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  1. It also works in Lock. Just hold the inner knob with the Left Mouse Button and press the Right Mouse Button at the same time.
  2. WIth FPL open on the MFD you now have to push the inner FMS knob to activate the highlighting on the FPL page. This is true to the real thing. We just didn't have this behavior before, because we also didn't have the page menu on the MFD.
  3. It's crucial for proper functioning of the vertical modes in our autopilot. And we rather have a display issue (on hardware) for now, than a worse autopilot. Edit: Also what Matt said 😄
  4. The issue here is, that the sim provides different altitude slots for different vertical modes. Since we implemented our custom autopilot solution for those vertical modes we have to override specific slots, therefore making this a visible issue. So in the meantime, if possible with your setup, you have to read the specific alt slot. Otherwise, we expect changes in the API with SimUpdate 6 that will resolve this in general.
  5. Make sure that you highlight the blank "_____" line below the header and then turn the inner FMS knob. Not the ORIGIN header itself.
  6. Afaik its only the joystick to pan charts that doesn't work in Legacy.
  7. This format means 1hour and 58minutes. Looking at the Flight Plan I can see on your screenshot it all looks a bit weird. It goes Dubin - Strum - Dubin - Strum etc. and your Airways are also shot up. It either bugged out for you or there have been mistakes made when setting up the flight plan.
  8. Hard to make a list of that ^^ The WT1000 is now just the stock instrument + engine pages (since the stock 1000 caught up in terms of the features we've added to that mod back then). The NXI is a new instrument built from scratch reusing zero code from current stock. As I already stated the main draw right now is the capability to do advanced flight planning, also including Airways. And the flight path calculation that is able to parse and calculate all ARINC leg types. Plus the custom autopilot implementation that is able to fly those legs (incl. Holds, PTs). And VNAV! 😉 There was big focus on making it as performant as possible, as well as much attention to detail so it looks just like the real thing. Since we always focus on navigation features first, it is missing a bit of informational pages at the moment, but that will come over time.
  9. As far as I can tell you have to switch the CDI source (softkey at the bottom) to the tuned localizer (green needles). As per your screenshot it is handling it as LPV not ILS. We didn't implement the auto switch yet.
  10. One of the big things that make the NXI great is the advanced flight planning and path calculation capabilities (DME arcs, procedure turns etc.), that are currently not possible in any other instrument across the sim. These capabilities are prototyped in the NXI, so to say, for them to be transferred to other instruments and/or in the end into the core sim at a later point in time. As with the CJ4 (that contains our first attempt of our own flight plan management) we will implement the sync back to the sim, but the VFR map will never fully match since the sim doesn't parse the procedures the way we do and therefore doesn't draw them like this. Again, until these things get integrated into the sim. In your case you did see a path on the VFR map because you had set it up in the world map, so the sim knows about your plan but shows it the way it calculates it.
  11. Do you deselect the keyboard focus (click anywhere on the instrument screen) after entering something? The little icon next to the input field should not be blue anymore.
  12. Don't mistake the freeze issue, which happens under certain circumstances when calculating TOD during flight, with CTDs that people are reporting. Its a different thing and will be fixed with the next update coming very soon. We have no clear indication of the NXI causing CTDs or why that would be. But we are of course investigating. Also to set the record straight again NXI: Is a new instrument built from the ground up with the goal of replicating the G1000 NXI, which is available on the marketplace as "early access" until it is polished enough to be in the core sim WTG1000: Is the "old" mod of the stock legacy G1000 we had for months and is no longer maintained. There is a 0.4.0 release for SU5 compatibility though, which is just the stock G1000 + engine pages. You should never have both installed at the same time.
  13. The frequency knob only firing downwards is an issue with the modelbehaviors of the plane which is to be fixed by Asobo. But they know about it. Probably next update the NXI will have settings persistence for brightness and the map settings. The other things will come over time.
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