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  1. Dali is near the KSPG airport..KPIE is a horrible mess right now unfortunately....runways that haven’t been long closed are there with approach lights that don’t exist.
  2. you mean like this? LOL...the lighting is real because it is in fact raining here BUT the clouds are are topping out at 2,000 feet. Pretty sure they need to be up in the 20,000s at least... Florida storms! P.S. Sorry I cant embed the picture, only been able to figure that out once or twice.
  3. Ok not to sound like a jerk, but I fly for a living and the amount of times the wind at 500 feet vs wind at the touchdown zone varies would blow your mind. The triple IRS/AHRS is pretty darn accurate and will display a fluid wind on the PFD all the way down. It’s frustrating when the wind from the tower/METAR is literally 180 degrees and 20 knots different then the wind at 1000 feet because of how all the automation works. So my point is when I see imperfections like that it makes me smile.
  4. Good grief Avsim’s MSFs is becoming like an Apple support forum. Even reasonable questions or doubts are met with “shut up and like it”.
  5. Thought I was the only one bothered by the incorrect runway marking (North America) and would like to see the triple strip 500 foot paint instead of the weird single strip.
  6. Um, no. They certainly do have a weather engine. You may not like it over HiFi, and that’s fine, but you’re wrong. Actually you’re wrong twice....there is no mention of the MSFS version being a cloud drawer either...
  7. <sigh>...message board arguments. Here we go back and forth with little jabs about each other’s intelligence....ok I’m bored, guess I’ll play along... the lack of METARs is not a bug, you agreed with that. Since it is not a bug, and since MSFS clearly chose not to implement METARs long ago....REX is not a STOPGAP between anything. good grief....
  8. For an earth simulation I’m on board with you...but for a flight simulator I think actual METARs in addition to models are necessary. The weather over vast emptiness is less important then where you plan to fly a plane to a runway. The only real question is why didn’t MSFS include this from the beginning?
  9. So then, how is REX taking advantage of a “stopgap” it MSFS uses global grids? I think if MSFS and MetroBlue wanted to use METARs they won’t have used them. no one is exploiting anything.
  10. I don’t think the lack of METAR implementation is a bug....
  11. That’s great and all, but why is the weather over the airport so wrong all the time? Their fancy AI can crunch all the data it wants, but if doesn’t create 200 foot ceilings and 1/2 mile visibility at the airport, what good is it?
  12. Yep. And that’s why the “patch” for live weather won’t be what many are expecting...(ie active sky)
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