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  1. It's not only the base sim itself but scenery addons that will inevitably come enhance the sim anyway. I don't mind if Asobo/Microsoft don't add these types of vehicles themselves, as long as the engine itself can support other types of vehicles, I'm fine with it!
  2. At least it gives an excellent base terrain if you then want to add your own scenery on top of it.
  3. I mean as long as the base sim can accept other types of vehicles to be user controllable, I'm game. Also, first time I hear of payware ships for FSX! Really interesting. I knew freeware ones were available, never knew about payware.
  4. I admit I had forgotten that bit. As long as there's no difference in visual qualities. But I would prefer not having to rely on a legacy mode to be honest.
  5. That's exactly the reason why I opened up a thread on ground vehicles. An avatar would be cool, but I don't imagine myself walking an airport the size of Paris CDG!
  6. You mean this thing, right? If so, that's the Mitsubishi Pajero I mention in my op, the one freely provided by Aerosoft. I like to take it out for a spin from time to time!
  7. This is what I don't understand. Not everyone has to paint either. You can manually select which liveries you want to use. I really don't need Microsoft/Asobo adding hundreds of liveries, real or made up, into my sim. I will never use a good majority of them. Take up space for nothing. Especially if they come in 4K resolution... How is this system supposed to work anyway? For airliners in the base sim I believe we have only seen the A320neo and 747-8. What about third party jets? Will Microsoft/Asobo foot the bill for them too?
  8. I can model, texture and animate cars, buses and everything else on my own, that's not an issue as far as I'm concerned. As long as the SDK is compatible with Blender. I just need the base sim to be able to "take them in"! Of course this isn't the most requested/important thing in a flight sim, I just thought it would be interesting to take a closer look at the details from a land based vehicle, not only of the base sim itself but also scenery/airport addons that will come in later.
  9. You know, as long as Microsoft/Asobo does not take away my ability to add my own liveries, I'm fine with whatever they do.
  10. And I don't mean anything fancy such as transporting passengers or other activities you can see on an airport tarmac, though I assume some people may want something of that sort if this came to fruition. I mean like the Mitsubishi Pajero you could drive that came with Aerosoft's free avatars, found here: https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/117643-free-avatars-from-simware-and-aerosoft/ It had no particular purpose, it was a simple car you could drive wherever you wanted. I think with Microsoft's next iteration, there could be a lot more to discover, not only from the air, but maybe from the ground as well. Of course I don't expect a full fledge driving simulator, this is a flight simulator after all. But a simple car that did not take to the air when using whatever throttles you already have, and was maneuverable using pedals many simmers might already have, or the Z axis on a joystick. What do you all think?`
  11. And how exactly should Microsoft go about getting permission from the "hundreds of airlines around the world"? What about those who are no longer part of the "hundreds" you speak of? No airline that went belly up, no private jet liveries? You can't expect Microsoft or Asobo to do all of that work for you. You don't have to paint them either, but you may or may not have to manually install them. Depends if Microsoft releases a small utility tool to install, for example, manually downloaded .zip files or something. But that's how it was for P3D, X-Plane and etc. You either painted them, or installed them...or they came along addons, but even with addons the livery count was limited, so they provided paint kits. Do you even know how the livery sistem worked on these sims?
  12. Uhm, why do you need Microsoft/Asobo to paint airline liveries? You think the thousands of free liveries in Avsim's own library were painted by Microsoft, Lockheed Martin or Laminar Research? I have always painted my own liveries and manually added them to the jets in my own copies of whatever sim I used, be it FS2004, FSX or P3D. In all honesty I have never but only thrice asked airlines for their help. Two of them were not able to provide copies of said graphics but were perfectly fine with me replicating them using real photos. The third did provide everything I needed through a .zip file! And keep in mind the airlines I'm talking about are major airlines. The only one issue regarding liveries I have ever heard of was the Continental 777 Peter Max. If memory serves me well the copyright owner was against anyone reproducing his livery I don't know if those who still did it got in trouble over it or not.
  13. I don't often ask to censor this or that thread...in fact I never did, but what is the reason this one is still up? The only thing going on is XP cultists stirring s*** up and everyone else biting it.
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