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  1. The feeling of depth is completely destroyed by the blurs at even medium range. XP more realistic in this sense. FS2020 superb at close range but terrain further is so confused...I hope they will fix this
  2. This just shows how ridiculously easy is to land a plane in a flight sim at the first try
  3. Not sure you can do anything about that, roads over mountains need a procedural terraforming to simulate a correct slope. Not the scope of this sim I'm afraid
  4. What we really need is an automatic way of disable trackIr for some view, like it works in Xplane for the payware camera addon. I find annoying to press the keyboard key each time I want to look at pre-saved camera zoom (mainly for gauges and AP) with TrackIr activated is hard to select knobs and turn them. I don't know any way to map a Yoke button to the disable TrackIR function inside the sim
  5. Thanx for infos, I still think that was intentional and linked to the bandwith demand such a huge number of players have put on server.. But it's just my feeling.
  6. No doubt a decrease in the visual aspect has been introduced with last patch (lod, tree density, water look) and since to me Fs2020 is right now mainly a VFR low experience I can see I'm not happy but...but the overall rendition is still much ahead of competitors and I must admit if this was realease one I'd still be satisfied. I really hope they can bring back the visual settings of august release.
  7. Same here, but since aircrafts are screwed at least we expect that they don't ruin the scenery which worked fine.
  8. Same disappointing of the OP, IF this is the trend with patches, I guess soon I will make some empty room on my SSD. I swore not to buy games thought for console as well, made an exception for FS2020 but it looks like a mistake. Blur and poppings of trees/buildings at medium distance is so annoying while before at 200 Lod was quite good. With serious aircraft postponed to end of 2021 the picture is quite sad.
  9. Right now this is the way to enjoy FS2020, landscape, complaining on other aspects means going against the tide that Asobe set...Then when TPD will deploy their weapons we could have something else, but now...just enjoy sightseeing
  10. Offline traffic is the way to go, with pre scheduled routes. Beside that Right now real traffic is under par and we all like packed airport.
  11. I've read that unfortunately with FS2020 gain is minimal compared to 2080Ti, much better with most of other games. Hope they're wrong because I'm planning un upgrade as well.
  12. Same here, cannot see 787 and some others anymore. Very annoying when you paid full price. I haven't touched anything in aircraft folders.
  13. I could not see any highways in that movie, anyway it looks like people love overdone effects, I just think they are too gamish and XP11 captures nightlife much better, not to mention the emissive light from ground texture at night, not really what I see on my night flights.
  14. I meant that in XP11 there was a fix to make white like in real life, not sure about UK though. Default XP highway lights are orange like in FS2020.
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