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  1. Release Notes: https://www.flightsimulator.com/aircraft-avionics-i-release-notes-1-30-12-0/ Manual: https://flightsimulator.azureedge.net/wp-content/uploads/2023/02/Cessna-Model-700-Operators-Guide.pdf
  2. We're considering this, but right now you can use your computer keyboard to input waypoint names by clicking the little keyboard icon in the Select Waypoint input field, or actually, you can just click anywhere on the input field itself to use your keyboard. Remember to turn it off because while keyboard input is on, you can't press any panel buttons. So, click on the input field, type with your keyboard, then click on the input field again to disable keyboard entry and go on with adding the waypoint/airport. https://streamable.com/qequcu
  3. Yup, approach flag types are coming in SU6, so a few weeks away and that will take care of it.
  4. So we have a bug when AI pilot is on then? Just trying to confirm your finding here so we can add it to our backlog.
  5. Would be a good question for Garmin I guess, but if I were to hypothesize, I guess I would say that because you were in capture range at some point, you started getting FD/AP guidance from GPSS, and to arbitrarily stop receiving that guidance would be a 'what is this thing doing' moment. Realistically in AP, you'll never get far off track, but when hand flying with the FD of course you can get far off track. I would think that if, at some point, the FD were to stop providing you with guidance to return to course, that would be confusing for the pilot - so long as you're in GPS mode, and there is a valid course to intercept the active leg, the FD can provide guidance for that intercept and so there's no reason why it wouldn't do just that. But, of course there's an argument to be made that at some arbitrary point it should stop providing guidance and revert to ROL mode, annunciating that mode failure on the FMA, but I guess from a technical perspective, there's no signal degradation in the GPSS calcs, unlike with a VOR/LOC, so there's not a risk of the FD providing bad guidance, and so they decided to allow GPSS to continue providing FD guidance even when far off track. That's my best guess.
  6. It's not, this has been demonstrated a few times in the trainer. Once GPS is tracking it will keep tracking no matter what your XTK is.
  7. FYI that mod has been updated, the latest version supports the NXi.
  8. This should no longer be the case in a few weeks 🤞
  9. It could be as simple as an oversight in the coding, or that the FAA doesn't see that as an approach transition, but Jepp adds it as a convenience in their database.
  10. I'd have to check why. It is available as a transition for LOC 01L but not for ILS 01L. That suggests to me that the FAA doesn't publish PIE as a valid transition for the ILS, only for the LOC.
  11. I think everything you said is right. Selecting Activate Approach from the PROC menu simply creates a direct to the IAF. It is rarely used, because you'd typically get vectors, but it is possible you'd be cleared direct to the IAF and then cleared for the approach as you near the IAF. The G1000 knows if an approach leg is active and that triggers some background logic irrespective of whether you use Activate Approach, sequence naturally to the approach or activate any approach leg manually. Usually if being vectored IRL to a straight in instrument approach, I will activate the leg to the FAF which provides lateral guidance for intercepting the final approach course without otherwise modifying my flight plan in a destructive way, which the Activate Approach and Activate Vectors To Final both do. The only other thing that Activate Approach does, is it resets the CDI auto switch for ILS approaches. If you've already flown the approach, and gone missed, you won't get another auto switch on your second attempt without either reloading the approach or activating the approach.
  12. This is only true if you have purchased and installed Navigraph data in the sim. The NXi uses whatever nav data the sim is using. By default this is the complete FAA database + the NavBlue worldwide database. If you replace the default with Navigraph you get some procedures that are missing by default and also lose some that are in the default but are not in Navigraph. They are both pretty complete, but in the US the default data is 100% complete because of the inclusion of the entire FAA database.
  13. This data is encoded in the nav data loaded into the real world instrument, whether you get your data from JeppDirect or Garmin. We have worked with Asobo to add this to the BGL format and will be available in an upcoming sim update, at which point we will be able to use that data in the NXi.
  14. Dropped this little guy in our progress channel today... 😉
  15. There's nothing standing in the way of the items you've listed; they've all already been done in MSFS.
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