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  1. I will check the version the caution light on the panel cannot be extinguished
  2. The update runs fine, the black screen appears and does the file downloads. All the downloads have been done for all the aircraft however the ngx600 keeps reappearing after the update done each time the ops Centre is opened i do the update again and if I open the op Centre it’s back The 747 v3 , 777, and the NGX base all updated fine So after the update 747v3 has strange warnings and caution light stays on and secondly the inability to update the 600ngx expansion
  3. Since the latest update I am unable to extinguish the caution light. and I have two faults showing , 1. Body gear steering error message 2. fuel transfer x4 I am unable to find the source of the error messages. Furthermore the autopilot disconnects itself and after recycling everything for about 10 minutes I am able to get it to function . That happens occasionally and not every time. I'm am using FSX steam edition. Another issue is the 737 ngx 600 update from the operation center keeps appearing after I start the ops center. I do the update but at the next start it reappears. Anyone having similar issues? Shannon Loder
  4. Thank you for your reply , I will check now Regards Thanks all perfect
  5. Forgive my ignorance but the V speeds do not calculate in the Combi version using KLM livery? Am I missing a setting or does one have to try manually calculate these in the version above?
  6. How does one tell the FMC to activate the selected alternate airport? Whilst trying to simulate this the FMC would not choose the alternate,I had to input into the arrivals overwriting the original destination. Surely there is an easier way to activate the alternate (ALTN)?
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