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  1. Indeed we have to be realistic. There will be no pilots in the sky eventually and if anyone thinks differently they’ll be in for a rude shock. I am so happy that we lived in a time where there were pilots and we had flight simulator. I don’t know if I like where the future is going. It’s inevitable though now.
  2. While we're here, does anyone find the ground handling of this bird to be a bit....too precise? It feels a little bit like playing GTA
  3. Hopefully I’m not jumping the gun and the issues will happen again after a few more hours of flying but I THINK either going to DXT 11 and/or clearing the nvidia cache seems to have solved my stuttering issues.
  4. Do you use DX12 or DX11? It looks like DX12 was enabled by default in AAU2, I wonder if going back to DX11 might help things. Apparently it doesn't work well with Nvidia cards?
  5. After flying for many hours MSFS 2020 seems to freeze every 2-3 seconds briefly for a split second and then return. I thought this was fixed? Anyone else seeing this?
  6. Yes but of course it is achievable as Qantas flies that route with a 787-9....
  7. QQ (sorry if it's been answered), does anyone know if the 787-10 range was fixed in AAU2? Specifically, if I recall I used to be able to fly from Perth to London non-stop (a good thing since there is no 787-9) but I imagine now that might not be possible. So I'm using the Kuro 787-8 instead for this mission until we get a proper 787-9?
  8. Thanks, all I can see/remember is my name in the top right of MSFS 'Player6XXXXXXX'....but if I had to authenticate with an email or password at some stage I guess I can try and guess if I ever need to log back in again. I don't really want to risk signing out in case I can't get back in lol.
  9. Hi all - I typically buy offline (old habits) but if it's a cheap and quick scenery or something I'm happy to just buy in the marketplace. I don't really pay attention to what account I'm logged into (just some random 'player' username) although all the charges go through steam (which I know my log-in of course since I bought via MSFS 2020 via steam). Do I need to think about what my log-in/username for the marketplace is or will it just continue to link bank to my steam account in future so I don't need to worry?
  10. Hi all - this may seem very basic but I'm used to Fenix. I've bought the LVFR A318 and using the Horizon FBW mod at EGLC (UK2000). Is there a way to get stairs?
  11. Also, not issues through other phases of flight.
  12. The A310 was working fine previously but for some reason now on landing (default scenery) it's a bit like a slideshow. I have a relatively high-end system and as I said I never had this problem before, so not sure if it's come through an update or something. Anyone else experiencing this?
  13. Anyone happened to have any issues with avionics (e.g. PFD) freezing?
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