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  1. This is great news. Just the other day I was thinking about mentioning a request for exactly this, but since my last one failed I didn't bother.... I can't believe it's been over a year since I wrote that (how time flies!). I know at the time Ryan said you would probably leave this to 3rd party developers, but in light of this recent news, have you changed your mind ? Regards Boarding is not normally completed through 4L if attached to air bridge, so catering are free to use it depending on local procedures and airline. Regards
  2. RMA

    Typical 777 Flaps selections

    Less drag with Flap 25 so less fuel burn. And it's quicker to get to G/A Flap from Flap 25 than it is from Flap 30. So Flap 25 is usually preferred depending on the airline. Same with the 744 for the airline I work for.
  3. RMA

    Typical 777 Flaps selections

    For takeoff usually FLAP 5/15. Have seen FLAP 20 used for short runways in Caribbean though. For landing, FLAP 25 for less drag and better G/A, sometimes FLAP 30 for short runway. That's for 772/772ER
  4. Hi Graham, don't be sorry that you haven't met your release target date. It's not the end of the world, just nice to be kept updated. Really looking forward to it and when it comes out i'm sure it'll be great.Keep up the good workRma
  5. Hi allany more news yet? Thought the update was due for release at the end of september.ThanksRma
  6. Hi Bryan,Adding to this, can the autobrake position be read? If you forget to set the autobrake, the captain still reads back as though it is set. RegardsRoss
  7. Good day all....Another great product released by Bryan...so who is on the case of adding a British voice pack? ;-) Any takers?Regards ...Ross
  8. Hi Bryan...thankyou very much!Haven't received an email yet...nothing in the spam box.Regards Ross
  9. Hi. I had a problem where i clicked validate and then the installer closed. Im am using Norton Anti virus which i had previously closed down using CTRL+ALT+DEL and then end processes. But Norton was still blocking it and this is why it were happening. Ross
  10. RMA

    Fire Bottles

    Not sure about any others but BA (RR) defiantly have 2 bottle each engine. Im sure thats for all airlines! So 8 in total! There is only 1 fire handle per engine. In the event of fire, the handle is pulled. The pilot would normally wait to see if this extinguishes the engine as sometimes it will. Then he will twist the lever for the first fire bottle which will normally put the fire out. Then they have the second bottle. If after this the fire hasn't gone out....then the pilot is just #### unlucky!Ross
  11. RMA

    744 FSnet ready?

    You say you can't fly anything complex like the PMDG. Which is why i started the topic in the first place!The designers behind FSNET said that deveolpers could use an SDK to make a product compatible. Ross
  12. RMA

    Engine Displays not showing fully

    Hi JohnLike the ND, you can change the EICAS to show different displays. You change them by using the pmdg menu and selecting carrier options. To get all the instruments crammed in on the Upper EICAS you select side by side. Ross
  13. RMA

    How will the release be coordinated

    I didnt mean to offend at all. Sorry if it came across that way. It just seemed like everyone was going over the top a bit.RegardsRoss
  14. RMA

    How will the release be coordinated

    >clarifying that i am not requesting or pressurising the team>for a release date because they will release their product>when they are happy with it;-) >>I am just wanting to ask a member of the team, presuming they>have a spare minute, how will the release be coordinated. >Once again i am only asking and not pressurising the team and>if tey are happy to comment i would be very grateful, if not,>well thats life!x:-) No offence...but why is everyone treating the pmdg team like royalty?!?!? They are only designing a bit of software!Some people save lives for a living! I bet you don't go a** licking them!!!Its pathetic!RMA
  15. RMA

    Throttle quad in 2D view?

    But what about for the people who really have no interest in a virtual cockpit?Ross