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  1. let me know when I can play a round of golf in MSFS....
  2. The L39 is my least favorite. The T6 and P51 are a simple hoot. Not sure if worth $59....buuuuuut...it's fun for a few laps in the pattern.
  3. I chose a raining airport for my first flight. AMAZING. Under the clouds the fog and mist was 3mn and climbing through the clouds it was clear and blue. Exactly the metar.
  4. Been testing for 30 mins... Great little plane! Couple oddities: VNAV buttons flicker. On an ILS the AP dumped into rol mode at GS capture. Even while trimmed after takeoff the AP dove nose down when turning on AP.
  5. Am I the only one with autopilot roll issues? Over and undershoots heading bug and rolls back and forth down a localizer.
  6. Despite the bugs with the experimental terrain mask feature, I enjoy seeing fall colors :) Hopefully the stripes on the G1000NXi can be solved.
  7. I have no legacy option...but I have "default" and "profile" mode under the mouse in controls options.
  8. Agree ...but there's got to be a way to have the big weather picture like you mentioned while allowing airports to have reported conditions. Hopefully that's what they're working on :)
  9. Seasons are listed as 2022.....but yes that'd be a nice surprise.
  10. isn't there a .cfg file that disables some of the lighting features?
  11. too bad his camera didn't record the sound of the helicopter with a spot light....LOL.
  12. Whew...starting to think I was the only one. I love the JF PA28 but wow it flys awful...a million jittery micro pitch isolations on final is just weird.
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