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  1. @reheat, So that we can maybe narrow down the reasons for improvement that you also noticed, please let us know: 1) What win 10 build are you using 2) What Nvidia / AMD drivers 3) Headset?
  2. It just started happening with v26 and v27 I think. Shouldn't need to fuss with USB ports - just need to press Oculus to fix in v28! I got it to last much longer today but it is unrepeatable.
  3. On the steamvr settings developer tab push the button to set the openxr runtime to steamvr
  4. There are quite a few steps for Virtual Desktop (VD): 1) Did you purchase the app on the Quest2 (and not on the PC - they are two different apps) 2) On the Q2 after the install, make sure you answer Deny then Allow for the permissions. The Virtual Desktop Streamer ( https://www.vrdesktop.net/ ) needs to be installed on the PC ( it will connect between the Q2 and the PC 3) SteamVR can either be started by the user and make sure the settings are correct (start at a resolution of about 2000x2000) or you can start it using VD 4) Make sure you have a HOTAS/joystick button assignment for at least the VR-Camera Reset (and maybe the VR-Toolbar Toggle) in MSFS2020 and start with VR Render Scaling at 70%. Also, make sure to set the OpenXR runtime to SteamVR ( if you are trying to run wirelessly with Virtual Desktop). There is a pushbutton on the Developer section of SteamVR settings that allows you to easily set SteamVR as the OpenXR Runtime. 5) Start MSFS2020 (you actually can do this at Step 1 to save time), setup your flight - get to the takeoff position with at least 70FPS in nonVR (just a quick test that you have enough framerate in general ) and then you can use CTRL+TAB to enter/exit VR (Or Switch to VR on the VD Menu) . I use the left controller Oculus pushbutton (sometimes long hold) to bring up the Virtual Desktop options ( while I am inside VR ) for Streaming and adjust them and then hit "Switch to VR"
  5. Kept my G1 and sold the G2 on eBay - RMA will take forever. My G1 gives me better clarity from left to right, top to bottom without moving my head
  6. The TNE 10 link cable is $15USD and works fine Usb 3 to usb C on the Q2. Get it from Amazon
  7. I haven't read all 42 pages in this thread so maybe I missed it but I have a couple of issues running this in VR: 1) The HUD image doesn't have a near-infinity depth so it doesn't "overlay" the outside scene - it appears to be about a foot away. Hope this can be fixed soon. 2) The knobs and switches are hard to activate - I have to close my right eye to get the 3D cursor in the correct spot. Still, I am willing to treat this as early access and fund some more development. Flying it seems fine, especially in VR, but getting it to slow down is tricky.
  8. I bought the Quest2 as my backup VR headset to add to my HP Reverb G1. I really enjoy using it with Virtual Desktop wirelessly connected to my desktop (CPU=9700K+RTX2070). I can fly MSFS2020 about as well (similar clarity and FPS) with either headset and with the Q2, you can bounce back and forth between a SteamVR and an Oculus environment. Since I expect to only have maybe 10 or so games/apps actually running locally (no need for your PC or laptop) on the Quest2 (there is a great WWI flight sim now called Warplanes:WWI on Sidequest ($10) ), I will do well with only 64gb - so far I have 40gb or so left - and you can always temporarily uninstall an app to the Oculus cloud anyway. The side to side clarity is really nice for me and my glasses, plus it's fun with the comfortable VR cover and a third party rigid head band ( like this: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08NX5QTHB/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 ) and the Link cable ( https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B084H46RHC/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 ) if desired. It's a great and fairly inexpensive system! If you order from Amazon, you can easily return it.
  9. @tup61, You mention the following: 'I always only install the driver, but I did have the driver set to 'Let the 3D application decide'. After changing this to 'Use the advanced 3D image settings' (with default settings)' But I don't see in the Nvidia Control Panel (I'm on 451.48) where that is set. Thanks for the info! Dave W.
  10. I believe it was mentioned before about overheating that using RTSS (Riva Tuner Statistics Server ) can be setup to limit frames at 100FPS or so and therefore it will make MSFS2000 pause and run cooler
  11. @cercata, Yes you are most likely correct about the NDA but what I would like to do is to tell each other on this forum to look for a thread named "whatever" on the Microsoft forum - that is, be on the look out. There are usually so many threads, most of which I don't want to filter through.
  12. @Nick and @Michael and others, Here we go for the chance to first test out MSFS2020 VR!!!! I am glad you guys are along for the ride because I see you on the P3D and FS2 forums and value your opinions. I have a 9700K@5Ghz+RTZ2070+32gb RAM with the Reverb G1 and 32gb RAM. I have great (almost 90 fps) performance with FS2 (777 at KSFO) and almost OK (45 FPS with SteamVR reprojection=motionvector) performance with P3Dv5HF2 using the DD Seattle and the F-35B. I have tested MSFS2020 tring to find performance on a single HD monitor that is above 100FPS so that I can get reasonable 45FPS performance in VR mode. What I have seen is that we need to use MEDIUM settings (maybe some adjustments) along with simple aircraft (the C152 for example) and simpler airports (LOWI (Innsbruck)) for example. Let's stay in touch and report on this forum - easier than using the Microsoft forum which has way too many comments on things other than VR. I hope this works reasonably well. Dave W.
  13. Take a look at lens protectors from KlearKare.com, the 44mm size for $8
  14. I can run the Cessna 152 at LOWI with medium settings at 100 fps so that scenario should work fine in VR. I have a 9700k and RTX2070
  15. The CPU will need a 10Ghz speed for you to double your FPS!
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