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  1. maybe less time explaining on streams and videos what they plan to do more time on actually fixing and implementing patches that don't break more than they fix perhaps FS2020 will stand a better chance
  2. My experience so far is that the sim has gone backwards since launch. With every patch, more things seem to break and performance degrades further. It's absolutely appalling how Asebo can get away with this garbage in 2020.
  3. This guy is the perfect example of modern day gaming industry stockholm syndrome. Just because the practice of releasing broken games is common doesn't mean it's right and we as gamers should accept it. People like that are the reason why such garbage practices are deemed as acceptable.
  4. From my own experience, all the supposed "live" features are terribly broken currently. Live weather doesn't load accurately. Live AI bugs out with AI aircraft disappearing suddenly and appearing out of no where again Why did Asobo even market these features if they don't even work?
  5. The autopilot on the plane is broken, along with a myriad of other issues with flight model, sound, etc. Testers have complained since alpha but nothing was done by Asobo.
  6. Judging from the time they needed to produce that joke of a patch... I'm not hopeful I'm willing to put money on betting Asobo have already shifted their attention to other projects.
  7. Judging from the way Asobo pushes out updates for the sim, I am not at all optimistic for the future of FS2020 2 weeks to fix download issues is a joke when they have 100+ people in the development team. Most likely Asobo have already shifted their focus to other projects given the awful launch of FS2020.
  8. The issues mentioned in the patch log should have been fixed with a day 1 update. If it takes 2 word weeks to fix download issues, God knows how long it'll take Asobo to fix the real issues plaguing the sim Flight model, stutters, missing airports, broken mesh... The list goes on Seems like FS2020 is truly dead on arrival with little support in the future.
  9. You answered your own question. It is a joke. And the punchline comes from the people saying "it's ok they know what's wrong" Doubt Asobo will fix issues such as flight model and stutters anytime soon, if ever.
  10. Zoom in and open your eyes You'll have your answer if you're truly an aviation buff
  11. If Asobo didn't feel it was necessary to fix something that was broken for decades, it's quite clear they won't do anything about it in the future. Anyone hoping Asobo will do miracles to fix the flight model needs to face reality.
  12. other than the "Development update" on the 20th, has Asobo communicated any release date for upcoming patches or hotfixes??
  13. Anything more than a year is a miracle for FS2020. Microsoft could very well shelf this within the next 6 months and fire Asobo. Like what they did with the FSX team.
  14. We have threads like this with OP gawking over 20+ fps in the forest We also have threads trashing the sim for 30 fps in new York. Lol.
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