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  1. Post update I’m getting a solid 45fps using 457.30 (haven’t tested latest) in the JF PA28. Default VR graphics, rw36L (KNEW) @ 3:00PM, Clear weather, no windows tweaks. OpenXL render 70%, get latest = YES, repro = Always on. Non-steam version, HP Reverb. I don’t remember it being this smooth before. I was only getting 29 FPS in the prior update.
  2. I’ve noticed this as well. The clouds seem to dissolve when going through them…more so after the update. The clouds look great, but do not act upon the airplane—such as mist, etc. I expect the promised “node-based particle effects”, will improve visuals soon. I believe we are getting contrails in the next update, or the update there after.
  3. Pffft…Not realistic at all…no “Karens” yelling at all the people not wearing masks.
  4. This is the news I was hoping to hear. I hope the people accepts this developer’s plane into community. It looks as though he encourages modders to expand his plane, especially with his asset reuse—which we all know is true. I do not wish to judge this guy, except to say he may be a freaking genius for getting this out before anyone else, hopefully, with the added benefit of allowing users to modify it.
  5. from Moria15, sorry, I screwed up the quote: “Why would this be any diffferent than Carenado using the default Garmins in their planes? Both have only used items from the standard files, not the encrypted ones. I don't actually see any difference” Ding ding ding. We have a winner. Logic and truth rules the day eventually.
  6. I check the forums here and elsewhere a few times a day. I have gone back to my usual flight simming routine, and just spent $100 plus on recent BF add on deals. I imagine I will stop simming on other platforms once MSFS drops—when/if VR is included.
  7. In addition to KCGX, I wouldn’t mind landing the 747 at VHHX. Imagine the detail in FS2020.
  8. I thought for sure this week. If not out tomorrow, then next week...in not next week then the following...if not the...
  9. Just for more fun: Wingsuit/skydiving missions involving jumping from planes, and other objects.
  10. Thanks. I can’t fathom what he means. Maybe a technical limitation with the new graphics engine...
  11. Verbatim Translation via Google Translate regarding VR: "STANDARD: You have already addressed VR. What is the topic on the priority list? Neumann: Very high! Asobo and I have years of experience with VR. We know what a lazy and a good implementation look like. We want to bring a good solution, for example by cutting off the cockpit from the rest of the world. Then you can move freely in it, and the world in the background does not start to shimmer. We have started with VR, but we want to do it right." I don't know what this means... "cutting off the cockpit from the rest of the world" Anyone know?
  12. Pfffff... FS2020 allows you to control the weather and fly anywhere in the world—probably better graphics as well.😁 By the way, how well does track Ir work in your plane?
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