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  1. Very good "onboarding" or introduction to the plane at the launch. Flys heavy just like a piper.
  2. No guarantee that all the SU14 updates will be in the beta at launch, right? Sometimes features are delayed within the beta if I remember correctly.
  3. Really something amazing. Forget flying real airplanes in real life, just use this!
  4. that airspeed gauge makes my head hurt! but oh yeah...can't wait to try it.
  5. KPIE is and has been incorrect in FSX and MSFS for years. Somehow those nav data updates don't include airport layouts.
  6. y'all giving my a headache. whats next, you gonna spend 3 pages arguing if the sky is or is not blue?
  7. I wouldn't count on anything too elaborate or significant. Maybe an old rare plane for free or neat regional airport? Possible a small simulator feature?
  8. If I were a betting man I'd say the next ATC will use some cloud AI logic system. I think that's why they would have to improve that...no sense all the effort 2 years ago just to remake it for 2024. Imagine there will be some impressive back-end processing.
  9. Fingers crossed "seasons" means a whole lot more than just tree colors. Would love to see cold crisp blue skies and white thick summer air.
  10. Maybe just maybe all of those bug fixes will be in MS2024.....and a whole bunch of new ones 😂😂😂
  11. Saw that too. Also noticed on their June 8th update seasons were changed back to "planned". I realize MS2024 is still aways away....but...hope it's not just tree colors.
  12. Fabulous panel. I keep staring at that lovely ADI. Best flight director ever done. does black square have a forum or discord? How can I contact them?
  13. the FD's in the bonanza and baron seems PERFECT. Been waiting a long time for that.
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