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  1. rioslu

    757 Freight models, small issue

    I've posted twice about the elevator issue but no one seems to care.Luis
  2. rioslu

    PSS 757 Q&A and issues thread

    Same issue as above and my right elevator still doesnt move with new update and all systems running.ThanksLuis
  3. rioslu

    PSS 757 Q&A and issues thread

    Please excuse my ignorance and/or me doing something wrong but only my left elevator moves in spot view. All systems running, loaded default flight then switched to PSS 757.ThanksLuis
  4. rioslu

    Can't validate and reinstall!

    Make sure you enter the correct information in the required lines, such as email used when purchasing, order number, and password used to login into your PMDG e-commerce account. I did the same thing, downloaded the patch when it was available, tryed installing, had to completely uninstall, reinstalled then waited for the PMDG site to come back online and it worked. I now have version 1.1.All I have to say to PMDG is AMAZING!!!Edited for spelling.