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  1. No I don't believe it does. It seems to operate independently of the FMS mode of the autopilot and flight director.
  2. Man those are some huge trees! Redwoods in Central Park!
  3. if I may make a brief point.... snow isn’t a season. thank you.
  4. Well I agree the added "system" of cockpit climate control is nice. If you've ever flown a dodgy single engine airplane in the winter you know the pain and importance of managing the heating controls and the danger of carbon monoxide....
  5. now feller, asking questions like that are dangerous in these parts...
  6. I've tried to explain it to my wife too....it's difficult. The only real explanation is a connection to a simpler time in my life. I was 7 when FS3 came out and it blew my mind. Can even remember running home from school to play it. Fast forward to High School when FS95 was the latest and it keep me company when I wasn't exactly the most popular kid in school. In my 20s, I got carried away with other hobbies and revealing my flightsim interests would have been embarrassing with my roommates and such. Now its a married family life for me...but I get to play with a real A320/319 4 days a week up and down the east coast day in and day out. After all that real life stuff, I still love to see whats going on here for some reason...don't know why i'm interested in simulating what I do for real, but I do. If somebody here knows, please let me know....
  7. I liked to see the autopilot panel below the glass in the tail dragger. Likes like the real thing. Garmin must be one of their partnerships.
  8. "We still have to sit down with the people who actually developed the planes" Well that's interesting.....
  9. If i was Garmin, I'd be begging to get my latest avionics inside FS2020. A whole new generation of pilots is coming with FS2020 being their first exposure to aviation. Just like FS3 was for me.
  10. I imagine there wont be an "engine" sort of speak. I picture live traffic meaning FS2020 process the placement of aircraft using data from various feeds. Could even be core lat/long data every few seconds and FS2020 just animates the aircraft between the two points. So, if an aircraft is following a STAR in real life, that is what you'll see, if the aircraft gets a short cut by a controller in real life, that is what you'll see. Just a guess on my part, but thats how I'd do it.
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