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  1. https://server.fseconomy.net/datafeeds.jsp As @Zendorea gave no details, I wouldn't know what there is for LNM to support. Ofc in general it could be nice to have plugins or custom data sources. But that's a whole different story, I guess.
  2. Its not LNM. It is SimConnect. And you will find workaround for it if you would read this thread. Besides that. Right now the MSFS Update came out which is supposed to fix exactly that.
  3. Thanks for your answers. I was just wondering from a technical standpoint why this doesn't work out. Now I know more. It will be awesome when the msfs scenery is able to load. Rooting for you 😉
  4. Hi, as far as my understanding goes, I can only manually add airports, that are not in the database, by adding them as user waypoints. Now I was wondering why I only can use them as waypoints along the route and not as flight plan start? Is there a different path I have to take? Thanks
  5. Yeah. I see. It was just some brain fart from me, that it maybe could help to increase and scatter the queries a bit more ^^ Right now we don't really know how Asobo will behave in terms of updates and fixes. So I am grasping for every straw.
  6. Its usable on 1000ms. But maybe you could let us increase the refresh rate even more? 1000 seems to be max Don't know if it consists of multiple queries, but if so, you could maybe scatter them a bit?
  7. Ignore my previous Post. I am using navdatareader now. Seems like its not that easy. Doesn't really find anything useful in the BGLs 😉
  8. Hi @albar965, you probably already know more but I still wanted to experiment with loading the MSFS BGLs into the app. I created an example scenery.cfg that points to the MSFS bgls. But on trying to load scenery in the app I only get the X-Plane option in the combobox of the dialog. If I could select FSX, I think it could load stuff. At least until it hits something new. Does it only show FSX when it detects it as installed? Many Thanks
  9. I think it wouldn't hurt. Otherwise you could set LittleNavMap to use full Navigraph data until Alex figured out how to load the MSFS stuff. Better than nothing. The BGL files for scenery in MSFS seems to be alright but there is no scenery.cfg. So I guess it will take a bit of effort to figure it out.
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