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  1. I'd say that CPU is more important than GPU if you're going to use 2560*1440, GTX 1070 TI or GTX 1080 TI will be more than enough to cope with that, in my experience CPU is the crucial variable with sub 4K resolution. I have an old 6600K @4.3 Ghz with an extra old GTX 770 4Gb with a 35" 3440*1440 monitor and I honestly don't feel a huge need to upgrade right now, of course I'm tight on VRAM when using Ortho4xp and I have to set textures 2 level lower.
  2. Amazing it's great to read, but Can you elaborate more Kurt? Amazing for wind conditions? Transitions? Clouds settings? Framerate? Thanx
  3. I own 2/3 of them and all are good choices, especially Corfù, Nice, Innsbruck, Oslo. I did not buy Rome because I was disappointed of the missing new terminal and I did prefer to work on a conversion of an FSX product. By the way it really depends on what you're still missing, for example EDDF by Aerosoft is better than EGLL in my opinion or LEBL Barcelona is more attractive than a medium one like SAlzburg or Luxembourg.
  4. @Colonel X Let me be skeptical about any screenshots where FPS is not displayed or where the devs state clearly that the current test version needs a lot of optmization. Long range screenshots with Sky Max were mindblowing as well but when trying to reproduce the same on my system I had a huge FPS hit. Nothing against those product, in fact I owe both but I've grown less optimistic than years ago about hype.
  5. Speaking about mesh I read Ben is favourable, or not against, to a custom mesh local variation at loading time, that would be a real improvement for scenery designers. Hope this gets a high priority. Something like adding a local data for height data and XP takes care, while loading the scenery, of implementing the new data in the current tile mesh. Hope I have understood correctly? Anyone knows more about this?
  6. You don't need to deactivate anything, your XP11 license will work for both in case you decide to reinstall XP10 in the new PC as well. If you bought XP11 on the LR site there's a download link for the installer, run that and will take care of everything.
  7. I'd like to take this new monster one by Aerosoft by I'm scared about FPS with my weak 770 4Gb , waiting for some opinions on performance. The cost is in the upper range so I don't like to waste money before updating the video card next year.
  8. Well I think that Orbx has a clear picture of what they can port to XP and what is useless and non profiteable. The fact that all PR3D people said "wow that is amazing" looking at Ortho4Xp+W2XP images speak for themselves. They could improve the buildings and trees look but I'm not sure there would be lot of people willing to pay for them. Instead complete detailed airports have more appeal in XP world. By the way there are two things I like more than flying (regarding flight sim of course): spotting AI planes at busy HUB and forum speculations about Orbx&XP11 :) And I agree with Tony about the worries of price increase: new aircrafts all sell at 70/80 € more than the sim itself, this is enough crazy for me, we end up paying more for the package than the product included in it. But it's not a trend of this hobby only: I'm always shocked when I use to pay an original toner 60% of the whole printer cost nowadays. But there it has some sense, the producer of the printer and of the toner is the same, here we leave crumbs to poor Austin and the loaf to third party devs.
  9. And to be honest Rob's words sounded wise and correct. I think that many believe flight sim have the same arena of WOW or Heartstone, well let me assure that numbers are not even 1% of that so we need new people everyday to make this niche "game" to prosper. Let's face that Xp until version 11 was not the best attractive sim out there, I would not start a crusade against those who still like other platforms.
  10. Agree, I think they need to begin porting existing material with little development costs and let the Xplane audience to increase before doing anything revolutionary. And this not only applyes to Orbx but to any developers coming to XP from competitive sims. You cannot invest large amount of money if you cannot rely on a probable return on investment and right now this is not the case with XP although the tide is turning.
  11. Fun indeed that one of the most followed news site focused PR3D/FSX has right now 4 news over 6 dealing with XP11, that must tell something.
  12. This sounds the best advice for me, given recently we don't have a shortage of new products to enjoy with. There's always a good amount of free testers ready to do the dirty job.
  13. I would add World Traffic and Pilot2ATC in the hig-caring-for-customers club. You really feel as your request are taken into high priority.
  14. It looks like Xplaners will run out of cash sooner than later, Prestwick released, Custer with the whole area "Orbx-style" covered for imminent release at X-Aviation, Toronto Pearson and finally the announcement that IBlueYonder has started converting for XP11. Looking for news at FlightDeckX is now a daily pleasure. Good times ahead for those with plenty of income... ;)
  15. I guess you have 228 slots to save plans, at least this is what I read in the USED 129 EMPTY 99 line, but nowadays a MicroSD to expand memory costs really few bucks
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