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  1. The sounds are mind blowing. As I have been spending more time with the airplane the subtleties are incredible. The deep growling sound of the engines and the little clicks of the FMC and the spinning trim wheel are incredible. I’m using a Reverb G2 for sound.
  2. Will the new version work with all the 737-6,7,8,9 & Max variations? Flying the CRJ with FS2crew has been a blast. I probably won’t touch the CRJ now that the 737 is out. FS2crew is a must for the 737!!! Can hardly wait!
  3. After installing SU8 all of my clickspots in VR have shifted to the right. Very hard to set up a flight when you can't push the buttons. Anyone else have this issue? Plus whenever I open one of the windows in VR an resize them when I hide and bring them back up again the size is back to default.
  4. No it’s the download version. I can’t use the other version because I use VR so I need the in game ui
  5. I have tried all of your suggestions and the program will still not launch within the sim. I have both programs running and I have updated the exe.xml. I wasn't sure if I did the tight thing because the xml files had different names. I edited the xml with notepad+ and it did not make a difference.
  6. yes the icon is in the sim and loads. When it loads it gives an error message: warning: "external fs2crew command centre program not running. Cmd centre now inop. probable EXE.xml corruption. problem". I assumed that I needed to install the command centre from the downloads page but as you said it gets installed automatically. --
  7. Hi, I have updated FS2Crew pushback express to the latest version but the command centre will not install. I have tried trying to install as administrator, nothing seems to work.
  8. I have this same issue. Deleting the shaders folder and rebuilding after rebooting the sim took care of it for me.
  9. Really looking forward to the 8! Not too much in a rush as it's still summer time and I don't do much flying in the summer!
  10. I would be up for that but I think its unlikely. Probably a completely new product.
  11. Yes! I can hardly wait to fly that livery in the 8i!
  12. http://www.nvidia.com/object/3d-vision-main.html I using 3D vision 2.
  13. Yes there are a few. If you call up a 2D CDU panel and click in the wrong spot then 3D will revert back to 2D for a very short time then revert back. Also there is some ghosting in the displays at night.
  14. Well the immersion factor is incredible. I would prefer VR. I tried oculus but I could not handle the low res so I am going to wait until the technology matures. Thing is I just don't know how I got it to work. I may haver to dive into my settings to try to figure it out.
  15. Well yes, Jim you are correct. I am talking about being able to use Nvidia's 3D Vision via the 3D glasses. I was always under the impression that P3D did not support 3D vision. I thought that it is possible that in the last update where LM supported VR that maybe they also supported 3D vision. I have not specifically read any documentation on that change. Even the first time I started 4.1 after the client update I saw no 3D at all. I had run the sim a number of times and nothing then poof! it just started working.
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