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  1. I have this same issue. Deleting the shaders folder and rebuilding after rebooting the sim took care of it for me.
  2. Really looking forward to the 8! Not too much in a rush as it's still summer time and I don't do much flying in the summer!
  3. I would be up for that but I think its unlikely. Probably a completely new product.
  4. Yes! I can hardly wait to fly that livery in the 8i!
  5. http://www.nvidia.com/object/3d-vision-main.html I using 3D vision 2.
  6. Yes there are a few. If you call up a 2D CDU panel and click in the wrong spot then 3D will revert back to 2D for a very short time then revert back. Also there is some ghosting in the displays at night.
  7. Well the immersion factor is incredible. I would prefer VR. I tried oculus but I could not handle the low res so I am going to wait until the technology matures. Thing is I just don't know how I got it to work. I may haver to dive into my settings to try to figure it out.
  8. Well yes, Jim you are correct. I am talking about being able to use Nvidia's 3D Vision via the 3D glasses. I was always under the impression that P3D did not support 3D vision. I thought that it is possible that in the last update where LM supported VR that maybe they also supported 3D vision. I have not specifically read any documentation on that change. Even the first time I started 4.1 after the client update I saw no 3D at all. I had run the sim a number of times and nothing then poof! it just started working.
  9. I'm mystified. Like I posted I don't know how it happened. I just started P3D and all of a sudden I had 3D. No idea. That's why I am asking the community to see if somebody knows of an update in 4.1 that I was unaware of. I read the change log and I don't recall seeing that update in the change log, but mabye I missed it. It did not work the first time I fired up P3D after I updated the client. My assumption is that in the last Nvidia driver update it was enabled? That might not be how it works though. I may have inadvertently changed a setting somewhere I was unaware of.
  10. Tonight I fired up P3D 4.1 and was shocked to see that all of a sudden Nvidia 3D Vision was working. I had not used P3D for a couple of months due to time constraints. I did a quick buzz around so I did not get to test it that much. That will come tomorrow night. I did not make any setting changes. I might have updated the driver but not started the sim. I am flabbergasted as I was under the impression that P3D did not support 3D vision. I thought it was a P3D issue not a driver issue. Can anyone comment on this?
  11. Will my traffic update the FS9 Models to work with 4.1. I miss my cargo traffic. I am using UT Live right now until they update.
  12. Ok the name of the shader pack is called Ultimate Realism Pack. Is this not compatible with the QOTSII? I like the way it dims the outside scenery so that it looks dark at night. I would hate to have to ditch it because its incompatible with the Queen.
  13. That might be it. I have a shader mod installed but I am not at home and the name escapes me.
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