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  1. I see. I had already downloaded and installed the fix from them. Works fine now.
  2. Didn't know. I'm going to get it now at their site. Thanks Bert!
  3. Been a Carenado customer for years. Got the CT206H and now the old U206G is off the hard drive and into backup. 'nuff said. Have flown the new one for 3 hours and severalk landing in ORBx land (Scotland and Australia's bush). Very nice. Really like this airplane.\ One issue that is disappointing to me is that I cannot get the radio buttons to work, Not the radios. That's fine. I am talking about the top controls, COM1, COM2 and beepers selectors for NAV, NAV2, ADF, Marker. At some point I wanted to turn the damn beeper off from some VOR or other and could not click those things to work. Had to resort to pressing keys (CTRL-1, etc. to try to stop them as I did not know which one it was). Do those things work in the interface for you? I'd love to know. Other than this, great plane! I do not have flight time in a real C206 but I did fly in one for 5 hours as a passenger last month. It seems to handle like the real thing to my inexperienced hands. I do not regret removing the old one, but I do miss the tons of paints I had. Hopefully some will start showing up for the new model.
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