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  1. Hi Just wondering if its possible to setup a schedule for Ai traffic into Kaitak? I'm currently using UTlive for P3d4.5. Thx Tristan
  2. Engineers/ground handlers for 737 and above, without them they wouldn't be able to get into the aircraft, unless docked up to a jetway.
  3. >I agree, I think somebody with enough hours on a simulator>such as the PMDG or LvlD and who can keep their head in any>situation may stand a chance, besides, if the crew are out and>nobody else can do it what have you got to lose by trying? If>you were going to die anyway you may as well give it a shot, a>snowflake's chance in hades is better than no chance at>all...Yeah that...I think there is a misconception about how difficult airliners are to fly. They don't design aircraft to carry hundreds of passengers day in day out, difficult to handle and fly. Providing you know the Vref and flap settings, and you have a good picture of what approach profile to maintain, it is quite possible. In addition, the person flying the jet doesn't have to commit to the first approach attempt, they can always go around to cct height of 1500ft agl and fly a circuit for another approach attempt. The person I have in mind btw, is a PPL in real life and is fluent with the PMDG and LVD sim products.
  4. I'd say it is a possibility that one could land an airliner safely, but it all depends on their circumstances, there are just too many influential factors. For argument sake, we'll take a 737ng that is serviceable i.e. not suffering total hydraulic failure, and the destination aerodrome is CAVOK and LV winds. If the PIC had no experience using flightsim or flying a real plane,he/she would most likely crash it due handling errors and lack of basic theoretical knowledge i.e. stalls. But I think if some one who had quite a bit of knowledge of the aircraft systems from the PMDG model, and maybe some real flying experience may fare a better chance. I've heard of flightsimmers going into Level D simulators and perfectly landing an a340 or 757. But in reality the stress of the situation could be an overwhelming factor for the pilot. So it really depends on the PIC, whether he could stay cool, has knowledge of the systems, and fly the plane.
  5. Hi there,Yeah I guess I better RTFM. The thing is that I only cruise at about 15000 feet, it wouldn't be freezing there. But anyways thanksTristan
  6. Hi there,I'm having alot of fun with the 748 and the VC is stunning, but when crusing above 10000 after a while the engines cut out for some reason. I don't have the anti-ice on when cruising, not sure if thats it. ThanksTristan
  7. If it will revolutionize performance then...YESTristan
  8. Thanks for the suggestions I guess I just after a planner that will give me the way points or import flight plans. Route finder seems like the go.CheersTristan
  9. Hi there,I downloaded the flightplan files for the Queen from the PMDG website and I love them. I seem to see alot more AI during flight, perhaps because flightplans are more accurate. So which flighplanner would you recommend I purchuse for the QUeen, FSBuild or FSnavigator? Can these programmes import flightplans into Queen's FMC? CheersTristan
  10. Thanks Michael,So I'm guessing it's usual to make corrections after flying outbound? I was under the impression that the skill of IFR flying could be down to a fine art? Tristan
  11. Hi there,When inbound on a VOR, at what DME should you start your turn to go outbound and not overshoot? Presumably speed and rate of turn are important factors? Are there any methods for acurate VOR flying? ThxTristan
  12. haha...thanks guys, I was hoping some of you would see the bright side of things. happy flying Tristan
  13. FS9 A Century of Flight is released!! I've got a copy and it's installed on my computer now! It's awesome, there are heaps of vintage classic aircraft including the Wright Bros a/c. Graphics are awesomew, heaps better than FS8! I would strongly recommend ppl to make the shift from fs2002 to 2004. Tristan
  14. Yeah it's a shame, but you never know where the market forces are going to lead to. Ppl might eventually get sick of the automated modern jets, and demand the vintage style classics. If the RPB 747 had the same VC quality as the DF727 I would buy it in a heart-beat. Perhaps the RPB project could be a given a bit more marketing power. For instance, they could produce some clips of the 747 classic with various themes of flying. In other words, they tell the customers how they should fly it. For instance, portray the classic as a freight operator, or take ppl back in time flying the famous IGS 13 approach into Kai Tak for Cathay, or something like that. I don't know if any of you have seen the Polar Air Cargo DVD from Just Planes, but after watching the 747-200 cockpit presentation by the F/O, I totally fell in love with this aircraft, but maybe I'm just a foolish romantic. One of the reasons why there is such a demand for a well simulated 747-400, 777, airbus, or 737 series is because they are common aircraft in use today, so alot of the marketing is pretty done already. If RPB promoted their product with a bit more perspective, it might attract more ppl to fly it.
  15. >It seems to be that a lot of people are starting to go>towards the "Retro" style Classic airliners, >>I'm all for Classic-style airliners, in fact the 747-300 and>L1011-200 are my favorite classic airliners.What makes you think ppl are going for the retro-liners? I've posted numerously on this forum about bringing the standard up on the Ready For Pushback 747, but no one seems to care. Oh what I would do for an awesome 742 or 743 Classic. I've put of buying ready Ready for Pushback because I'm a VC flyer who can't go back to 2d. I can't see PMDG or LDS go for a retroliner because ppl seemed to go for the glass cockpits.
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