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  1. Jeff Nielsen

    747-8 ntdll.dll Crash

    I just go a terrain.dll CTD tonight. Second time I've CTD since installing 748. I have updated the display drivers, that's the only thing I changed prior to installing the new bird. I don't have FSDTs JFK. I highly doubt it's PMDG, but since we're on the thread, I thought I'd mention it. It's very strange because P3D rarely CTDs for me. I have so many add-ons that it would be impossible to track it Happens about 2+ hours in to flight. This one happened in the vicinity of Saginaw, MI.
  2. Jeff Nielsen

    747-8 ntdll.dll Crash

    I just had the same CTD over that area earlier today. Thx for the GSX heads up, but mine is also updated.
  3. Jeff Nielsen

    Whoa!! Thanks for this one...

    OMG! Just got back home after a 10 hour shift in Flight Control...the de and re went perfectly. Loaded it up, set up chase plane, took a few pics for Xsplit and Projectfly, then I move on to the key assignments.......and WOW...I didn't need any. Why you ask? Because they were already there from the 744 (expect one-but that's because the autothrottle disco name changed)!! What a time saver!! Thanks so much for that one! Love it. Oh, and also, the performance is actually 10X better in the all the views including the panel views (with the AED and terrain) on sitting at Flight Beam's KIAD. I can't believe it's not butter, it's that smooth. Well done guys!! Can't wait to fly it tomorrow morning. Will have the live stream up. Night-night guys. Thanks again!
  4. Jeff Nielsen

    "ATM calculations not possible yet"

    Roger that, still at work and haven't picked up the-8 yet. Real world aviation job getting in the way of me having fun 😁 *edit* We are hiring in Flight Control. You're more than welcome to take my shift
  5. Jeff Nielsen

    "ATM calculations not possible yet"

    That is great news and new news as far as I can tell, unless I missed it somewhere!! Thanks for clarifying.
  6. Jeff Nielsen

    PFPX profile for the 747-8

    Yeah, true. I'm actually kind of hoping that Simbrief will get beefed up, especially since it's integrated in projectfly, which will become the pilot client for POSCON. That would make for a one-stop-shop.
  7. Jeff Nielsen

    PFPX profile for the 747-8

    Actually, no. We need your data now, not Boeing's data.😁. You guys have now created the aircraft. You may have used their data, but the aircraft is now yours. You may have made changes for sim purposes or whatever, but the variants are now yours. It's those small little changes that can be important, especially on longer flights.
  8. Jeff Nielsen

    PFPX file for 747-8

    Will you be uploading to: ? Thanks.
  9. Jeff Nielsen

    PFPX file for 747-8

    One thing we really need in the community is for someone to take over TOPCAT and continue it. It really works great with PFPX. I love it for the 738 and 744. PFPX still does a lot more than Simbrief (which is nice); like the ability to change SID/STAR. Having the TOPCAT data in the flight plan is really great. What we'll need is PAX info that PMDG uses for ZFW calcs. I know a lot of people say weight is weight, but it's really not if you want more correct data. I'm sure we'll be able to figure out PAX and bags info easily enough, but it'd be nice to have that.
  10. Thanks for saying the "F" word. I have the 11-21 shift in flight control tomorrow. I better not get a fatigue call...LOL In any case, I'll pick it up when I get home and should have a live stream up Sunday around 0800-0900 Central for a KIAD-EDDM flight. Can't wait!
  11. Jeff Nielsen

    What will be the next project by PMDG?

    LOL, What have you done for me lately?
  12. Jeff Nielsen

    [20SEP18] Where in the world is RSR & the PMDG 747-8?

    Oh yes, I would still rather have my old Citations versus the new Phenoms I have now...LOL. My old Citations got the job done!!
  13. Jeff Nielsen

    [20SEP18] Where in the world is RSR & the PMDG 747-8?

    I was amazed at how many people would still charter a pre-2000 Citation, even to this day. Still the work horse of the light jet biz. It's really still the only light you can get on the cheap with a true 8 config.
  14. Jeff Nielsen

    For Those of You Who Like to Read Ahead

    He's talking about the wind data in to the aircraft which does come from AS not PFPX. The wind data in PFPX is for planning purposes.
  15. Jeff Nielsen

    For Those of You Who Like to Read Ahead

    Yes, correct, PFPX is NOT the source for data, just for the OFP. I was worried that if I originated the plan from PFPX and brought it in as a CO ROUTE, it would make the D-Link option invalid (which didn't make sense). AS4 is still the source as far as I'm aware. Bottom line, I think the flow is (PFPX or Simbrief > CO ROUTE > ACARS sign in / D-Link SYNC), and that should work.