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  1. Unfortunately not - work commitments and moving further away from L’pool made a real hole in my flying time - so just having fun flying here and there when I can. Have a 3 week break coming up so (weather permitting - haha) will be getting a bit of time in. But True Earth and VR is a decent substitute (although I can’t fly for too long in the mask - so hot!)
  2. It’s magnificent. I have just flown up from Goodwood to Canaerfon in North Wales. It is so well done - South through Central seamless! Off to Liverpool next, home of my RL flying. Probably then onto Walney Island and then over the Lake District and then down to Barton. 😀😀 Tony - remarkable artistry - thank you. cheers Peter
  3. Okay thanks Tony. I have 26 on one drive and 30 on another drive and so far have only downloaded to 26. So won’t bother with a mirror download. From the video, Liverpool is looking magnificent. Haven’t had a chance to try it yet but Strictly Come Dancing is on later so that will be me on the flightsim then! 😉. Can’t wait!
  4. CaptCWGAllen

    What happened to my Xplane?

    If you download latest beta (7) it is all working fine. Frame rates seem fine too. I use 4K locked at 30 fps; tested using max objects with Orbx TE GB South - clouds few plus a layer of cirrus (using Ultra Weather app). Tested both day and night. Very smooth on my setup. cheers Peter
  5. As per title - downloading now. Download seems a lat faster this time - total time estimated around 2 hours Cheers Peter
  6. CaptCWGAllen

    X-Plane 11.30 Beta is out!

    Beta 5 is out with performance apparently fixed - I have not tested yet. cheers Peter
  7. In case anyone's interested
  8. CaptCWGAllen

    Holy smokes!

    Just got mine up and running. Very, very impressive. So much detail and so well optimised....and the water masking works a treat. Tremendously impressed Tony - so glad you got to do it properly with the right backing - will spend many hours enjoying it. Deserves to be a top seller. cheers Peter
  9. Re the response from @Danklaue - he is the lead XP developer for Carenado (and also the Just Flight XP models) so he is pretty clued up on all things XP/Carenado 😏 I find they use more juice than the default but then they would - but they run absolutely fine on my system. cheers Peter
  10. CaptCWGAllen

    X-Plane Forum Changes

    Thanks Tony - a great idea. I don't know how you have time whilst recreating the UK! cheers Peter
  11. CaptCWGAllen

    FlywithLua errors

    No issues for me. cheers Peter
  12. CaptCWGAllen

    Can't find VOR DME X-Plane 11

    Whilst not my question, just wanted to say you're a good man Jan - always most helpful and informative cheers Peter
  13. CaptCWGAllen

    Farewell FSW

    Re ‘Froogle’ - to be fair Pete has been a highly regarded commentator and inspiration to the flight sim community. Back in 2016 he hosted Flightsimcon and had a speaker slot. This was the marketing at the time: “The speaker list features some of the biggest names in the flight simulation world, including Peter "Frooglesim" Wright, Austin Meyer...” Since then he has been a lot quieter because he has been involved in a start up business which I don’t think is anything to do with flightsim. He made a lot of very helpful videos for newbies and experienced simmers in the past. He also supported a charitable organisation for underprivileged kids in Florida where he lives. It gave them the opportunity to fly and use flightsim equipment. It was also used to help them learn technical stuff (e.g. Maths) in an interesting format. I donated my Saitek gear to them as it seemed very worthwhile. So I do have respect for him although I was a little disappointed in the way he tackled some of issues in the vlog cheers Peter
  14. CaptCWGAllen

    Farewell FSW

    Here in the UK 'Limited Company' accounts are public - anyone can access them through Companies House. Ltd is the parent company of Dovetail Games. Accounts are available for each year up to March 2017. They tell an interesting story, seemingly not a happy one over the last three years of published accounts, but one can only read between the lines . They do state that there is an outstanding royalty commitment of £1.32m within what's owed to "other creditors" for "technology being used in one of the Company's simulator products. This is a royalty based licence agreement which is payable in stages by 24-12-2018". One wonders whether the licence reverts if the last installment is not paid - and if so will it be up for sale again. We'll have to wait until 2017-18 accounts are issued this November. May of course be for something other than the ESP engine. cheers Peter