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  1. mtaxp

    Cities and sunsets

    Holy S**T Gotta admit that it took a few momments to realize that this XP11
  2. mtaxp

    XP11 cloud ground shadows?

    They do.. but the shadows are too bright, you need adjust the dataref using datarefeditor
  3. a new 3d water engine is already in the works, a "preview" (was more like a funny bug) was posted on the developers blog. probably will come during the run of V11.
  4. This "problem" (it's intentional, I think) happens due to a limit in roads loading distance. Xplane places street lights automatically nearby roads (depending on the road type), if a road in the distance isn't calculated yet, then obviously street lights won't be loaded. The REAL limitation here are the roads, the solution is loading roads for a higher distance, but keep in mind it'll hurt performance. The best solution is a slider for roads, I guess..
  5. I read on one of the comments of the blog that LR are working on a code "that never have stutters". I guess it's about stutters that mat occur on loading scenery, and most likely means FPS improvements. Maybe for XP11, with al those new features im sure there will be engine improvements in terms of performance.
  6. I dont think that DTG uses PBR.PBR will give XP11 the look of new modern games like GTA V, it IS "As real as it gets" in terms of graphics.
  7. Default clouds have so much potenial, they can create awesome formations. 2 problems which I think are basicly related to each other: 1) only 3 layers 2) no towered clouds Maybe V11 will fix those limitations, I sent to Austin an email a while ago and he said it's actually on the to do list IIRC.
  8. The problem isn't actually the lights, it's the distance which roads are being loaded too. Street lights are auto-generated nearby streets (contorled by , if the street isn't loaded -> lights are also not. That's why hand-placed lights (in a custom scenery) are loaded to the far distance and those auto-generated lights stop somewhere after 10 miles or so.
  9. They never talk about what's coming to next major versions until a few monthe before release. But I guess if they already have working demos , and a major version should have some new big features , it makes sense that those stuff are going into V11 , but it's a pure speculation by me :-) BTW , in one of the betas in 10.40 IIRC , they included by mistake a folder called interface11 and in the next update they removed it , this can be a hint LOL Well I guess they'll also optimize stuff in the rendering engine to make performance better (use more cores on the cpu for rendering calulations etc..)
  10. mtaxp

    [XPL] 737-200

    Sorry for this late comment.. Just wanted to say that your skycolors looks awesome and I hope you'll release those :-)
  11. Nice video! Where did you found cameron's quote about this 737? Maybe IXEG started working on an NG alongside updating the 737CL ??
  12. To try to achieve a photorealistic look FSX/P3D developers uses stuff like baking and cube maps (which consumes alot of resources and time) While it can look awesome sometimes , most of the time it'll just look off. FYI Xplane has a plugin that can add this kind of reflections , FF767 and dden's Challenger 300 have this. PBR basiclly memics real physics and has an effect on everything , in the presentation Ben was focusing on the reflections on the aircraft , however you can see it makes the trees/water/buildings/asphalt/concrete look more natural. So it'll look natural no matter what time or weather ,the final result is much more accurate comparing to what you expect to see in real life. And developers don't need to do all of those baking stuff... This is a better quality and audio video for the new features part:
  13. As I understood from the video... it's not a "half way to real Environemtn Reflections" , it's the hall package. It gets wayyy beyond what FSX/P3D has to offer in this term. Although they look great at some situations , FSX/P3D lightning and reflections looks too cartoony at many other situations. Although the screen shots aren't shown at their best quality through the video camera , I can't emphasize how stunned Im by PBR and it behaves EXCATLY how it should in real life , in different time and weather conditions. 2 Of the 737 pictures were on a sunny day , colors are no longer washed-out , it looks like a true sunny day. Then comes those amazing sunset pictures , not too dark anymore , with colors and reflections are perfect. The cessna pictures are on a gray cloudy day , and again , it looks awesome , not too dark and washed-out colors. Evrything looks my eyes expect it to be in real life Graphics-wise , XP with PBR will easily outrun FSX/P3D/DTGFS or any other simulator... Finally a simulator that looks like modern games! I hope the pictures they showcased will be released to public in full quality.
  14. XP with PBR and ambient occlusion will just kill any other simulator graphics wise.. In terms of lightning and how objects will appear , it's what games like GTA V are using , XP looking like this is a dream comes true! Everyone should be excited , even those who are on FSX/P3D , finally a simulator that is a true "Next gen". Although they didn't talk about times , if they can show pictures it means it's in a very advanced development , so I think this will most likely be V11.
  15. mtaxp

    PMDG777 Xplane

    There is a list of things that'll not be in v1.0 but will be in next versions. also not in v1.03 because all updates for now were hotfixes for bugs.