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  1. 34 people reacted to the OP. I think he has the right to say "our thoughts".
  2. 25 Euros for a pushback truck... They might promise further stuff down the road for their customers but I don't pay for an addon on the premise of a "promise". Reminds me of FSReborn selling lighting effects for AI traffic (for P3D), for 20 CHF, with one of their selling points being "Slick graphic user interface", how very generous of them.
  3. It looks nice and all but does he even has permission to convert it for use in this sim? It seems people are converting whatever they can get their hands on with word not allowed all regards to copyrights.
  4. I'm not doing any of that even though I easily could. You can see many examples here: https://www.reddit.com/r/FS2020Creation/
  5. One of the issues I see is people taking photogrammetry data from Google Earth, importing it into Blender, then exporting it into this sim. I mean...the utility the guys are using to take Google Earth data into Blender is not even provided by Google themselves. Won't that be a source of issue in the future? Especially if someone decides to sell the stolen (from Google) scenery?
  6. It's the perfect opposite for me. I bought MSFS2020 twice (!). Huge performance issues at first, got tired, got it refunded. The second time, I wasn't even able to instal it. Download issues. Sorry but I am not going to waste 20 hours waiting for this piece of ... to instal. Download issues not even present at first. "Only" waited about 3 hours. Same speed. Nothing changed on my system. Again, got it refunded. Done with this word not allowed sim.
  7. Good for you, but I did say I tried almost everything short of reinstalling Windows. You can assume that playing with every settings was one of the most obvious first steps...
  8. Fantastic visuals, absolutely PLAGUED by stutters. Removed it from my system. Just can't use it like that. Tried everything short of reinstalling Windows 10 (but did reset it), nothing works. i7-7700K and 1080Ti.
  9. It must have been hard for you to wait all those years to finally be able to make that joke. You're welcome for the occasion.
  10. It's not only the base sim itself but scenery addons that will inevitably come enhance the sim anyway. I don't mind if Asobo/Microsoft don't add these types of vehicles themselves, as long as the engine itself can support other types of vehicles, I'm fine with it!
  11. At least it gives an excellent base terrain if you then want to add your own scenery on top of it.
  12. I mean as long as the base sim can accept other types of vehicles to be user controllable, I'm game. Also, first time I hear of payware ships for FSX! Really interesting. I knew freeware ones were available, never knew about payware.
  13. I admit I had forgotten that bit. As long as there's no difference in visual qualities. But I would prefer not having to rely on a legacy mode to be honest.
  14. That's exactly the reason why I opened up a thread on ground vehicles. An avatar would be cool, but I don't imagine myself walking an airport the size of Paris CDG!
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