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  1. Or earlier, or later, we'll see. So far, they've under promised and over delivered, that can only be good 🙂
  2. I think AMIR said they weren't going to a weeks worth of promo streams like PMDG did. There will be some marketing stuff then straight to release. We might see a couple of live streams, but not a ton. I have a feeling we could be looking at a mid week release. There was supposed to a in depth feature video a while back. Hopefully that's still on. No idea about tutorial vids. I'm sure those will be come if not by FNX, then by someone else, I'm sure.
  3. And that my fiends...is how winning is done! I love it!
  4. A real head scratcher for sure. So much we could say. Not sure why they don't just make the move to MSFS...totally, and upgrade the 320 family's avionics...especially since they have grown. Seems like they have an opportunity to make a leap here but are choosing not to. The only thing that would be keeping people of the older sims are the wide bodies at this point and the concorde. Very strange.
  5. I don't think it's necessarily overpriced, but it doesn't make me want to jump right on it either, especially since they didn't exactly raise the bar here. I can't believe I'm saying this stuff about a PMDG product. 😵
  6. I think some of the videos actually generated a ton of hype for the 320 and reinforced those that might have been skeptical. They're also much-much better than RSRs videos.
  7. I'm sure they'll stream it for about a week or so before releasing it.
  8. I may actually wait until the MAX comes out or the 777 or 748, whichever comes out first.
  9. Yeah, that was the context I got out of that. On the other hand, he just doubled down on his original reply...lol. Either way, it sounds like they are pretty close, which is great.
  10. Well, he did say they didn't want to overshadow the recent releases. I did get the feeling that they all might have been at the same stage of development.
  11. I would say more like a few weeks if not a month or so given they haven't started streaming it yet and the product site isn't live, etc., etc.
  12. Correct, they haven't shown the latest update yet, but what has already been shown is already well and above what is currently being offered by any aircraft. What Amir is talking about what else is coming, who knows.
  13. A lot of it is already on their web site/blog. I keep telling you guys to go and look but no one ever does...lol I'm thinking of running a contest for anyone who can tell me what new things are there that aren't on the other products from either P3D (from FSL and PMDG) or the new sim and I'll buy them the stinking thing when it comes out. 🤪
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