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  1. This is a comment made by Sidney Just, one of the main rendering engine developers: My kinda thread... Let's talk about CPUs first. There seems to be the myth that clock speed = king cuz single core perf, but that's not really true. Clock speed hardly says anything these days anymore due to the way that CPUs are designed. Imma spare you all the details, but there can be significant perf differences between equally clocked CPUs. So don't go out buying CPUs based on clock speed alone. More cores is probably better, even though the super awesome multi-core rendering tech isn't going to be in 12.0 yet. But it's on the horizon, so if you buy hardware today, buy yourself something that you can be happy with tomorrow as well. The big engine re-architecture is planned as one of the big features to come in one of the first major v12 updates, we got a pretty good idea of what we want to do here and a lot of the tech already exists. That being said, 12.0 itself doesn't make any big major leaps here in terms of CPU core usage, so you are still quite well off with a CPU that can do well in single core benchmarks. GPU wise, before y'all panic, yes, more things are now done on the GPU, but this is a good thing. X-Plane 11 was terrible at fully utilizing the GPU, leaving a lot of idle time on the table when it could do work. For example in v11 we did water FFT calculation on the CPU, and you can see it easily take 8ms of multi-core CPU time. This is great if all you wanna do is see task manager go a little vroom, but for v12 we are actually doing more FFT calculations on the GPU and it does it in... 700 microseconds. So about an order of magnitude faster. It also does this calculation at the top of the frame, when we don't render anything yet because the flight model is still trying to get its act together. So in this case we moved something from the CPU that was super inefficient to the GPU where it can be calculated much more efficiently than before while absorbing time when the GPU was traditionally idle anyways. GPUs are really good at crunching lots of numbers, so that's where we moved a lot of the graphics number crunching. Plus the advantage is that there is no transfer necessary at rendering time to tell the GPU about the numbers that the CPU crunched What this means: 1) 12.00 is about using *unused* GPU resources right now + moving heavier graphics features for the GPU, just like any modern engine. This means LR are targeting current free gpu resources hence better graphics=same performance *given you are within the new reccomended specs*. That's what they are targeting, while you give half of the information, you should also mention optimization has not even begin yet. 2) Next, one of the first major updates (12.1 maybe?) will finally unleash the new multi threading architucture. This re-architcture will probably be way beyond what MSFS dx11 can do in terms of cpu times now, and MSFS still has a loooonggg way to go before even getting dx12 stable, Asobo said that it will take several Sim Updates, not just the incoming one, several. x-plane on the other hand is well beyond a stable new API phase, they did that in 11.50. So if I were you, I would not under-estimate what kind of performance x-plane 12 will have in it's first release and the next gains that will happen during the 12 version run, mainly given the fact it is Vulkan/Metal ONLY from 12.00. So you guys can keep talking about "technical debt" for the rendering engine, while very soon it will be the other way around and will rapidly increase the as they unleash the new multi-core renderinf.
  2. This is exactly what I meant when I wrote "analyze every letter", what matters not out of context and not responding in these forums can be 100% understood to to borken attitude. Talk facts: Can an A320 pitch up more than 15 degrees fully loaded excluding light weight TOGA? A simple yes or no that you are failing to answer. Did anyone of you tried the procedures he wrote for replica and test himself?
  3. But he did communicate it, otherwise where did I take this quote from, are you serious?🤨 He said the FENIX will do that fully loaded which inaccurate, you gave a TOGA light weighted TO and it clearly says that in the title + the comments.
  4. But I just quoted him writing an exception which the video you guys posted 100% prove it... Have you though people might not find it worth to respond when others are mocking them and calling them dishonest???
  5. Where? was it the same TOGA video above? You can even go ahead read the comments from 10 years ago in this very same video you guys posted and realize he WAS actually 100% right... a TOGA light weighted takeoff...
  6. Yes keep attacking personally. Yet no one here actually proved he is wrong...despite giving everything needed to test and reproduce. Diehard is you guys projecting on others 😆
  7. @ha5mvo You've done it perfectly. You wrote exactly *what* is wrong, *what should happen* and then *how* to reproduce it. A 100% PERFECT bug/inaccuracy report that any developer would actually love. You are right, none of those who commented to you are even interested to read and comprehend. Note how on one hand they go personal and ignore your report due to not being credible in their eyes on the other hand they quote Ubaid Mussa the guy who runs inibuilds (I very much like their planes) but not even a developer himself and is clearly doing what any guy who runs a business is doing claiming his last shiny toy is always better. This is just a tiny minor example of the lack of consistency in their claims. Or that other guy who teaches his students VFR based on un-documented map elements as a good practice. I see you have some mileage in these forums; Avsim is no longer a place to learn and truly discuss aviation like it was to be. Its a place where if you even dare to criticize one's beloved choice you are immediately a discredited + a cult member and expect to be mocked (what they call "pushback"). Its kind of like what this world is now, constant cynicism with no other views than your own acceptable, they will try to analyze every letter you write and at the slightest opportunity they will take your quotes out of context deliberately and ignore all the other stuff you wrote. These tactics are well known, no one is fooling anyone's intelligence despite they think they are outsmarting anyone. But for what its worth, there is a reason for Avsim user numbers generally going on a down trend. My suggestion is just let them believe what they want, some of those who call you dishonest person are 2020 registered just when MSFS was released and constantly pushing promotional content....You do your own 1+1 🙃
  8. Yes this kind of detail is mentioned. He gave decimal vs point as an example.
  9. Agreed. Austin had airbus pilots to test it per what is said in the interview & the last loooooong flight model report.
  10. Just to add it was mentioned that Philip is working on it, but indeed a small chance that it'll make it to 12.00. Hopefully not too far down the road, anyway i'm sure the A330 will have a "zibo" treatment by the community as well. What i'm mostly interested in is to test Austin's FBW, this is something I recall was mentioned a long ago in one v11 QA.
  11. Have you thought that it may be...due to the constant cynicism of users like you? Recently we had some very nice discussions about MSFS scenery as well in the x-plane forum. I wonder why, maybe its because your kind this time chose to not chime in with their borken atittude. P.s. lets go blame me for derailing this thread🤣🤣🤣
  12. Note how you revert to personal insults, you seem very angry, maybe the classical dig your own hole when you are wrong behavior just hit you. No worries as I have a very thick skin coming from a very conflicted middle east conutry, but definitely not helping your case.
  13. He said inferior product and I gave my views about what is important to a product that is aimed at flight simulation, hence talked about all the other stuff. Kinda astonished I have to explain this, don't twist my intentions. He did not say "inferior graphics". Both statements either way are about an unrelesed product, with no point other than keeping a narrative. Now move on from this nitpicking, im not the one calling people rabid dogs and cult.
  14. More selective reading... "For me, XP 12 will always be an inferior product..." If thats not a biased one about an unreleased product there is no bias in this world. Keep trying to mock people's intelligence by choosing ehat to quotr based on your position and think its working, all good😂
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