for me. Running @ 1080, objects at highest setting, AA at highest setting, HDR, max textures, Orbx True Earth GB, UWXP on its initial preset and ASXP live weather (the UK today was thick overcast, rain/sleet in places pretty much across the whole of England), sim was locked at 30fps. It was smooth as butter over London even with full overcast and heavy rain - never been able to do that before. Everything just worked. I cleared all preferences, removed ASXP and UWXP prior to uploading RC1 then reloaded ASXP Connect plugin and UWXP. Love the fact that clouds are no longer see through at night. Flew from London City to Newcastle up above the cloud layer in the Milviz 310. Landing at Newcastle there was a 12kt 90 degree variable cross wind shifting between 100 and 200 degrees. Runway in use was 25. Very interesting landing with ASXP doing its thing. Will put a short video up later to show landing and Fraps showing FPS absolutely locked @ 30. Best flight experience I think I have had to date in any sim. Cheers Peter.
  8. Unfortunately not - work commitments and moving further away from L’pool made a real hole in my flying time - so just having fun flying here and there when I can. Have a 3 week break coming up so (weather permitting - haha) will be getting a bit of time in. But True Earth and VR is a decent substitute (although I can’t fly for too long in the mask - so hot!)
  9. It’s magnificent. I have just flown up from Goodwood to Canaerfon in North Wales. It is so well done - South through Central seamless! Off to Liverpool next, home of my RL flying. Probably then onto Walney Island and then over the Lake District and then down to Barton. 😀😀 Tony - remarkable artistry - thank you. cheers Peter
  10. Okay thanks Tony. I have 26 on one drive and 30 on another drive and so far have only downloaded to 26. So won’t bother with a mirror download. From the video, Liverpool is looking magnificent. Haven’t had a chance to try it yet but Strictly Come Dancing is on later so that will be me on the flightsim then! 😉. Can’t wait!
  11. If you download latest beta (7) it is all working fine. Frame rates seem fine too. I use 4K locked at 30 fps; tested using max objects with Orbx TE GB South - clouds few plus a layer of cirrus (using Ultra Weather app). Tested both day and night. Very smooth on my setup. cheers Peter
  12. As per title - downloading now. Download seems a lat faster this time - total time estimated around 2 hours Cheers Peter
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