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  1. P3D has the same issue, just not as pronounced. IRL...no...you'd flip the wing first, and you would have to be in some pretty strong crosswinds for that to happen.
  2. I thought ASOBO/MS said in one of their Q&As a while back that they were working on a algorithm that was going to fix these issues globally? Also, the issues of coastlines is on the fix list isn't it?
  3. They did a pretty good job of explaining why...lol. It was pretty factual and easy for anyone to understand why. Either way, once ASOBO fixes the 'default flight plan manager', if you want to just use the NavBlue navdata, you should be fine in most cases. I've always used Navigraph for both navdata and charts as I tend to seek out the most complicated approaches, etc.
  4. MS did not ditch NavBlue. The Navigraph data sits in the community folder so it doesn't matter when or how the MS navdata is installed/updated. Navigraph will always be on top. @Bobsk8 No airlines use Navigraph. Navigraph uses Jepp data. From what I understand NavBlue data is pretty good, it's how the simulator reads the data, which is incorrect. Navigraph data is still better than NavBlue. You'll have to search for the video by Navigraph that explains why.
  5. Here's the SDK Q&A video in case anyone's interested: SDK Q&A Twitch Series: April 21st, 2021 - YouTube
  6. The good news though with the latest drivers....80fps...rofl..2K most settings on high, objects and terrain level of detail at 150. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/568591719147372554/831961621618360351/Microsoft_Flight_Simulator_4_14_2021_1_37_32_PM.png
  7. I tried turning MP off and loaded in at LFMN. The major stutter when facing the terminal towards the city is still there. I think it's related to an object somewhere. So while there is generally a slight performance increase, the stutter is still there.
  8. Just got it. Very nice. It looks like you have duplicate taxi way signs and some terraforming issues with the taxi way that crosses the airport entrance/exit road.
  9. Definitely a performance decrease. Here's a few at LFLB. 2K res. Microsoft_Flight_Simulator_4_13_2021_8_19_16_PM.png (2560×1080) (discordapp.com) Microsoft_Flight_Simulator_4_13_2021_8_17_37_PM.png (2560×1080) (discordapp.com) Microsoft_Flight_Simulator_4_13_2021_8_18_45_PM.png (2560×1080) (discordapp.com) Microsoft_Flight_Simulator_4_13_2021_8_17_22_PM.png (2560×1080) (discordapp.com)
  10. HAHA...right? There are some serious stutters at LFMN, but it seems like only in the exterior view when panning around back towards the mountains. Overall I have not seen any performance increase. If anything a performance decrease on my machine, which is odd. I have also determined that you may need to re-install the FBW A320 as it causes a black screen. I'm trying that out now to see if that works. I wonder if it has to do with custom camera views I set up. Re-installed the FBW mod and it works fine. The custom camera views were still there also. Next will try to start the sim again without Powershell. No luck, I have to start with Powershell. ******* H, there's always something. it was the sound thing last update. Now it's this.
  11. Oh wow. I just thought for the hell of it I'd try this: If you are stuck on a black screen after clicking Play or Launch, skip the intro. 1. Close Microsoft Flight Simulator 2. In the Windows search bar type Powershell 3. Select Run as administrator 4. In the pop-up window that appears, copy-paste the following command: cmd.exe /C start shell:AppsFolder\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe!App -FastLaunch 5. If prompted, authorize the program to run. Now I get to the loading screen. Apparently it works for my situation as well as for those who have the issue when clicking 'fly now'
  12. Did that, still no joy. Maybe I'll get lucky and the next sim update-I can install over this one and it will work again....lol
  13. Anyways, now after rebooting the PC the sim won't start (initially) at all. Not gonna re-install. It was a good 30+ year run.
  14. LOL, it wouldn't be the internet without a mix up, especially here at Avsim 🤪 Sorry about that.
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