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  1. Jeff Nielsen

    Views randomly changing

    Update: You're not going to believe this, but after updating to P3d 4.4 I don't seem to have the issue anymore. That's with all the original settings still intact. No clue as to what may have caused this, but I' am so happy right now, I can't even tell you. I'm also getting 50fps in the PMDG panel view at an add-on airport with AS/REX and all other add-ons running. 🙂
  2. Jeff Nielsen

    Views randomly changing

    I have button B (Saitek stick to FSUIPC CTRL-SHIFT-D ) for AP disconnect which is assigned as CTRL-SHIFT-D (PMDG options). I engage the auto pilot from the panel itself. I have button H (Saitek Throttle to FSUIPC SHIFT-CTRL-G) for TO/GA I have button I (Saitek throttle to FSUIPC CTRL-SHIFT-T) for auto throttle disconnect I have button G (Saitek throttle) assigned to cinematic in CP.
  3. Jeff Nielsen

    Views randomly changing

    Sorry to reply so late. I'm back at work (real aviation-unfortunately). I'll check which ones are assigned on my X56 Rhino when I get home late tonight. I have heard that Saitek has issues with ghosting. I hope this doesn't turn out to be the case.
  4. Jeff Nielsen

    Views randomly changing

    I really feel bad for making you have to go through this, but I appreciate it very much. The times to skip to are as follows: 00:05:21 - random assigned view switch 00:22:53 - random assigned view switch 00:23:59 - roof switch (not mine) 00:24:20 - you can hear auto throttle disco 00:25:06 = roof view again (not mine) \ Thanks again for having a look.
  5. Jeff Nielsen

    Views randomly changing

    I have plenty of stream archives. Let me find one.
  6. Jeff Nielsen

    Views randomly changing

    The view jumps around from ones in my collection and/or sometimes it zooms way out from the top of the inside (roof) of the aircraft.
  7. Jeff Nielsen

    Views randomly changing

    Will do. I don't think I created any special camera angles. Just adjusted existing ones avail through the community downloads.
  8. Jeff Nielsen

    Views randomly changing

    Yes, do not have hot corners on or cinematic on.
  9. Jeff Nielsen

    Views randomly changing

    Hate to have revive this topic, but I'm still having the same issues with random view changes. It appears this only happens when CP is open. I have generated a report file but have no friggin clue as to ow to attach it here, so here it is. Note: As I'm typing Chrome like to keep opening an incognito browser window, so I suspect I have some other issue going on. This is really frustrating. I'm sure this is probably not your issue, but if you or anyone else has seen this issue before, I'd love some feedback. I'm certain I have no conflicting key assignments in the sim or FSUIPC. This really seems like an outside issue. Search has returned nearly zero results on this. Many thanks.
  10. Jeff Nielsen

    Why was I too high on RNAV Z RWY 15 APPR to Paro

    Thanks for all the replies guys. I think then, from PR816 I should have been manual descent?
  11. This is just a general 'what in the heck happened' question. I checked AS and the QNH was reported correctly and I didn't see any terrain anomalies. I'm using ORBX FTX Global and FSDG's Paro scenery. The question is how did I end up to high on the approach? Everything looked like it was going well. I've attached the video. Skip to about the 4:50:50 mark in the video near the end if it doesn't start out there. Did I miss something? Thanks in advance.
  12. I think I have finally found the issue I've had with random switching of views and switches turning on and off while using Chase plane. I think the issue is when I had a joystick assignment to the simulator's 'locked spot' view. I have since deleted this assignment and the issue appears to have gone away. I haven't tested this fully, but it appears to have gone away. I'm thinking while using Chase Plane you need to not be mixing simulator views with Chase Plane views.
  13. Jeff Nielsen

    747-8 ETOPS procedures

    First off 'Suitable' means that you must dispatch for WX mins prior to departing. That's just a small part of ETOPS as well as part 135 and higher. It also means an airfield capable of handling the aircraft in normal conditions. I think you all are confusing 'emergency' and 'suitable'. In the case of an emergency it's all fair game ('suitable') or not. ETOPS is now defined as anything with 2 or more engines. You could theoretically be ETOPS over the US if your operator is not OPSPEC'd for it. There's also ETOPS for small operators (charter/fractional operators) where you must remain 50 or 100 NM within shore unless you prove to the FAA you can fly the Q routes. We're working on that right now for our P100s so we can cut the gulf from TX to FL. In any case you still need to be within 60 minutes of a suitable airport with suitable WX conditions for a specified time period or those segments are considered ETOPS.
  14. Jeff Nielsen

    "ATM calculations not possible yet"

    I remember seeing the video of the ACARS pages they showed at the FS convention in Vegas recently. It's online if you want to see it, so I suspect this wouldn't be a very long future. They also showed off GFO. I don't remember seeing that back in the days of FS9. Also back then there wasn't a infrastructure for ACARS or CPDLC to work on, so it wouldn't have done any good. I think this is a completely different 'bright' future.
  15. Jeff Nielsen

    747-8 ntdll.dll Crash

    I just go a terrain.dll CTD tonight. Second time I've CTD since installing 748. I have updated the display drivers, that's the only thing I changed prior to installing the new bird. I don't have FSDTs JFK. I highly doubt it's PMDG, but since we're on the thread, I thought I'd mention it. It's very strange because P3D rarely CTDs for me. I have so many add-ons that it would be impossible to track it Happens about 2+ hours in to flight. This one happened in the vicinity of Saginaw, MI.