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  1. This is not me promoting EVTOL lol. Just another perspective to this ridiculous thread and for the aviation "experts" in this forum that inflate topics just to justify the sim they chose. This ia how real pro sims are used, nothing related to us, home users and probably way beyond of our expertise.
  2. Meanwhile, some real world aviation work: https://www.facebook.com/JobyAviation/videos/607813266851606/?t=11
  3. The test was done in a c172, how it flies is already known, an aircraft that exists. 2 students solve a test got an A+, one cheated and knew the answers, one got to the same results but didn't know the answers. Which student is better and better in what he does? If you are not able to comprehend the difference i'm talking about (which again, to us home uaers rarely matters), then i'm done, but please don't accuse me of "not reading carefully" since I perfectly explained with examples and now a metaphor.
  4. Link did not work here so thank you for the tl;dr. But, what was the point here? A proof for what? The actual compared results don't matter and NOT what i'm claiming. If you are trying to simulate how an *existing* c172 fly, then values will be similar overall, but both achieve this in a radical different way. Read: If you are trying to learn how a prototype *will* fly in reality, x-plane will help predicting close enough + available research tools.
  5. Did I claim that? I gave literal proofs, go to nasa's github, look for the tools that hook to x-plane. There is no denying here, if you want a link i'll provide. The same for BETA technologies, LR even (not LM btw) proposes related job applications for 3pds, claim for a fraud? Does it matter for an average pilot who logs hours? No. Does it matter to innovations trying to make the machines we use safer/better? Apparantly yes, and they even manage to succesfully fly in reality. I mean, what other proof is needed in this discussion, more than an actual real life prototype tested in x-plane and then tested in real life, a job appilcation in washington airbase that LR offered a few months ago for the simulator used there, and another one by BETA tech a few days ago?
  6. Not really getting what are you trying to say, did I say xp is the only one suitable? The short answer to reality that it is used, as other simulators/tools developements, for real life designs, by real life companies including NASA, that does some research otherwise all those "hook to xp" tools would have not exisited. So they use ONLY xp? probabaly not, is xp perfect? No too. Is xp much better than msfs for the tasks above? A resounding yes. This is where, IMO the line between a simulator vs a game is drawn, and it is obvious with LRs latest job offers for those companies, i dont think LR literaly offers work for DC air force base as a "marketing strategy". A home user will mostly care that his cessna rotated at 50 knots, no matter how achieved by the simulator. A developer who wishes to build an aircraft, needs a whole seta of tools and tech, that xp, unlike msfs, provides.
  7. I do agree that for home use the line between a simulator vs a game is vague. But then one can ask, which one is used to develop real aircrafts? MSFS? Or p3d/xplane. For the most part for as home users it does not really matter, for research and development it does.
  8. Aerosoft claims x-plane scenery sales are not really affected, this includes other aircraft developers that claimed the same (some claim even higher sales). So it depends on what kind of addons we are talking about i.e x-enviro stuff may not be worth buying for now.
  9. x-plane 11 was announced 4-5 months before a stable release, couple of months before public beta. Correction: it was on flightsimcon2016, started with 10.50 beta then they talked future features, what eventually became x-plane 11. So not even officially announced until almost public beta was ready.
  10. A new hud in v12 probably (posted about a month ago), as ben supnik confirmed no new features for v11. My guts feeling is the fsexpo laminar presentation will be a major reveal, it's also what they did with v11 release when they introduced PBR, the european autogen etc..
  11. Flight model is the same, difference is projection and other unlocks for hardware like real garmin units. Also performance checks, vulkan was really needed.
  12. I will not talk more about x-plane since people are a bit sensetive here. But yes, aerodynamics are a part of it and there are specifc powerful tools that come even with the home version of x-plane, but also, getting a flight simulator flexibile and open enough to support this kind of developement is something really to no underwhelm, whenever I see MSFS (including their marketing team that claims it is superior) it kinda cringes me due to reality literally proves them wrong. All I did is support my claims compared to a quote that vaguly quoted another, there is no reason to get mad (no directly to you). Now i'll go..:-)
  13. I responded to a quote that compared to x-plane.
  14. Although not an official "x-plane 12 is coming", couple months later though, we already got a tease for a new native HUD (no new features are coming for v11..), they are still silent though on graphics stuff probably kept for the major announcement (my bet is june in fsexpo).
  15. I have no idea why are you to deny the fact that people designed and simulated real aircrafts before their first flight, on x-plane. instead trying to nitpick. Latest known one is evtol by BETA. Ask them, not me.
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