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  1. Hi all - out of 32 flights in the Fenix, 3 have CTDs. Is anyone experiencing this? They typically involve long flights during cruise (4+ hours)
  2. Guys how can we hide this message? Trying to land!!
  3. Personally I'd rather be able to save flights and use >2x simulation rate with PMDG (cf. Fenix) than worry about an EFB at this stage. Not to mention the better performance! Idk, for me it's more the tone of PMDG employees and management that bother me more than the actual output/aircraft itself. It seems that because the PMDG 737 isn't 'perfect' there is this weird backlash that the product is far more behind the market than it actually is - it's fine! No one is getting ripped off with it. I'm more interested to know if the PMDG backlash might help them think about how they interact with customers rather than re-think the aircraft itself.
  4. Thanks - I'm basically trying to use the FEnix A320 for the BA JFK to London City A318 flights in the absence of an A318!! Hopefully they do an A318 one day 🙂
  5. Was flying EINN to KJFK (very light load) on 2X simulation rate, about 200NM out from JFK I noticed a lot of performance degradation (moving to 1X sim rate seemed to mostly fix), but then after a while CTD (I think this is the second CTD I’ve had with Fenix after about 16 flights so it’s rare). A little annoying! I still suspect there is opportunity to improve performance AND (correct me if it’s not there already) let us save flights so that we can resume should there be a CTD?
  6. Perhaps not what we mean by 'performance' but does anyone have any tips for landing the Fenix A320 at EGLC/London City? I'm guessing because it's not an A318 with the 'steep approach'/spoilers button it's quite hard to follow the glide slope at a stable speed...
  7. I THINK the update might have solved the issue RE: drop in FPS over time! But will test a little more :). Random question, is anyone experiencing an issue where after rotation the plane logic appears to go to a landing configuration and you get warnings about gear not down etc. (which then eventually corrects itself?). Not sure if I'm doing something wrong but I haven't noticed this before.
  8. I'm starting to notice problems now where after a couple of hours the Fenix performance drops from 40-45 FPS to about 30 FPS. Has anyone else experienced this? Any tips?
  9. I'm sure this has been answered apologies but is anyone using the TCA Airbus throttle with the Fenix A320? Would you recommend? (e.g. throttle gates work, do the engine start switches work etc.?)
  10. I've now completed about 5 flights with the Fenix A320 and 15 flights with the PMDG 737-700. Have been simming for almost 18 years, including struggling with a 64mb Geforce 4 using only 2D panels for the FS9 PMDG 737/LDS767/PMDG 747 back in the day because the VCs couldn't handle it! Honestly, with a high end system right now MSFS 2020 + Fenix + PMDG is everything I could have ever dreamed of and more. It's the first time since FS9 days in my opinion that we have seen a massive step change. What a time to be alive!
  11. Stupid question sorry but does anyone know how ACARS works/how I can clear 'COMPANY MSG'?
  12. Thanks, interestingly mine is CPU limited rather than GPU. Might offload to GPU - seems to give a couple extra FPU but nothing major. (I do have a 10GB RTX 3080)
  13. Also dumb question, if Fenix allow me to select my onboard GPU does that mean the onboard GPU is enabled? I'm not receiving any FPS gain so I'm wondering if it's just because the onboard GPU needs to be enabled first
  14. I want to earlier echo points. Despite the hype train suggesting Fenix would make PMDG 'irrelevant' I think the reality is that PMDG shipped a more polished product that is much better on FPS. My initial impression is that the Fenix A320 is groundbreaking but I'm already experiencing some minor bugs I'm surprised exist on Day 1 and the FPS is much much worse. I have a brand new high-end system so it's bearable (40-45 FPS at Heathrow on Ultra) but if it's just bearable for me I can only imagine what it must be like on some older or lower-end systems.
  15. Did anyone else realise there was no way to increase simulation rates before buying?? I guess it's not a long-haul bird so it's not an absolute deal breaker but it is a little annoying.
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