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  1. Minimizing the VFR map is just making the FPS counter reading both the window of your sim and the VFR map, thus combing the framerate of the 2 and giving you a misleadingly high reading for your sim. It isn't actually increasing the FPS
  2. Nobody's making drama. The entire point of these forums existing is to discuss issues with sims and ways to improve the experience. And who knows how long "in due time" is considering it's listed absolutely nowhere in their developer roadmap? The only way this will get to the top of their list is if people make a big fuss about. It's much more important than a replay function or them improving the Icon A5
  3. Not sure but FSX managed to do it, and XP managed to do it with the help of the community by creating a very simple and easy to use system in which members can quickly edit these airports and add them to the hub, which then gets translated into updates for all users with the new information. Let's not excuse such a big fault in the way they did things. It never even occurred to me that a new sim wouldn't have the proper taxiways, especially given how much they bragged about their "partnership" with VATSIM. Not many MSFS users are using VATSIM at the moment because of the atrocious performance simconnect is causing, but I am expecting many unhappy users once ATC tells them "taxi to 31L via P B, cross 22, B L D" and they then realize none of these actually exist in the sim. He doesn't need to volunteer his time and get back to us in 2040. Are you seriously not aware that both the other sims have this and didn't take 20 years to get us the right taxiways? Come on...
  4. Do you have data to support that XP is missing way more airports? I am genuinely curious as I have not yet came upon an airport that wasn't at least partly modeled in XP, but have already came across many in MSFS. I mean heck, even EDDS (Stuttgart, Germany) isn't in MSFS despite being quite a major hub in Germany. On top of that, the MSFS nav database is woefully incomplete. I can't shoot many approaches in the sim that I regularly do in XP. Also, what do you mean by XP having "no intention of adding them"? Are you not aware of what the scenery gateway is? The community literally modifies and adds airports on a daily basis - they even accurately modeled all of the tiny GA airports near me. It is a constantly evolving community based system that anyone can add to whereas MSFS doesn't really have an equivlent system like this. Your statement that XP has no intention of adding airports is just totally false. They created a hub in which the community does just this (sure, it may not be Laminar directly, but it nonetheless gets coupled with every major update so that every user sees the end result of a more complete airport system, and it works. Also, people do complain when certain airports aren't there. I personally "complained" when one of my local airports didn't have any of the appropriate instrument approaches loaded into the sim and was able to get help right away and my issue was solved. And to date, every airport in XP I've been to has the correct taxiways whereas this is nonexistent in MSFS. It's just quite frankly a big slap in the face to serious simmers and totally flies against their implication that this sim would cater to such users just as much as casual ones
  5. Totally incorrect taxiways are a big deal, particularly if you fly on VATSIM. This isn't just a few missing trees or a simple bug. It effectively renders online flying largely unusable without a proper way to identify taxiways. Not sure why you don't see that
  6. I've been noticing a strange performance issue in that as soon as touching down upon landing, I get a brief but very noticable lag spike. I may be averaging 35 FPS throughout the approach, but dip into the 20s as soon I touchdown. Anyone else noticing this?
  7. I'll make a bug report as well. To be honest, I've been a beta tester for months and I'm embarrassed I didn't catch this sooner. I always recognized my home airport had incorrect markings but didn't think much of it since it's a rather small GA airport that many people don't know about. Combined with the fact that there was no VATSIM for the beta, I just never thought to check the taxiway markings. It didn't even occur to me that none of them would be correct in this day and age since even FSX had it
  8. I seriously don't see how a brand new "sim" doesn't have accurate taxiways. This is critical to online flight. What a joke
  9. Yep, it's a known bug and has been for quite some time. It's more noticeable in the airliners for me. Very annoying and don't see how they didn't fix this before release
  10. The flight planner kills performance for me when used with the airliners.
  11. Curious about this as well. A couple of people have told me it's better than Asobo's hand crafted KDEN (because none of the hand crafted airports perform very well for me at the moment)
  12. I am referring to the power management option in the Nvidia control panel. It is not a slider but rather just 3 options (auto, maximum performance, or optimal power). This is entirely independent from graphical settings in the sim and just regulates how much of your GPU actually gets used
  13. The sim still has performance issues but here are the things which have helped me quite a bit: 1. Turning off all AI aircraft traffic 2. Setting all "airport life" sliders to zero (vehicle, ground aircraft, and worker density) 3. Reducing land and sea traffic 4. Turning off V-sync in the sim, and and enabling it through nvidia control panel along with a frame rate limitation of 60 5. Ensuring "maximum performance" is checked in the nvidia control panel 6. Turning off rolling cache All of these things have reduced stutters for me and increased average FPS to the point that it's playable even in big cities and large airports. Try it out and let me know how it does
  14. Given how this sim performs with defaults I'm kind of scared to throw a PMDG into this
  15. Watch how defensive people get about the sim over in the FB groups when you try to tell them how bad the flight dynamics are
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