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  1. No news yet. April 25th was the last news on SFO.
  2. Inibuilds is doing a great job, but they really need to put more effort in to the taxi ways and RWY areas. They seem to have an issue with not adding guard lights (wig-wags and in-ground) to their sceneries. I think they either might not have local access (or just can't get airside access) to the airports they're doing and/or do not consult charts when available. Maybe it's a tech issue, who knows. If they can just take that one extra step, they'd be gold.
  3. You keep saying "investing"....You might wanna leave the hobby while you still can...ROFL. This is NOT an investment, it's a money spender.
  4. One of the devs said you don't need to do a clean install. I did do a re-boot, however, along with a Nvidia driver update. Last flight I had a weird thing with the RWYs not switching after selecting them in the MCDU. Trying now to see if it was just a one-off and not an actual bug. *EDIT* Looks like it's just with the BRUSR1 in PHX. I think it might be a navdata issue, not a FNX issue.
  5. I can't speak to that as I don't work for an airline nor am I a professional type rated pilot. I'm only a PPL-ASEL. I've just been simming since the first pre windows first version of FS. I would imagine it depends on the airline, the aircraft, and what equipment they have. All of those ACARS services and those offered by Rockwell and others cost a ton of money, and it depends on what the operator is certified/authorized to use based on their training programs, etc.. That kind of stuff is usually outlined in their GOM and on file with the FAA also, for US based operators. When we got our new CL350s we could use the free text services from the OPS side, but didn't send flight plans, or any of that stuff even though it was turned on. We had a self-dispatching pilot group also. Our pilots manually entered their flight plans. Believe it or not we still used flightplan.com...lol. There are much better all in one solutions like Jepp has for 91/135 operators that are really neat that go from the scheduling software right up the pipe to the pilots EFBs (JeppFD). Here in flight sim land, we actually have it much easier than most operators. Now, it's more of a case of life imitating art in a lot of ways. Life, especially in real world aviation takes much-much longer to catch up.
  6. OK guys, Let me try and break it down a little easier. Simbrief gives you "planned weights" for use in "planning the flight" Your "actual" "numbers" (weights, etc.) would come from the ramp agent, dispatch, whatever, through whatever means just before takeoff. You bounce those final numbers off your flight plan to make sure you're still in the ballpark and call still complete the flight. Your actual "performance" numbers are entered into the aircraft's FMC/FMGC or whatever. If for whatever reason your actual numbers differed by too much, then you might need to re flight plan to make sure you can still make it. Now, why do we like SB so much in flight sim? It's because we can up and downlink from SB to the aircraft's (FMC) and our other apps (charts, GSX, flight trackers-logbooks, and whatever else that can read simbrief). It makes things a lot easier and turnkey. We also have aircraft specific profiles for SB for the aircraft we fly. We can prefile on our favorite on-line network when flying online. This is just to name a few. If you're just tooling around in small aircraft, you might not need or want to use it. For me because I fly tubeliners I don't just need it for proper flight planning, but a lot of times I might be running numbers right on the bubble. It really helps to see if I can even make the flight in the first place. EDIT: If you guys ever want to see my "flows" when doing a flight, feel free to join my discord and I'll stream it for you. I often do group flights with friends. Haven't streamed much on twitch lately but have been flying about 200 hours this month already...lol. I'd be happy to show you guys how easy it makes things and why these things are important and how easy it really is. Getting ready to land in PHX now then doing another to LAX.
  7. RSR is such an optimist....lol. Beta being thrown around on the 777 team....hehe. At least he's hopeful.
  8. Just did a quick LAX to PHX flight. Not noticing any performance gains at airports. Didn't expect to. The update is amazing. The sounds are crazy good. V/Nav is bang the frick on. Didn't have to use the lever of shame once. ATHR was right on as well. Really like the new fonts. I can read again....hehe. I noticed DECEL is placed way back on the STAR now. There were a few AT 210s after DECEL. Not really a big deal. Still slippery in to flaps 2. Landing are still bad for me...lol. Muss Fuss Xwinds still put me waaaayy off (wrong side of winds to boot) centerline during corrections. (NOT FNX issue). Anyways, off to try some more. Great job to FNX team! Edit. And btw, a proper ding-dong now. Without that you can throw away the entire plane now matter how good it is 🙂
  9. That's with frame gen on, right? Not your actual unless you're running unlocked?
  10. FSL could take the cake if they came with a 'full featured' 330 first. A good 330 is sorely needed right now (any full featured wide body for that matter). I don't consider the AS 300 to be a contender. As it looks now, it may barley be considered a light product, and with the freeware already out there they could easily lose out on the light market also. As far as PMDG's 777, it really seems like they have too much on their plate right now to be looking at this year for their release. Hope I'm wrong there. They've got a lot of catching up to do in their own house right now with their existing products (new navdata set, cabins, the marketplace/Xbox, and the like). Anyways, a bit off topic I know.
  11. Under promising and way way way OVER delivering. 🙂 can't wait!
  12. I got both. There are things I like about both. BM world does NOT have transparent terminals, but has a better landside as well as ERGLs this time. MK's terraforming is much better. All in all probably still room for FT as we'd have the best of both worlds.
  13. No guard lights as the case with most MSFS sceneries now. Not sure why.
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